Jen Psaki Slams the ‘Game of Thrones Drama’ of the Trump Administration

A lot has changed in the White House since the inauguration of Joe Biden. The sour atmosphere of animosity toward anything and everything that triggered Donald Trump’s sociopathic paranoia has subsided entirely. The normalizing of racism, misogyny,, and xenophobia was exiled along with Trump. The bitter partisanship emanating from the Oval Office has vacated the premises.

Jen Psaki, Donald Trump

To be sure, many of those unpleasantries are still flourishing among the Trump dead-enders. But their point of origin is now largely confined to the treacherous Mar-a-Lago Trench. Meanwhile, the dignity of the presidency has been restored by a leader who has actual experience and competence. No longer is it the seething cauldron of jealousy, backstabbing, and fear, that Trump presided over with such gross ineptitude.

Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, alluded to that when responding to a question at the Financial Times “Future of News” conference Thursday, She was the featured closing keynote speaker for the session on “Restoring trust in a divided nation.” As reported by The Hill

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday suggested that there were more leaks under former President Trump than there are now due to infighting among administration officials during the previous four years.

“‘There’s not a lot of ‘Game of Thrones’ drama here, which feels like it may be a bit of … a shift from the last four years,’ Psaki said when asked about the lack of leaks to the media at a conference hosted by the Financial Times.”

Psaki also noted that…

“The culture of this White House is very much a put your head down, get to work, do your thing, be a part of the team.”

Trump’s management style (such that it existed) was to foment distrust and paranoia in an environment that encouraged competition for Dear Leader’s favor. That included variably sucking up to and/or sabotaging colleagues, among whom were members of Trump’s family. That’s partly why there was so much turn over in the Trump administration, and why so many of his former appointees were so openly dismissive of him – vice versa.

The “Game of Thrones” simile could not be more apt. There was a constant state of war in the Trump White House. It produced an unprecedented tell-all book while he was still in office by an author identified only as “Anonymous” (later to be revealed as Miles Taylor, chief of staff to Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security). And when Bob Woodward’s book about Trump, FEAR!, was released, Trump’s delusional response was to rush to Fox News for a softball interview wherein he hysterically claimed that…

“We have a lot of love in the administration, and the White House is truly as you would say, a well-oiled machine – it is working so well.”

Really? Many of Trump’s senior staff and close associates are reported to have called him “an idiot,” “a moron,” “stupid,” “dumb,” and more demeaning, but accurate epithets. And he vengefully returned the insults. If this is his idea of a “well-oiled machine,” what on Earth would a squeaky one look like? The only problem with Psaki’s “Game of Thrones” reference is that the harm Trump has – and is – causing is not a game.

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