Trump on ‘The Blacks’: His Critical Race Theory Op-Ed Advocates Compulsory Ignorance

Another day, another revelation about just how despicable Donald Trump really is. A new book (Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost) reports that Trump was upset that African-Americans weren’t more adoring of him. “I’ve done all this stuff for the Blacks,” Trump whines, “and they all f**king hate me.” That may be due in part to his repeatedly referring to them as “the Blacks.”

Donald Trump, MAGA

Trump’s dismay that his egomaniacal sense of entitlement to Black support hasn’t materialized might also be due to his overt racism that has been evident throughout his public life. After all, this is the same man who insisted that neo-Nazis in Charlottesville were “very fine people,” and that five Black men should be executed for a murder they didn’t commit, and that Barack Obama was an illegitimate president because he was a Muslim from Kenya.

On Friday Trump continued to display his bigotry in an op-ed (that he surely didn’t write) on Critical Race Theory (which he surely can’t define). It was headlined “A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools,” and began by stating that…

“As a candidate, Joe Biden’s number one promise was to ‘unite’ America. Yet in his first months as president, his number one priority has been to divide our country by race and gender at every turn.

“There is no clearer example than the Biden administration’s new effort aimed at indoctrinating America’s schoolchildren with some of the most toxic and anti-American theories ever conceived. It is vital for Americans to understand what this initiative would do, what drives it and, most importantly, how we can stop it.”

Trump is attempting to malign Biden as divisive by claiming that there is an effort to impose an academic mandate to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT), a field of study of that is defined as an “attempt to understand how victims of systemic racism are affected by cultural perceptions of race.” Of course, Biden isn’t imposing anything of the sort. The recent freak out by the right on this subject is a canard intended to whip up the racist anxieties of the Trumpian Republican base. Fox News has been shamelessly misrepresenting it, and even staging phony interviews with GOP operatives pretending they are ordinary Americans who oppose it.

Trump’s op-ed goes on to accuse “the America-blaming left” of casting history in “the most negative possible light,” to advance “a new curriculum designed to brainwash” children. Never mind that CRT is generally only discussed at the college level. More importantly, it is simply a part of the nation’s history, and dismissing it would be an act of willful ignorance. Trump continued saying that…

“The key fact about this twisted doctrine is that it is completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children.”

That, however, is merely an opinion and, by definition, not a “key fact” about anything. Additionally, it isn’t true, since many Americans approve of its teaching. A recent poll found that 38% regard it as “somewhat” or “very favorable.” And that’s an artificially low number due to the partisanship surrounding the issue created by biased “news” reporting from the likes of Fox News. The poll also found that 85% of Republicans, and 91% of Trump voters, regard it as “very unfavorable.” Trump went on to flagrantly lie that CRT…

“…teaches [children] that America is systemically evil and that the hearts of our people are full of hatred and malice. [That it] preaches that judging people by the color of their skin is actually a good idea. [And that] the Biden administration endorsed … inflicting a critical race theory-inspired curriculum on American schoolchildren.”

None of those assertions remotely resemble reality. But they do provide Trump with a fake pretext to suggest his solution to this imaginary problem. He says that “Congress should seek to institute a federal ban through legislation.” Really? A ban on teaching history? What’s next, book burning?

Much of what Trump proposes in his op-ed is simply the mirror image of the tactics that he condemns by Democrats, namely mandating curriculums based on a political agenda. The difference is that Democrats never actually proposed any such mandates, but Trump and the GOP are doing so now. Which may be another reason that “the Blacks” haven’t rushed to pay tribute to Trump. Well, unless we’re referring to them as Seth Meyers did at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

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2 thoughts on “Trump on ‘The Blacks’: His Critical Race Theory Op-Ed Advocates Compulsory Ignorance

  1. What did the orange rat do that was positive for anyone when he was an occupant of the White House? If you are a multimillionaire you can say he cut your taxes, but that’s only if you are 1 percenter of the population. All the rest were executive orders to make the world a less stable place or create more discrimination. His rhetoric was more divisive, more hateful, more inclusive, more damning, etc.

  2. ” …Really? A ban on teaching history? What’s next, book burning?”

    Funny you should ask, because, yes.

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