Fox News is ‘Working the Refs’ to Whip Up Negative News Coverage of Biden

Never let it be said that Fox News isn’t wholly dedicated to their founding mission of denigrating Democrats at all times regardless of how deeply they have to descend into dishonesty. It’s a skill they’ve honed for twenty-five years, and they aren’t resting on their laurels.

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Joe Biden has been president for two days. But in Fox World that’s an eternity of dread. Consequently, they are already accelerating their notorious and irrational outrage with a barrage of utterly preposterous attacks that would make any credible journalist cringe. Luckily for Fox, they don’t have any credible journalists to worry about.

Which explains how they can run stories about “Biden’s Disastrous First Week” before the first day has gone by. That was the theme of Sean Hannity’s Hour of White Nationalism on Thursday night. Hannity dared to approach such subjects as Biden “begging for a break” when a reporter asked if his 100 vaccinations in 100 days was too low a bar. What Biden actually said was “When I announced it, you all said it was not possible. C’mon, gimme a break, man.” To Hannity, that familiar Biden phrase was “begging” and proof that “Apparently only one serious question from a reporter was a little too much for him to handle.”

Apparently Hannity has severe cognitive problems. But he was just getting started. Hannity went on to inadvisedly raise the question of Biden’s cognition in the same nauseatingly infantile manner that his fallen hero Donald Trump did. In a tirade against the bipartisan impeachment of Trump, Hannity lashed out saying that…

“At this point, a trial serves absolutely no purpose but to inflame the tensions of this country. It’s the swamp theater and it’s at its worst. The country should be asking tonight, Mr. Unity, Mr. Frail, Weak, Cognitively Struggling Joe, I know this is past your bedtime. Maybe you will consider standing up to the radicalism in your own party and put an end to the charade right now. I doubt that will happen. Joe and his fellow Democrats don’t seem to care about unity. All they want is revenge.”

Someone needs to educate Hannity about the purpose of impeachment. It is not just to slap the wrists of treasonous presidents. It is also important to establish a record of the crimes, prohibit the criminal from serving in federal office in the future, nullify perks such as pensions, office and travel allowances, security, and to deter future wrongdoers. And Hannity’s disingenuous remarks about unity land with a thud when they are said in the same breath as his insults.

Hannity was not alone in the Fox News rush to malign Biden. Fox’s newly minted White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, invented a bizarre and utterly false narrative about Biden violating his own mandate to wear masks. Brian Kilmeade wanted to know “Where in Joe Biden’s speech did he condemn Antifa?” Which is an organization that doesn’t actually exist. Tucker Carlson was concerned about Biden “opening the borders and crushing our country’s last remaining economic sector.” Neither of which Biden has advocated. And Laura Ingraham accused the Biden administration of “uniting behind lawlessness.” Which is a charge that is far more applicable to Trump and his confederates at Fox News. In fact, dozens of Trump’s associates have actually been indicted and/or convicted. For Biden the number of criminal cohorts is precisely zero.

There is a method to this madness by Fox News. It is their objective to whine about fake assertions that Biden and Democrats are neck deep in criminality and that the mainstream media is giving them a pass. Never mind that there is no evidence of the alleged crimes that Fox says are rampant. They are only interested in pushing the press to ramp up their negative coverage of Biden. Fox thinks that by inventing crimes, they can shame other reporters into covering them, or complain if they don’t.

Some news organizations may fall for this in order to avoid being accused of a bias in favor of Biden. But it isn’t biased to refrain from reporting intentionally fabricated allegations. And the media needs to be vigilant that they don’t wind up amplifying lies in the name of a fake standard of balance. Balance has never been a legitimate standard for journalism. Truth is the standard. You don’t interview a flat-earther to “balance” your coverage of a scientist who said the Earth is round. But that’s the goal of Fox’s knee-jerk attacks on Biden after only two days as President.

Biden addressed the “lies for profit” industry in his inaugural address. It was an unusually profound commentary that isn’t often brought up in inaugural speeches. Meanwhile, the Daily Show picked up on the nefarious intentions of Fox News and posted this enlightening video compilation:

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8 thoughts on “Fox News is ‘Working the Refs’ to Whip Up Negative News Coverage of Biden

  1. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson need to be sued every day for defamation for the next 100 days.

  2. Excellent commentary.
    I tuned-out the cable news pundits because I knew this would happen.
    All that does is piss me off.
    At least that giant orange cake-face POS is gone.
    So it was cool to read this.

