Fox News Homepage Ignores Shocking Story About Trump’s DOJ Spying on Democrats

When Donald Trump was still occupying the White House, it was common to see Fox News acting as his Ministry of Disinformation. It was the fulfillment of their mission as the wholly committed right-wing mouthpiece for ultra-conservative propaganda. And Fox News carried out their mission without hesitation or shame.

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However, it might have been fair to assume that after Trump was unceremoniously evicted from the People’s House by the millions of Americans who preferred Joe Biden, that Fox News would either moderate their acute Trumpism or transfer it to some other Republican hack. But that is not how the early months of the post-Trump era have played out. Fox News, as well as Trump’s cult disciples, have remained as faithful to the impotent loser as ever.

For its part, Fox News is still devotedly serving the interests of Trump despite his banishment to irrelevancy in Mar-a-Lago or some other gauche golf resort. They are still maligning Trump’s political foes. They are still slobbering over his imaginary achievements. They recently refused to air an ad supporting the police who defended the Capitol during the Trump Insurrection because it revealed the truth about Trump’s complicity with the riots. And Fox News is still burying any bad news that could reflect poorly (i.e. honestly) on Trump and his record of failure. For instance, Fox didn’t bother to report on Trump’s treasonous statement declaring his trust for Vladimir Putin over President Biden on the eve of the first summit meeting between the two.

What’s more, on the day following the ghastly disclosure that Trump’s Department of Justice had unlawfully spied on Democratic members of Congress, the Fox News website courageously ran away from any journalistic duty and ignored the shocking story completely. There was not a single mention of this unprecedented abuse of power on their home page. Why should there be? It would only tarnish Trump’s already toxic reputation, and that isn’t what Fox was built for.

Never mind that Fox News obediently covered it every time that Trump falsely accused President Obama and other Democrats of spying on him. So what did Fox feature instead of the totalitarian assault on Trump’s political critics?

That’s right! While Fox News was ignoring a truly groundbreaking scoop, they chose to run a story about other networks ignoring a manufactured squabble amongst partisans. This was hardly national news. It involved an allegedly controversial remark by a young congresswoman from Minnesota with no seniority or leadership position. But she is also Black and Muslim, which makes her a favorite foil for Fox News.

In the article on this matter, Fox twisted Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments and didn’t bother to mention her clarification until literally the last paragraph. Because that’s just how Fox rolls. They surely cannot argue that there is any equivalency between the Omar story that they posted on their home page and the DOJ story that they didn’t. And only further proves that there is nothing about Fox that can be classified as news.

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4 thoughts on “Fox News Homepage Ignores Shocking Story About Trump’s DOJ Spying on Democrats

  1. “And only further proves that there is nothing about Fox that can be classified as news.”
    And that, is the bottom line!
    Now, what can we do to facilitate their demise? Enuff is enuff! FauxNotNews has already spawned 2 more propaganda networks calling themselves “news”.
    Is it too much to ask, in a Country so divided by lies, that we have minimal standards for what qualifies as “news” & that those standards then be enforced? Too many people can recall when the news, was actual news & they expect to be getting the truth when they “watch the news”. But, that’s far from the truth anymore!

  2. This is arguably the biggest story of 2021 and not a mention of it from Fox. Not surprising at all! They are busy scheming on how they are going to spin it. My guess is it will be similar ton1/6. They’ll say it’s all blown out of proportion and no big deal or something to that effect.

    • Or they’ll blame it on Biden. Or better yet, Obama.

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