Crybaby Trump Whines Impotently About Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

There aren’t many public spectacles more humiliating than a washed up politician who fails to see that his influence has dried up. That’s the state of Donald Trump today. While his devoted cult followers keep his massive ego afloat, Trump’s actual ability to impact the nation has suffered considerable shrinkage.

Donald Trump

On Tuesday morning the Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill with 19 Republicans joining all of the Democrats to complete a legislative goal that Trump failed at for four years. Throughout the debate for the past several weeks, Trump repeatedly implored his GOP confederates not to cooperate with the Democratic majority. But his plaintive pleading was for naught. And when the vote for passage was concluded, Trump released a despairing statement (via his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, (who is violating Twitter’s rules) that only served to highlight his feeble obsolescence:

“Nobody will ever understand why Mitch McConnell allowed this non-infrastructure bill to be passed. He has given up all of his leverage for the big whopper of a bill that will follow. I have quietly said for years that Mitch McConnell is the most overrated man in politics—now I don’t have to be quiet anymore. He is working so hard to give Biden a victory, now they’ll go for the big one, including the biggest tax increases in the history of our Country.

First of all, everyone but Trump understands why Mitch McConnell “allowed” this bill pass. He could hardly stop a bill that had such popular support that even Republican senators knew it would be political suicide to oppose it. And yes, this is a victory for President Biden and the Democrats, but it would have been a devastating defeat for Republicans if they had killed it. Although there is still an opportunity for the GOP to get on the wrong side of the issue when the budget reconciliation bill comes up for a vote.

Naturally, Trump uses this statement to cast blame on others and absolve himself of any responsibility for whatever he happens to be complaining about. This time it’s Senate GOP minority leader, Mitch McConnell. Trump laughably says that he “quietly” criticized McConnell in the past. As if Trump has ever done anything quietly. But as usual, Trump’s version of events doesn’t remotely resemble reality. Just this year Trump has loudly lambasted McConnell saying that…

  • “We need good leadership. Mitch McConnell has not done a great job. I think they should change Mitch McConnell.” (4/29/2021)
  • The Senate GOP leader is “a dumb son of a bitch.” (4/11/2021)
  • McConnell is a “dour, sullen, unsmiling political hack,” and that “if Republican Senators stay with him, they will not win again.” (2/13/2021)

Such a quiet man. These are the incoherent ramblings of a desperate and increasingly isolated has-been who thinks he is still a power broker. But his influence resides solely among the glassy-eyed disciples who cling to him like a miscreant messiah. Going forward, we can count on Trump continuing to fail with greater frequency. And we can also count on him continuing to whine pathetically about it.

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2 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump Whines Impotently About Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

  1. The orange grumpy lump is close to being right about McConnell, but it is pure jealously on being able to pass the Infrastructure Bill. He wished he could have passed an Infrastructure Bill but is is most likely he was too dumb to put together and negotiate a bill that would have moved through Congress. The only reason that an income tax bill was passed under him is that it was put together by the trumplican controlled House and Senate whereas all he had to do was sign it after it passed both Houses. I believe I recall that in the first year of his term that he told Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that he would no longer work with them and then he shut down the government like he was declaring bankruptcy on one of his companies.

  2. Finally, an infrastructure week that includes infrastructure. . .

    TFG has to feel very impotent. He couldn’t get it done.

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