Adam Schiff: Weak GOP Leader McCarthy Will Do Whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Him To Do

The Democratic Party enjoyed unprecedented success in the 2022 midterm election. During a time when historically the party in power suffers painful losses, Democrats pretty much held their own, despite headwinds such as inflation and President Biden’s low approval polling.

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Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy

Democrats will retain the majority in the Senate, and may even a gain a seat. They flipped several governorships and state legislatures from red to blue. Most of Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates in contested races lost. And while Republicans did win a majority in the House of Representatives, the margin is so narrow that they will be unlikely to produce anything of substance without making concessions to Democrats for support.

That said. the GOP is nevertheless determined to impose their brand of totalitarianism on the nation. They have abandoned any interest in the issues they campaigned on (inflation, crime, immigration, abortion, etc.) in favor of advancing an agenda of petty and puerile revenge against President Biden, his administration, his family, and his party.

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Sunday on Fox News, the GOP’s presumptive incoming “leader,” Kevin McCarthy, was pitched softballs by Maria Bartiromo, Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer. However, Bartiromo did put some pressure on McCarthy to make good on a prior promises to Kremlinize the House…

Bartiromo: What are you gonna do in terms of these Democrats that you have on such important committees? You’ve talked in the past about removing Ilhan Omar, You’ve talked about removing Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell. Will you deliver?
McCarthy: Yes I will. I’ll keep that promise. One thing I said from the very beginning, Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the public sector. Why would we ever give him a security clearance in the secrets to America? So I will not allow him to be on Intel. You have Adam Schiff who had lied to the American public time and again. We will not allow him to be on the Intel committee either. And you look at Congresswoman Omar, her anti-Semitic comments that have gone forward, we’re not going to allow her to be on foreign affairs.

So McCarthy is openly flaunting his fidelity to neo-fascism with the promise to oppress members of the Democratic Party. His stated justifications for doing so are, of course, all utterly preposterous.

With regard to Swalwell, McCarthy is outright lying. There has never been any denial of a security clearance for Swalwell, or any reason why he wouldn’t be granted one. McCarthy is making veiled references to debunked allegations that Swalwell had a “relationship” with a suspected Chinese spy. That was a Fox News fallacy that was proven to be false. But that didn’t stop McCarthy from trying (and failing) to boot him from the Intel Committee in March of last year.

With regard to Schiff, McCarthy is making totally unfounded accusations of lying, but naturally, he can’t provide any example of it. The truth is that McCarthy is just upset with Schiff because Schiff keeps telling the truth about Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Notably, Schiff was the lead manager in the first Trump impeachment, for which he gave an inspiring closing argument.

With regard to Omar, McCarthy is simply exhibiting the bigotry that is the hallmark of the Republican Party. What McCarthy, the GOP, and Fox News have asserted is anti-Semitism is actually just Omar criticizing the Israeli government, which many Israeli and American Jews do without being insulted as anti-Semites.

Schiff was later interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” by Jonathan Karl. He was asked about McCarthy’s yearning to oust him. Which led to this exchange…

Karl: One of things that Kevin McCarthy has said is that he’s gonna strip you of your position on the House Intelligence Committee.
Schiff: “I suspect he will do whatever Marjorie Taylor Greene wants him to do. He’s a very weak leader of this conference, meaning that he will adhere to the wishes of the lowest common denominator, and if that lowest common denominator wants to remove people from committees, that’s what they’ll do. It’s going to be chaos with Republican leadership. And, sadly, that kind of crazy caucus has grown among the Republicans. Many Republicans who won primaries in deeply red districts are coming to Congress, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, and it’s a tragedy for the country.”

That just about says it all. McCarthy doesn’t have the brains or the guts to be an effective House Speaker. All he can do is further debase himself by kowtowing to crackpots like Trump and Greene. And there are no depths to which he will not descend in order secure power for himself that he has no idea how to wield. Which is why he likely won’t last very long as Speaker. The problem for Republicans is that they haven’t got anyone who is any better. Even Fox News thinks McCarthy is a hack.

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QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Nasty Phone Calls, Blames Nancy Pelosi and the Press

Ever since Donald Trump descended his golden escalator to announce his political coming out, the unfettered expressions of hate and hostility in America grew exponentially. Trump was – and is – a malice machine that generates pure and personal loathing for what were once merely policy differences, even when delivered with passion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The result has been all too frequent outbursts of venomous rancor aimed at the people’s representatives. There is something terribly wrong when public servants have their lives threatened simply for doing their jobs and serving their constituents. The death threats aimed at Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar exemplify this ominous trend. And this pattern of menacing misbehavior reached a pinnacle when Trump’s rabid supporters stormed Congress on January 6th, threatening to kill the Speaker of the House and hang the vice president.

