STILL? Fox News and Texas AG Shamelessly Peddle Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ on Election Fraud

Are we still doing this? The election that Joe Biden won decisively by more than seven million votes was six months ago. It was certified by Congress (after a violent insurrection by Donald Trump’s cult followers) four months ago. All fifty states validated their own election results, even those dominated by Republicans. Biden was sworn into office three and a half months ago. And yet…

Fox News, Maria Bartiromo

Fox News is continuing to promulgate the “Big Lie” that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. They contend that he would be lounging comfortably in the White House bedroom, watching Fox News, with a Big Mac and a Diet Coke, but for the alleged “fraud” that they insist occurred despite the total absence of even a shred of evidence. There’s a good reason that Fox News was recently labeled a “Bullshit Factory” by CNN’s Jim Acosta, and that a former Australian Prime Minister called it a “Market for Crazy.”

On Sunday morning Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo (who is currently the subject of a billion dollar lawsuit for defamation), interviewed Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General notorious for spearheading a preposterous lawsuit to steal the election from Biden. His suit asked the Supreme Court to throw out millions of votes, not in Texas, but in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, all states that Biden won. And in this segment with Bartiromo, they both wandered farther down that path of anti-democratic idiocy (video below):

Bartiromo: Are you saying that because of what we saw on mail-in ballots in Georgia you’re questioning the results?
Paxton: I absolutely am questioning. I know what would have happened here. They would have stopped counting just like they did in those states. And they would have been counting mail-in ballots until they get the right number of votes and suddenly Trump loses.

Notice that Bartiromo doesn’t identify “what we saw” in Georgia because no one saw any voting irregularities at all, including the Republican Governor and Secretary of State. Nevertheless, Paxton was adamant in his refusal to accept the election results. And the only reason he could muster was his fantastical speculation that a clandestine cabal of evildoers were plotting to miscount ballots on behalf of Biden.

Paxton offered zero support for this crackpot conspiracy theory that lawless Biden operatives were burrowed deep into the GOP-dominated Texan government. Neither did he provide any explanation for how that plot was foiled. But he and Bartiromo did repeat their dubious claims about the election being stolen:

Bartiromo: So are you questioning what happened in the 2020 election?
Paxton: Absolutely! They didn’t follow state law in those states. It’s clear. Whether you think there was fraud or not. It’s almost impossible to prove the fraud because they’ve separated the ballots. They never did the signature verification. So the proof, the evidence is gone.

Paxton’s complaint about the ballots being separated without any signature verification is simply a lie. What’s more, he fails to mention that in the states he is complaining about, the procedures were challenged by republicans in the courts and in every case were deemed to be in compliance with state law. But that didn’t stop him from making bizarre allegations that the “fraud” he insisted was “clear” could not be proven. If fraudulent activity is unprovable due the absence of evidence, then it can’t be considered “clear.” Paxton seems to believe that the absence of evidence is proof of guilt. By that standard, he’s the Zodiac Killer.

The fact that Paxton and Fox News are still pitching this bullpucky is a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party and their right-wing PR machine (aka Fox News). It says that they are still beholden to the Cult of Trump and to his delusional aspirations of dictatorship. And it affirms that they cannot be taken seriously as partners in democracy. Their only agenda is the pursuit of power and the dissemination of the the lies necessary to sustain it.

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  1. “If fraudulent activity is unprovable due to the absence of evidence, then it can’t be considered “clear.”…” (Agreed!)

    OR…”then it can’t be considered _____________.”
    – fraud
    – the truth
    – reality
    – fact-based news

    {Let us play….Fill in the blank ~ like “Mad Libs”, but here the ‘Libs’ are the ‘Sane’ ones!}

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