BUSTED: Sean Hannity of Fox News Attacks Biden With Maliciously Edited Video

Following his inauguration, Fox News wasted no time viciously denigrating President Joe Biden. Before the first day was over Fox had already done a story about Biden’s Disastrous First Week.” Four months later Fox is still pounding out the same dishonest message. This week they did another story about what they falsely characterized as “Battered Biden under siege as crises confound the White House.”

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In the real world, Biden is enjoying one of the most productive and popular presidencies in modern times (which is driving Fox News crazy). He ushered through a two trillion dollar pandemic relief and stimulus plan. He rejoined the Paris Climate Accords. He signed numerous executive orders reversing much of the damage done by Trump. He is advancing historic infrastructure legislation. He’s moving forward expeditiously on reforms for race/police, immigration, gun safety, taxes, and voting rights. And he effectively managed COVID vaccine programs that have already resulted in nearly 50% the country being at least partially vaccinated. That’s a sharp contrast to Donald Trump who has become America’s Biggest Loser.

Among the most prolific purveyors of falsehoods in Fox’s “Bullshit Factory” is Sean Hannity. He has spent most of his time for the past year maligning Biden as “frail, weak, cognitively struggling Joe.” It’s become an endless loop that Hannity repeats ad nauseum in the hopes that his shtick will stick. But Biden refuses to cooperate, and instead speaks with sincerity and intelligence.

Since Hannity can’t make a coherent argument to support the insults he aims at Biden, he has now resorted to producing deliberately deceptive videos that were edited to make Biden look bad. On Wednesday night Hannity played one such video. Hannity introduces the clip in a manner that he thinks is disparaging to Biden, but which actually makes Hannity sound like a cranky seven year old. (video below)

The subject was the recent cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline that temporarily disrupted gasoline distribution (and that GOP wackos blame on Biden. Hannity called it “Joe Biden’s ongoing gas crisis” and complained that…

“Joe Biden didn’t want to talk about it. He was too worried and concerned he’d get in trouble if he answered too many questions. And his staff threatened, I guess, not to give him his hot cocoa before his afternoon nappy. […] When Joey addressed the crisis his remarks were pretty bizarre.”

Hannity’s assertion that “Biden didn’t want to talk about it” because he was “concerned he’d get in trouble,” was triggered by an obvious joke on Biden’s part. But the humor-challenged Hannity was too dense and consumed by hostility to get it. Then his inner toddler took over to whine about cocoa and naps.

However, the video posted below shows both Hannity’s edited segment as well as the uncut exchange between Biden and the reporter who made the inquiry. The uncut clip shows that Biden answered the question clearly and substantively. But Hannity’s version removed all of that and resumed the video later at a point where Biden’s remarks appear to be unrelated because they are out of context.

This is as dishonest as it gets. And it is sad that it was presented on a cable network that has the word “news” in its name. But it affirms just how unethical Hannity is, and Fox News as well for employing him.

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6 thoughts on “BUSTED: Sean Hannity of Fox News Attacks Biden With Maliciously Edited Video

  1. Sean “Shammity” is a sham. He thinks he is so dam* smart to edit the footage & make his childish comments that have no basis in reality. It would be laughable if not for the fact that he’s on a supposed “news channel” & his lies are the only “news” his viewers will hear & see.
    Anyone watching real news channels know better than to believe the shit his channel puts out. Sadly, his viewers will never be truthfully informed about anything!

    • This was #400! (I’m shocked!) LOL

  2. This was #400! (I’m shocked!) LOL

  3. Surely there’s got to be a law that can compel Faux News to remove news from their name, since they have stated very clearly they are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be taken seriously? As for Shammity (Love that)… anyone notice that TrumpetArse’s rowdiest supporters always whine childishly, as if they’re imitating him?

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