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The unholy wars waged by Republican StormTrumpers has taken another disturbing turn. Recently Rep. Omar played a recording of a death threat she received. In response Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-QAnon) has released her own version of alleged threats against her. In a video that she posted on Twitter, Greene rightfully said that “It is completely wrong for any member of Congress to receive death threats.” But then, as if to make a contest of it, she identified herself as “the most attacked freshman member of Congress probably in United States history.”

Greene’s tirade blamed the threatening calls on the media that she said defamed her. “They have smeared my character,” she complained, “called me names, and labeled me horrible things, none of which I am.” And before playing a few recordings of the phone calls she claimed she received, Greene again pointed her accusatory finger at the media for “teach[ing] people to hate us, members of Congress.” She closed by adding other culprits to those she deemed responsible for the threats against her:

“This is all the fault of the media and the January 6th Commission. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, all playing a part trying to paint Republicans and president Trump as if we caused any violence on Capitol Hill on January 6th. None of us did that. […] this is what happens when the media constantly creates members of Congress as villains and monsters, which we are not. This has to stop. The press has the freedom of press, but it does not have the freedom to lie. And it does not have the right to teach people to hate like this.”

The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that Greene is a notorious liar and these alleged threats could be – let’s say trumped up. But even if they are legit, Greene is casting blame in a manner that is irresponsible and downright bizarre. She doesn’t provide a single example of any remarks by the media that could credibly incite death threats. The same is true of her baseless accusations against Pelosi and the bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The truth is that Greene is just mad that the press reports what she actually does and says. Which is true for Trump and the rest of the GOP as well.

On the other hand, Greene herself has engaged in the sort of gruesome rhetoric that can produce death threats. She recently said that Pelosi’s advocacy of face masks in Congress was “exactly the type of abuse” as Nazis sending Jews to gas chambers during the holocaust. Greene has even invited attacks on her GOP confederates who had the audacity to vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill. She maligned them as “traitors” five times in this Twitter thread.

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It’s not coincidental that Greene just happens to have some recordings to air so soon after Rep. Omar aired hers. But Greene’s added commentary only exacerbates the problem that she purports to be addressing. She is instigating further violence against the media, Pelosi, and Republicans that she deems insufficiently loyal to the Cult of Trump. It is a transparent attempt to deflect from the very real abuses suffered by both Democrats and Republicans who have run afoul of Trump and the QAnon flank of the GOP. And Greene knows this because she is among the top offenders.

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Fox News Homepage Ignores Shocking Story About Trump’s DOJ Spying on Democrats

When Donald Trump was still occupying the White House, it was common to see Fox News acting as his Ministry of Disinformation. It was the fulfillment of their mission as the wholly committed right-wing mouthpiece for ultra-conservative propaganda. And Fox News carried out their mission without hesitation or shame.

Donald Trump Fox News

However, it might have been fair to assume that after Trump was unceremoniously evicted from the People’s House by the millions of Americans who preferred Joe Biden, that Fox News would either moderate their acute Trumpism or transfer it to some other Republican hack. But that is not how the early months of the post-Trump era have played out. Fox News, as well as Trump’s cult disciples, have remained as faithful to the impotent loser as ever.

For its part, Fox News is still devotedly serving the interests of Trump despite his banishment to irrelevancy in Mar-a-Lago or some other gauche golf resort. They are still maligning Trump’s political foes. They are still slobbering over his imaginary achievements. They recently refused to air an ad supporting the police who defended the Capitol during the Trump Insurrection because it revealed the truth about Trump’s complicity with the riots. And Fox News is still burying any bad news that could reflect poorly (i.e. honestly) on Trump and his record of failure. For instance, Fox didn’t bother to report on Trump’s treasonous statement declaring his trust for Vladimir Putin over President Biden on the eve of the first summit meeting between the two.

What’s more, on the day following the ghastly disclosure that Trump’s Department of Justice had unlawfully spied on Democratic members of Congress, the Fox News website courageously ran away from any journalistic duty and ignored the shocking story completely. There was not a single mention of this unprecedented abuse of power on their home page. Why should there be? It would only tarnish Trump’s already toxic reputation, and that isn’t what Fox was built for.

Never mind that Fox News obediently covered it every time that Trump falsely accused President Obama and other Democrats of spying on him. So what did Fox feature instead of the totalitarian assault on Trump’s political critics?