  3. The only people trying to inflame tensions in this Country are the very same people trying – with their lies & innuendo – to fan the flames of anger in the group of FauxNews watching, violent numbchucks who have been “played” by Trump & right-wing propaganda outlets, like Faux-not-news, leading to the violent rampage on the Capitol bldg on Jan. 6th & their attempted insurrection, overturn of legit elections, on behalf of Donald Trump.
    FauxNews is blatently trying to fan those flames of anger in an unstable group of people who have already shown their propensity to extreme violence, causing injury & death.
    Fox is partly responsible for what happened on Jan. 6th & far from being appalled by the violence that took place, they are continuing to lie so they can keep feeding the anger of those armed, misinformed & angry people, knowing full well that telling their blatant lies everyday will build on the anger of that group of easily manipulated, right-wing militias & others of the same mind.
    If/When the violence breaks out, no matter where & when, FauxNews needs to be held responsible for their part in promoting that violence with their constant lies! Maybe if we were suing them now for their prior amplifying & broadcasting of Trump’s lies, they wouldn’t be so quick to be doing more of the same right now!?! Perhaps their own lawyers would be telling them to “back off” on telling more lies likely to incite yet another violent riot by that same chunk of Fox viewers. They are, after all, culpable too & yet, since they’re not in ANY trouble for their culpability in Jan. 6th riot, they are now doing even more of the same.
    They SHOULD BE dialing it back, toning down their bullshit lies that THEY KNOW provoke such anger! Too much to ask? I don’t think so. In fact, I think that, having seen the damage they’ve done, they should be helping get the correct facts about the election results out there to their viewers.
    Unlike those who stormed the Capitol on that day ~ Trump, GOP & newsmedia outlets such as FauxNews knew/know darn well that the election results were legit & THERE WAS NO ELECTION FRAUD! The violent crowd believed (still do) their president, their GOP in gov’t & the so-called ‘newsmedia’ that they watch & listen to. They believed a bunch of liars who knew the truth, but lied to them anyway! Now, the same outlets are making up new lies to keep the anger rising. And those people will believe it’s the truth. With the Impeachment trial in Senate coming up in about a month & unlike before, looks like Senate will actually put on some shit show of a trial this time. No matter the outcome, there will be tons of rhetoric to fan the flames of anger, so Fox needs to tamp down this fire during this time. I’m sure FauxNews will be spewing lies & hatred during Senate trial, even IF Senate GOP holds a reality-based trial. (I am not convinced!) I’m guessing the 2 new right-wing news networks, Newsmax & OANN, won’t be broadcasting unbiased, factual news reports either.
    We really NEED to write law with minimal standards for anything calling itself “news” ~ separating factual reporting of news, from “propaganda pushers” & opinions…like with opinion pages in newspapers, clearly defined which it is. We also must have real enforcement of said laws, plus substantial penalties for those who choose to violate them. Opinions have their place, for sure, but everyone should know News vs. Opinions on news…clearly labeled!
    I still believe that FauxNews Channel should NOT exist! It is NOT news, nor is it simply “entertainment”, as they claim it is! That’s just 1 more of their ongoing litany of lies. We have seen the dangers & the successful dumbing-down of large number of our fellow citizens who are too easily manipulated by those with bad intentions! We cannot let things remain as they are. Not anymore. Enough lying on social media, that we can’t really control. But, for TV ads & networks, we do have some rules they must adhere to. They use our airwaves free of charge, since they’re an essential part of keeping “We the People” well informed & media is supposed to be our gov’t “watchdog”. Factual information is vital part of any democracy ~ an informed electorate. Independent media sources, like locally owned/operated news & reading newspapers, have taken a huge hit in recent decades. Curtailing our news sources, as there are far fewer independent newspapers & a few mega-conglomerates own & control almost all our news sources. Seems no matter what, or how much, news I/we watch, it’s the same footage, same reporting, that we see & hear anymore. For this reason, we need additional rules/laws governing what is on airwaves calling itself “the news”.

  4. Always remember that these are the SAME hypocrites who proclaimed that it was treason and heresy to condemn Their Beloved God’s “actions” as president. The FuxPods running true to form…..

    • Why can’t we impeach THEM & run ’em out of town?!! Trump should have to take them all with him…load them in a huge truck & let ’em out at Mar-a-Lago. They are useless POS to anyone else anyway!

      Like signs in gift store I worked at when I was 20, said:
      “We break it, we cry.
      You break it, you buy.”
      …Well, he broke them & no use to anyone now! Not repairable ~ shattered into 1,000,000 tiny pieces. All his now. Take the broken bits away with you.

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