FLOP NEWS: Now Fox News is Very Upset that Kamala Harris Visited the Border

Three months ago Vice-President Kamala Harris was tasked with investigating the root causes of immigration and developing potential solutions. And every day since then Fox News has marked how many days it has been between her receiving that assignment and visiting the border. It was a thoroughly contrived criticism considering that her physical presence on the border had little to do with the task that she was assigned by President Biden.

Fox News, Fake News

However, Fox was counting with daily headlines like this one just yesterday: “Kamala Harris has gone 93 days without visit to border since being tapped for crisis role.”

To be clear, Harris’ role was to confer with leaders in the region and attempt to mitigate the reasons that compelled people to migrate to begin with. It was a humanitarian mission to help refugees, not a law enforcement function. But from the perspective of Fox News it was just an opportunity to politicize a serious problem and to callously exploit desperate, fearful people fleeing poverty and violence.

After meetings with the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico, Harris was prepared to conduct a more productive visit to the border, rather than the sort of meaningless photo-ops that Donald Trump would engage in. So you might think this would satisfy Fox News who had been relentlessly attacking her for not going. But almost immediately Fox News flipped the script and began bashing her for going.

Now that Harris has completed her trip to the border, Fox News has is demonstrating how pitifully predictable they are with an avalanche of hostile and journalistically hollow coverage. These are the headlines from a single day on Fox’s website:

  • Kamala Harris visiting border – but avoiding devastation White House caused: Homan
  • VP to visit border, will avoid worst-hit area
  • Trump had to ‘shame’ Kamala Harris into going to border: Tom Homan
  • VP Kamala Harris’ media misadventures on the border crisis
  • Former border agent: Kamala Harris ‘showing up at wrong address’ in Texas
  • RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: Biden’s border crisis — Harris caves, finally shows up for work
  • Vice President Kamala Harris finally visits border after months of criticism, experts ponder her true motive
  • Critics slam Harris for avoiding hardest-hit area of migrant crisis
  • VP Harris met by protesters in El Paso: ‘Kamala, you came a little too late’
  • Brian Kilmeade rips VP’s border visit: ‘Why doesn’t she want to solve a problem?’
  • Border Patrol Council VP: Harris’ trip a ‘dog and pony show,’ and ‘slap in the face’ to border agents
  • Texas lawmaker rips Harris’ border trip: You can’t just land somewhere for a few hours and become an expert
  • Harris parachuting into El Paso for a few hours a ‘huge flop’: Rep. Gonzales
  • RNC hits Harris on border crisis with billboards, ads as she visits Texas: ‘Too little, too late’
  • Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris did not propose solutions to stop flow of migrants

Once again, that’s all from Friday alone. Clearly, Fox News is obsessed. And their pretense of being a “news” network isn’t fooling anyone but the easily deceived disciples of their cult audience. They must have a full time propagandist composing all of those headlines and the fictional stories that accompany them. But what they obviously don’t have on their staff are any actual journalists. So, same as it ever was for Fox News.

UPDATE: Here’s one more headline from Fox News about the Harris border trip: “Harris snaps at question about border trip delay.” And for the real story, here is the video of the light-hearted, smiling reply that Fox dishonestly spins as “snapping”:

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  1. Obssessed? Boy, I’ll say! That’s a shitload of headlines for 1 day & 1 channel.
    When I think “headlines” & Fox, what springs to mind isn’t what you’d think — it’s the horizontal lines on foreheads.
    Don’t ask me why? …It doesn’t go that way with any other use of the word, just when it’s Fox.

    (Yep. I do know I’m strange & unusual. Can’t help it & my attempts to hide it aren’t too successful. LOL)
    Since no serious comments for this day, decided to be frivolously goofy.
    (Hoping you don’t mind a silly day once in a long while…) {;~)

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