That’s right! While Fox News was ignoring a truly groundbreaking scoop, they chose to run a story about other networks ignoring a manufactured squabble amongst partisans. This was hardly national news. It involved an allegedly controversial remark by a young congresswoman from Minnesota with no seniority or leadership position. But she is also Black and Muslim, which makes her a favorite foil for Fox News.

In the article on this matter, Fox twisted Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments and didn’t bother to mention her clarification until literally the last paragraph. Because that’s just how Fox rolls. They surely cannot argue that there is any equivalency between the Omar story that they posted on their home page and the DOJ story that they didn’t. And only further proves that there is nothing about Fox that can be classified as news.

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Fox News Covers for QAnon Crackpot with Leading, Softball Questions for GOP Whip

The nauseating tale of the Republican’s QAnon congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, just keeps descending into an ever-deepening abyss of muck. But it’s not bad enough that we have a GOP representative who believes that 9/11 was an inside job; that the mass murder of children was staged; and that Democrats are sex-trafficking baby-eaters, We also have a national “news” network that backs her up.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

This week Tucker Carlson devoted a segment of his White Nationalist Power Hour on Fox to defending Greene. And on Wednesday morning Fox continued the Greene-boosting campaign with an interview of GOP Whip, Steve Scalise (video below). Host Harris Faulkner led off the segment with a shamelessly leading question that mangled reality:

“Democrats are preparing to debate a resolution stripping congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments because of past statements in support of conspiracy theories. You are proposing the House instead strip congresswoman Ilhan Omar from her committees over past statements that both Republicans and Democrats have deemed anti-Semitic.”

First of all, Democrats are not seeking to strip Greene of her committee assignments merely because she believes some insane, nonsensical, conspiracy theories. Although that would be sufficient reason by itself. The bigger problem is that Greene has also advocated assassinating members of Congress, including Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How could anyone not regard that as good cause to not only bump Greene from committees, but to expel her from Congress?

Faulkner went on to provide Scalise with an answer to her question by making an absurd connection between Greene’s homicidal raving and some awkward remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar. Never mind that Omar clarified her original, benign intent, while Greene stubbornly stands by her inflammatory madness that included inciting Trump’s deadly Capitol insurrection. The answer was to evade criticism of Greene by pointing fingers at Omar.

Faulkner failed to mention that both Democrats and Republicans also deemed Greene’s comments offensive. In fact, Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell said that her “loony lies and conspiracy theories are a cancer for the Republican Party and our country.” And Scalise took the bait:

“The Democrats actually have the authority to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees, but we’re talking about statements that were made before she was even a candidate for Congress. And that, I think, has some bearing here.”

How does Greene having made her remarks before being elected to Congress have any bearing? Does Scalise really think it’s okay to threaten to murder members of Congress so long as your aren’t a member yourself at the time of the threat? That would mean if someone threatened to murder him today, then later get elected to Congress, he’d be cool with that.

Scalise went on to draw fatuous equivalencies between Greene and what he called “a whole plethora of folks” (Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ayanna Pressley), who he said “made offensive or dangerous statements,” and that “We’re really trying to say ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.'” But none of that “plethora” ever advocated violence or spread crazy lies about satanic cult-worshipping Republicans.

It’s interesting to note that Scalise’s argument doesn’t actually defend Greene. He’s just saying – falsely – that Omar is just as bad. But even so, Scalise still won’t vote to remove Greene from her committee assignments, even though his “goose and gander” rhetoric seems to suggest that it’s warranted.

As for Fox News, they have whined incessantly about the fuss being made over Greene, a freshman back-bencher in congress. They apparently have forgotten about how they obsessed over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic newcomers like Omar. They literally called AOC the face of the Democratic Party. Even worse, they demanded that Omar “go back to her country” (she is an American citizen).

In the meantime, Fox News has hardly mentioned Greene in the past month. Which is further proof that this whole charade is just another attempt by Fox News to muddy the waters and allow a cretinous slimeball to get away with her toxic hate speech. It’s the Fox Way.

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Trump Tweets Yet Another Racist Lie About a Democratic Woman of Color, Rep. Ilhan Omar

This is getting beyond tiresome. The bottomless well of Donald Trump’s bigotry continues to produce flagrantly racist bile that proves unarguably his repulsive lack of decency. There has never been a president more devoted to hatred than the one currently occupying the White House. And the American people are justifiably nauseated by his rancid prejudice.

