On Trump Reinstatement Day the Befuddled Former Guy Asks ‘Do You Miss Me Yet?’

It was a long time coming. After months of such political prognosticators as the MyPillow headcase Mike Lindell and the QAnon Qrusaders insisting that August 13th would usher in the re-inauguration of Donald Trump, the day has finally arrived. And Washington is buzzing with anticipation as – – – oh wait. Trump is still holed up at his Bedminster golf bunker dictating alt-tweets, and Joe Biden is still president.

Donald Trump, King

The industrial strength lunacy required to believe that Trump might return to Washington as anything other than a convicted felon is impossible to measure on conventional scales. And yet, a disturbingly large minority of cultists were convinced that the resurrection of Trump was as certain as the sun rising from the eastern edge of the flat Earth. And even though that prophesy has gone unfulfilled, they will likely sign on to whatever new date is proposed by the potentates of Trumpism.

In the meantime, Trump is issuing decrees via his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). On Friday Trump lashed out President Biden with a pile of lies and a hysterical question (linked here in case you want to report it):

“Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

For the record, the exit from Afghanistan was planned long ago, during the Trump administration. And while refugees are anxiously migrating north, the borders are not by any stretch of the imagination “open.” Any knowledgeable law enforcement professional will tell you that crime is not at record levels. The only reason that oil prices and inflation have risen is because the economy has improved significantly from the peak pandemic days of the Trump era. And what Trump thinks is the world taking advantage of the U.S. is actually what it looks like when they are showing respect, rather than the laughter that Trump received.

However, for pure oblivious hilarity, nothing beats Trump asking if we’ve missed him. There are really only two answers to that ego-drenched question.

The first is “No f**king way, you sanctimonious cretin.” Why would anyone miss the guy whose negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic led to the loss of more than 600,000 American lives? Why would anyone miss an idiot who gave corporations and the wealthy massive tax cuts, abandoned the international efforts to mitigate the climate crisis, alienated America’s allies, and embraced its enemies? Why anyone miss a malignant narcissist who placed his own greed and lust for power above the welfare of the nation?

The other answer to his question is “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?” The election was eight months ago, but Trump is still making us suffer through his relentless whining about having lost decisively to someone he disparaged as a senile communist. His “Big Lie” tirades led to the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th. And by continuing to pound on that nonsense he is veritably insuring further violence.

So “NO,” Donald. We do not miss you. Polls show that the American people want to move on. Most say that a Trump candidacy in 2024 would be bad for America. We never wanted you in the first place. You lost the popular vote by seven million votes. You never reached 50% approval in the four years of your presidency. That’s a distinction no other president can claim.

The only thing that the American people look forward to more than Trump leaving the public stage, is his entering a federal prison. And the sooner that happens the better. This nation cannot heal from the sickness that Trump spread without full legal accountability for his crimes. When that happens it will be remembered as Reinstatement Day for American democracy.

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6 thoughts on “On Trump Reinstatement Day the Befuddled Former Guy Asks ‘Do You Miss Me Yet?’

  1. This is the problem: he doesn’t go away. He’s like some spectacularly mutated veneral disease. I can say on Twitter that people are yelling more ferociously daily for Lyin’ Liz Harrington to be canned or restricted as she just keeps reposting the Big Lie. And Twitter, in all its serene idiocy, does ZILCH.
    On the upside. Greene Margarine (Marjorie Taylor Greene) got a suspension – AGAIN! – for posting misleading information re Covid – AGAIN! And as has been pointed out numerous times, anyone else would have been kicked off permanently now. But since Trump is still on there by proxy, being kicked off means bugger-all.
    I keep reporting one particular twat, one Aaron Ginn, whoever the hell he is, for posting shite about Australia – such as we were now under ‘military rule’ (we aren’t); it’s a ‘dystopia’ (it isn’t) and the entirety of Australia was in its ‘sixth lockdown’ (PART of the state of Victoria was in its sixth lockdown and at that time, 8 local government areas in the City of Sydney) and other assorted deliberately misleading rubbish. He also posts ‘cherry-picked’ video bites from our local news; I knew they were cherry-picked because I saw the original bradcasts and they were online for anyone interested enough to go and look at the entire news item. He also upvoted an idiot who posted a link to a blog by a bloke who had visited Australia once, years ago, but now ‘knew’ that the police were stopping people on the street and forcibly injecting them with vaccine. Twitter did nothing so I referred it to the NSW Minister for Police, who was very interested. I then sent the reference number to Twitter.
    Now, Mark – do tell me what I could do to get you back on there by proxy, apart from reposting your items?

  2. No, trumpty won’t go away. The media, both on the left and right, do all they can to keep him in the limelight, as if he is still relevant. If they would just ignore him entirely, he MIGHT go away. But, no! He is the center of media attention and speculation. They seem insanely compelled to report it every time he farts. I cannot read anything on any news channel or blog without having to gag at his ugly mug being prominently featured. Who cares what this lying, delusional loser thinks about Afghanistan, or oil prices, or ANYTHING????

    • I couldn’t agree more! I expect FauxNotNews to act like a tabloid of BS on TV, but WTH is wrong with the rest of the news media?! Maybe THEY miss him & his infantile antics, or they just don’t remember how to cover real news, after 4yrs of Trumpian crapola?!
      Not only are they feeding his narcissistic self-glorification, but they’re demeaning themselves in the process.
      There’s only 2 things about Trump-a-chump worth reporting:
      1. He’s going to prison;
      2. He choked on a chicken bone & went to meet his Maker.
      Other than that, how about providing just real news in the world, not some flabby-ass, big mouth, grandiose pig-faced liar & American traitor, who tried & failed to steal the election for himself!
      There’s plenty of REAL NEWS all over the world to inform us about.

  3. Tyrant? We wouldn’t miss you if you died tomorrow….

  4. I would welcome a reaper of sorts. Maybe a grim one?

    • Methinks that Reaper wouldn’t be grim, he’d have a smile from ear to ear…

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