‘Disgusting’ Hypocrisy: Fox News “Disrespects” Kamala Harris’ Memorial Day Message

Whenever Fox News launches an attack on someone, it’s a safe bet that whatever has offended them is something they are guilty of many times over. Their point is never to make a genuine commentary on principle. It’s simply an opportunity to malign those who don’t share Fox’s biases.

Fox News, Kamala Harris

On this Memorial Day weekend, Fox News demonstrated their brazen hypocrisy by featuring a story at the top of their website criticizing Vice-President Kamala Harris for wishing the American people well on the holiday. Their article was headlined, “VP Harris under fire for blatant disregard of service members this Memorial Day with all-about-me tweet.” And to drive the point home Fox tweeted…

OMG! Fox News is livid that anyone might spend the holiday enjoying time with their friends and family. As if that in some way precludes them from appreciating the sacrifices of America’s fallen. And where did Fox get the notion that wishing others well was “all-about-me”? This is another futile attempt by Fox News to target Harris because they can’t shake Joe Biden’s broad-based popularity.

Consequently, Fox has lashed out at Harris with petty and fake contrives like the time she supposedly caused an international incident, or the time she allegedly profited off of selling her books to migrant children. Neither of those contained a shred of truth (something Fox couldn’t care less about). For the record, the Harris tweet that Fox falsely asserts “ignited outrage” was this wholesome hope for an enjoyable weekend…

That’s what Fox News labeled as “disgusting”? To Fox News it’s outrageous to want people to enjoy a weekend that is generally celebrated with barbeques and automobile sales. But what makes Fox’s feigned outrage so ludicrous is that their own tweet on the same day just extolled the virtues of intoxication…

That’s right. It’s “disgusting” for Harris to want people to enjoy themselves, but it’s perfectly acceptable to want them to get drunk. That’s Fox News for ya. And here’s wishing everyone a somber, sober Memorial Day. And for God’s sake, don’t enjoy yourself.

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3 thoughts on “‘Disgusting’ Hypocrisy: Fox News “Disrespects” Kamala Harris’ Memorial Day Message

  1. And of course we’re getting the “It’s been [blank] days since the Usurper put Kamala in charge of his border crisis, and she STILL hasn’t visited the Border!” bullshyt.

    First, VP Harris doesn’t NEED a ego-boo photo op to show she’s doing something, unlike the Lord God Trumpovah, who demanded his ego-boos even when he doesn’t do a goddamned thing!

    Second, it serves no purpose to suddenly bring an army of police, Secret Service men, and camera crews to disrupt everything the Border Patrol is trying to accomplish. Kamala is letting the experts do their jobs, which the Lord God NEVER DID!!

    And third, it is STILL the Lord God’s border crisis because he didn’t do diddly squat to deal with it!

    To hear this trumpshyt from the Seditionist Traitors is just disgusting, especially when Their Lord God celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating a f*cking taco bowl!! Which is STILL not a Mexican dish!!

  2. I hope and pray that people go back to the age they knew good and evil, right and wrong, God and Satan! God loves all humanity, nations, and language with freedom of choice for you to choose good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, happiness or misery, build or destroy! You have a lot of anger and you are attacking the people who sacrificed their lives for humanity! Wake up and read history and read bible if you have courage!!

  3. It’d be good thing on many levels if people picked up Bible & give it a read. I don’t mean cover-to-cover, or in-depth study ~ altho, as believer myself, I don’t discourage it for those so inclined ~ what I mean here tho is more “casual reading”.
    In Book of Revelation & in Daniel (plus 1 more I can’t recall), Bible talks about things that will happen in “end times”. (…”signs”)
    I believe we’re in the “end times” – and they go on much longer than 1 might think. The natural catstrophes don’t happen all at once; just more & worse. But, there’s many things having to do with mankind that seem to be playing out…
    (Now, this is totally paraphrased by me & I am no Biblical scholar!):
    How “otherwise good men (people) will become selfish & self-centered”;
    fake prophets will brainwash the masses; (people) will turn on each other, be filled with hatred; GREED is a big thing & some will sell their souls to have more, more, more;
    A leader will rise up who is NOT as he appears to be, will “fool many wise men” & even church leaders will be tricked by this man ~ this man will be of the devil, but people will be unable to see it; he will turn brother against brother, nation against nation. (Trump-ish?!?)
    The wars, pestilence, drought, famine, etc. It’s all there. Doesn’t say how long it goes on. It doesn’t ever stop tho, just gets worse. Until the end. {How it ends depends on your beliefs, religious doctrine. Don’t know what they all say cuz’ I’m pro-God, but not pro-religion.}
    It’s evil’s last stand – so will be uglier than I can imagine. satan grabbing all the souls he can.
    I wonder, if we all knew what to watch for, would it help any? Or not?
    So many are hypnotized by, others willing to sell their souls, for Trump. Makes no sense?!

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