Donald Trump, MAGA

On Wednesday morning Trump retweeted an abhorrent message from one of his loyal cult followers. Terrence K. Williams fancies himself an aspiring comedian, but like most ultra-conservatives who lash out at the underprivileged, he’s just revealing how disgustingly mean-spirited his brand of “humor” is. The tweet he posted falsely asserted that Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American who represents the 5th district of Minnesota, was allegedly caught on video in a celebratory dance on the anniversary of 9/11.

Rep. Omar herself made the correction to Trump’s lies in her own tweet that took note of the fact that such lies are putting her life, and the lives of others, in danger. (Media Matters captured a screen grab of the offensive tweet). As you may notice, the tweet that Trump referenced was deleted. That’s because it was later revealed that the video of Omar was actually from a Congressional Black Caucus event that took place on September 13.

Trump’s tweet remains on his Twitter feed as some sort of monument to his poisonous point of view. And he actually thinks this disgusting outburst will benefit his Republican Nationalist Party in the election next year. Likewise, Fox News covered this story without ever saying conclusively that the the original tweet and video were completely false representations of what occurred. Their headline says only that “Trump, Omar clash over video of ‘Squad’ member dancing.” But this wasn’t a “clash” which implies a difference of opinion. This was an outright lie that was so obvious even the original poster took it down.

Trump has promoted the tweets of Williams before. The last time it was a tweet that accused Hillary Clinton of murder. It regurgitated the conspiracy theory that there is a “Clinton Body Count” and that now Trump’s pal and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was the latest victim. The video in that tweet was also removed from Twitter, while Trump’s retweet is still there.

You have to wonder how much more of this can occur before some of Trump’s cult followers begin to see that he is advancing the cause of white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Or perhaps they don’t mind because they all agree. You can’t keep dismissing the fact that Trump repeatedly spews hateful bigotry unless you’re fully on board. The fact that Trump hasn’t just done this once or twice by “mistake” should make it clear that he is exactly what he seems to be: a vile, bigot who is exploiting hatred to inflame his dimwitted, glassy-eyed disciples. Hopefully this will come to an end before too many others are hurt.

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On Fox News Kellyanne Conway Calls Democrats a ‘Dark Underbelly’ Who ‘Pal Around with Terrorists’

The obvious and nauseating bigotry of Donald Trump has been erupting like a flaming volcano of racism for several days now. The latest Vesuvial blast began with Trump’s heinous demands that a group of four congressional women of color should “go back” to where they came from. Never mind that they are all U.S. citizens, three of whom were born here. He further disparaged these elected representatives and proud Americans as communists who hate the country.

Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

On Tuesday morning Trump responded to the near unanimous condemnation of his hate speech by unleashing one of his typical tweetstorms, doubling down on his abhorrent “love it or leave it” diatribe. He posted seven tweets on this subject alone, exposing how desperately afraid he is and driven to malign anyone who dares to criticize him. He even whined about a proposed bill of censure in congress to denounce his loathsome remarks.

Remember, this is a President who, when asked if he was concerned that white nationalists find common cause with his comments, he replied, “It doesn’t concern me at all because many people agree with me.” He’s right. A lot of white nationalists do agree with him. They are, in fact, his base.

Also on Tuesday morning Trump’s Senior White House Counselor, Kellyanne Conway, managed to make matters even worse. She was “interviewed” on Fox News (video below) where she performed her famous filibuster routine, refusing to allow even the friendly Trump-fluffers of Fox to get a word in. And in this harangue, Conway let loose some more racist dog whistles to earn the affection of Trump and his Deplorables. Referring to the four Democratic women known as “The Squad,” Conway said that…

“They represent a dark underbelly in this country […] We’re tired of some of these women palling around with terrorists.”

The audacity of these people is shocking. Conway had no reservations whatsoever about highlighting the “darkness” of the critics she was so intent on vilifying and dehumanizing. And her reckless accusation of an imaginary terrorist affiliation is the sort of thing generally reserved for fascist propagandists. It is also a retread of Sarah Palin’s slanderous yelping at President Obama. The Fox News hosts didn’t react or follow up on these sick statements at all. Of course, Trump said much the same thing yesterday when he explicitly – and falsely – asserted that Rep. Ilhan Omar expressed pro-Al Qaeda sentiments. But Conway wasn’t finished with her crusade of defamation. She defended Trump’s racist tweet tantrum saying that…

“The President explained what he meant by those. The President explained that if you don’t like it here get out. That, by the way, goes way beyond these four people. That goes to everybody who’s tearing down the American flag and putting up the Mexican flag.”

