Biden vs Trump: Presidential ‘Misstatements’ Dropped 85% in the First 100 Days

Last week marked the milestone of 100 days of the Joe Biden presidency. In that time Biden has excelled in numerous ways. First and foremost, his management of the COVID pandemic saw infections, hospitalizations, and deaths decline precipitously. And more than a hundred million Americans have been fully vaccinated.

Trump Lies

In addition to that the economy has been firing on all cylinders. The first quarter of 2021 exceeded six percent GDP growth. The stock market – that Donald Trump predicted would collapse – hit record highs and grew faster than that of any new administration in fifty years. Major legislation passed providing relief and stimulus that boosted the welfare of middle and low income families. Biden’s approval rating has remained in the mid-50s the whole time (Trump’s never reached 50 in four years). On every level Biden outperformed Trump.

Well – maybe not every level. There is another metric that might not have been covered in any other presidential transition. The Veracity Factor. Trump distinguished himself by accumulating a record of more than 30,000 lies in his single term. But with Biden’s election we have an opportunity to compare these two very different politicians.

The contrast is, as expected, not especially flattering for Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post

“Biden made 67 false and misleading statements in his first 100 days in office, according to a report Monday from The Washington Post’s fact checker. That compares to 511 such comments from his predecessor Donald Trump in his first 100 days.”

So with the transition from Trump to Biden presidential “misstatements” plummeted a whopping 85%. The number for Biden is more typical of the imperfections of human orators. Although there were significant differences between the false statements uttered by Biden as opposed to Trump. For one thing, with Biden the statements were very likely mistakes rather than deliberate lies. For another, Biden would correct himself and remove the glitches from his future public comments, whereas Trump would defiantly repeat every lie, even after being told they were provably untrue.

What’s more, Trump’s dishonesty seemed to escalate as time went on. In fact, late in his term, Trump made 504 false claims in a day, nearly the same amount he made in his first 100 days.” And a comparison between their addresses before Congress is just as starkly divergent. Biden was found to made six false statements in his first address to Congress. However, in a feat that really defines his deceitful nature, Trump lied every 2.5 minutes for more than an hour in his last State of the Union:

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4 thoughts on “Biden vs Trump: Presidential ‘Misstatements’ Dropped 85% in the First 100 Days

  1. That video of fact checks during his SOTU speech, when he lied (fat juicy ones included) an average of once every 2.5mins, is perfect thing to end today’s column with! The sound of Congressional Rethugs cheering like frat boys at beer chugging contest as telling, in that they are “in the know” & yet love being lied to by their “Cheeto Jesus” (credited to Meghan McCain).

    I usually can’t stand to hear Trump’s voice, but glad I stuck it out for this one! Hoping that soon the nauseousness & feeling of bugs crawling under my skin will go away. “Brrruuaahh!” (Shaking it off)

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