Fox News, Who Attacked Kamala Harris for Not Going to the Border, Now Attacks Her for Going

Never let it be said that Fox News isn’t capable or adjusting their perspective when circumstances change. The problem is that they are usually adjusting an already warped perspective to one that’s warped even more. In the process Fox News can be relied upon to be wrong whatever the circumstance.

Fox News, Kamala Harris

In March, President Joe Biden assigned Vice-President Kamala Harris the task of investigating the immigration issue and proposing potential solutions. And every day for the past three months Fox News has made it a habit to mark how many days it has been between her receiving that assignment and visiting the border. Never mind that her physical presence on the border was in no way required for the task that she was assigned. Her role was to evaluate the problems that lead to migration in the first place, not law enforcement.

However, the task that Fox News was assigned was to plant disparaging stories in the media about all things related to Biden and his administration. That usually took the form of bizarre trivialities that served no purpose other than to attack Harris. Some of the petty criticisms included the time she allegedly disrespected Memorial Day, or the time she supposedly caused an international incident, or the time she allegedly profited off of selling her books to migrant children. None of those contrivances contained a shred of truth.

On Wednesday it was announced that Harris would be making a trip to the border later this week. So you might think that Fox News would be satisfied that their hectoring had produced their desired, albeit disingenuous, result. You would be wrong. After spending months attacking Harris for not going to the border, Fox News quickly shifted gears and is now attacking her for going. Witness this exchange between Fox’s Peter Doocy and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

Doocy: Why is the Vice-President visiting the border this week when earlier this month she dismissed a trip like that saying it would be a grand gesture?
Psaki: She also said in an interview with NBC that she would be open to going to the border if it was an appropriate time.

So Doocy’s first question on the subject was to complain that Harris is now going to do what he had been previously complaining she hadn’t done. What’s more, he was dishonestly framing his question so as to ignore the fact that Harris had always said that she intended to visit the border when the time was right. But she isn’t the “border czar,” and it wasn’t the focus of her task.

In fact, there are distinct disadvantages to a White House delegation arriving on the scene with the requisite security, media, and other distractions from the core duties of those working on real border problems. Self-serving photo-ops were the purview of the last administration.

Harris’ visit will now be undertaken with a foundation of knowledge acquired from her summits with the leaders of the countries in the region. It now has greater potential to be more productive, rather just a political stunt. What would have made it a “grand gesture” would have been to go without the preparation needed to make the trip worthwhile.

But Fox News is narrowly focused only how they can spin it negatively. And it’s a safe bet that they will harshly condemn whatever she ends up doing while she’s there. Just like they did while Biden was abroad last week to meet with leaders from Europe and Russia, and Fox’s primetime propagandists demonstrated their unflinching loyalty – to Vladimir Putin.

UPDATE: Guess what. Trump is joining the bashing of Biden and Harris. Plus he’s whining about being upstaged, poor baby.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News, Who Attacked Kamala Harris for Not Going to the Border, Now Attacks Her for Going

  1. For me, the real question here is, why this Admin continues to allow people like Doocy – a phony reporter from phony “news” network – to come in with the real journalists?
    It lends credibility to Doocy & Fox that is a lie, as they’re not about news at all!
    Propaganda network has shown to be a danger to the nation, our people & any stability that we may still have.
    “Lock ’em out!”

  2. The Fake fake news organization just shows everyone how schitzophrenic this self contradictory phony company really is.

  3. Unfortunately Republicans seemed to have gotten the idea that the vice presidential job description consisted only of taking photo ops and campaigning for the president. In the case of folks like Dan Quayle and Mike Pence that made sense.

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