How does that make anything better? Conway merely expanded the scope of her racism to include even more people. And she did it with a straw man argument that has no basis in reality. None of the Democrats she and Trump have been attacking have ever torn down an American flag or replaced it with any other. She fundamentally misunderstands the principle that dissent is patriotic in a healthy democracy. Trump also doesn’t get it, even though his past is one of unrelenting dissent and disparagement of America. He even called it a “Hell Hole” during his campaign.

Kellyanne might learn something from her husband George Conway, who wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post aptly titled “Trump is a Racist President.” But it is totally implausible that she would grasp the insight her husband is offering. Nevertheless, Conway did hit on a moment of truth during this segment when she complained that “People are analogizing a red hat to a swastika.” However, she utterly missed the fact that this analogy is only being put forth because of how accurate it is.

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Made in America? Trump Uses White House Farce to Lie and Embrace White Nationalists

On Monday morning Donald Trump hosted a “Made in America” charade at the White House that was intended to celebrate domestic manufacturers, workers, and products. What makes this especially absurd is that Trump himself has his own merchandise made primarily in China and other foreign countries. What’s more, he also buys most of the materials and furnishings for his properties from abroad and hires many foreign workers to staff his resorts and commercial buildings.

Trump Charlotsville

Setting aside the hypocrisy of Trump hosting this affair, there were other problems that interfered with its intended goals. Specifically, Trump couldn’t resist spewing the sort of hate speech that is the hallmark of his presidency. So, ignoring the gathered businesses, Trump held an impromptu press conference to exalt himself and double down on his purposefully racist tweets from the day before.

It seemed like Trump had hit rock bottom when he told several congresswomen that they should “go back” where they came from. Never mind that they came from the U.S. by birth or naturalization. What we need to remember is that there is no bottom with Trump. And this was demonstrated today when he addressed the media. His comments were typical of the long-winded, rambling verbal diarrhea that he is famous for.

However, he sunk to new depths of hostility and division that were painful to endure. For most of the time he focused on Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-America who represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. She was also one of the four congressional women of color that Trump attacked viciously the day before. But today he went even further (video below):

“I’m watching them. All they do is complain. So all I’m saying is if they wanna leave they can leave. They can leave. I mean, I look at the one, I look at Omar. I don’t know, I never met her. I hear the way she talks about Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed many Americans. She said you can hold your chest out. ‘When I think of America…huh. When I think of Al Qaeda I can hold my chest out.'”

So after repeating his bigoted remarks from yesterday, Trump explicitly asserted that Omar expressed pro-Al Qaeda and anti-American sentiments. That would be profoundly disturbing if it had actually happened. It absolutely did not. So how did Trump come to utter this repugnant lie about an elected member of Congress? It appears he got it from one of his Twitter followers (The Reagan Battalion) who he has retweeted before. This twit posted a video that he falsely claimed showed Omar being supportive of Al Qaeda. It was, in fact, quite the opposite.

In the video Omar is discussing a professor who would gesture with his shoulders whenever he used words like “Al Qaeda” to emphasize the reference. It was his gestures, not hers. And the gestures were not even supportive. But at no time in the full video did she ever say that she holds her chest out when thinking of Al Qaeda. That was an invention totally attributable to Trump’s deranged imagination. Which was further on display as he later told this lie about Omar to the press :

“When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down and ‘some people.’ You remember the famous ‘some people’? These are people that in my opinion hate our country. […] These are people that hate our country. They hate our country. They hate it, I think, with a passion.”

This is another example of Trump deliberately misrepresenting what was said. Here Omar was simply criticising people whose reaction to 9/11 was to cast blame on all Muslims. Her reference to “some people” was to draw a distinction between the terrorists and every other peace-loving Muslim who repudiated their vile actions. Trump went on to lie some more about Omar saying that she “hates Israel” and “hates Jews” and repeated the lie that she spoke about “how great Al Qaeda is.”

In the eleven minutes that Trump spent with the media, he exhibited one the signs of his rapidly progressing dementia. He repeats the same things over and over. During this avail he said of the Democratic congresswomen that “If they don’t like it here they can leave” ten times. He also said that “They hate America” six times. It was festival of rancorous bluster that served no purpose other than spreading hatred. But perhaps the most troubling exchange happened when Trump was asked this question:

John Roberts, Fox News: Does it concern you that many people saw that tweet as racist, and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point?
Trump: It doesn’t concern me at all because many people agree with me.

So Trump isn’t concerned that white nationalists are embracing him because – well – because there are many white nationalists embracing him. That surely provides him much comfort when he’s trying to decide what racist tropes he’ll disseminate next. At least he knows that he has the support of America’s neo-Nazis and Klan organizations. He must be so proud. And just think…it’s all made in America.

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