Trump Does a Great Job of Proving How Pitifully Stupid He and His Cult Followers Are

No one has ever described Donald Trump as any kind of a genius (except for Trump himself) After all, the guy who “loves the poorly educated” also believes that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that windmills cause cancer, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID.

Donald Trump

Unfortunately, Trump clearly isn’t satisfied resting on his laurels of epic idiocy. His relentless and dangerous crusade to subvert democracy by promulgating the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and/or “stolen” is producing an avalanche of new and more profoundly stupid examples of his mental infirmity.

On Saturday morning Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted another of his alt-tweets (which is a flagrant violation of their terms of service and is linked here if you want to report it). In this episode of his sore loser lament Trump displayed a new low for his failing cognitive capacity. He whined that…

“Wisconsin has just canceled 205,000 voter registrations because they say they could not find the voters. Why did they wait until AFTER the election? Would this mean that we would have won Wisconsin? Congratulations!”

Is this for real, or an SNL sketch? Does Trump actually believe that these 205,000 canceled registrations could have led to his victory? Is it possible that he doesn’t know – and that no one in his camp has told him – that these are registrations for people who have not voted for at least four years? And if they haven’t voted, then they certainly didn’t vote for him or Biden or anyone else. And since they didn’t vote, it wouldn’t make any difference if the purge took place before or after the election. According to the Wisconsin Elections Commission

“Deactivating voter registrations in Wisconsin is a routine practice, required by law every two years, as part of the state’s voter record maintenance. […] The effort identifies individuals who have not voted in the previous four years and deactivates their registrations unless they want to remain on voter rolls. A spokesperson for the commission told The Hill that none of the voters removed from rolls cast ballots in the 2020 presidential election.”

This is the level of foolishness and dishonesty that pervades every claim that Trump has made regarding the election. In another recent harangue, Trump claimed that “There is massive and unconditional evidence that the election was shattered with fraud and irregularities at a level that our Country has never seen before.” But in his tedious and lengthy tirade he didn’t bother to cite a single example.

What’s more, Trump apparently doesn’t believe his own fraud claims. We know this because when he tried to pressure the Justice Department to back him up, he didn’t ask them to find or disclose any evidence of fraud. He asked them to “just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.”

As painfully stupid as Trump’s statements are about the election (and pretty much everything else), we cannot ignore the fact that his disciples will believe every word of his lunatic rants. That’s the nature of cult, wherein Dear Leader is always right and everyone else is lying to you. It’s a closed loop of blind devotion that fills the followers’ gaping psychological and emotional void, as well as the leader’s ego and bank account. And worst of all, it has the potential to lead more and greater violence. It already has done so.

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