Fox News Hate Monger Accuses Democrats of ‘Cheering the Extinction of White People’

The 2020 census made news this week when it found that the white population in the United States declined for the first time ever. It didn’t take long for the racial alarmists on the right to start banging the drums about the end of western civilization. It’s a path they have been tramping for years, and now they have data to fuel their paranoia.

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Topping the list of race-baiting fear hustlers is the Senior White Nationalist on Fox News, Tucker Carlson. He has been feverishly pushing the Nazi inspired “White Replacement Theory” for months, and recently enhanced it with his perverse view that Democrats are purposely trying to destroy the country for no reason other than to prove that they can do it. That’s a comic book super villain level of analysis that a seven year old would think is stupid.

On his program Friday night, Carlson delivered a maniacal tirade that concluded with his panic-stricken accusation that there were “non-white people cheering the extinction of white people” (video below). That, of course, was all in his diseased mind. But his hateful lunacy was littered with similar rhetorical garbage:

“Democrats are intentionally accelerating demographic change in this country for political advantage. So rather than convince people to vote for them – that’s called democracy – they’re counting on brand new voters. That’s what we said on this show. Immediately after we said that they became completely hysterical. They tried to pull us off the air. They said we were espousing something called the ‘Great Replacement Theory,’ a well known racist fantasy.”

In fact, the ‘White Replacement Theory” is a very real obsession among professional bigots like Carlson. He even admitted it earlier this year when, in the same sentence, he mocked “hysterical” Democrats for criticizing his replacement theory rants, but then concluded by saying that “that’s what’s happening, actually.”

Carlson’s assertion that Democrats are “intentionally accelerating demographic change” is preposterous on its face. Democrats don’t control the party registration of the demographic groups that Carlson is so afraid of. Likewise, his claim that Democrats are “counting on brand new voters” ignores the fact that every generation produces brand new voters. So he’s complaining that the American people are procreating. Well, to be precise, he’s just complaining about the “darkies” procreating. And if anyone is subverting democracy it’s the Republicans, whose voter suppression bills are proof that they know they can’t win without cheating.

Carlson then segues to the results of the 2020 census and what he considers Armageddon for the white population in America. He was clearly upset about this. He asks plaintively “Why did this happen? Where did all those people go?” Then he asserts that Democrats were “celebrating” the census results. As evidence he plays a clip from CNN that doesn’t show anyone celebrating.

Rather, the clip showed a Black commentator’s opinion that Donald Trump and his Confederate, Stephen Miller, were “throwing up” upon hearing this news. That was followed by a Latina commentator pointing out the poetic irony that the White House offices of Miller and Ivanka Trump were now occupied by people of color. That isn’t celebrating the decline of the white majority. It’s acknowledging America’s progress toward a more inclusive society that values its diversity.

To Carlson, what that amounts to is racial treason. He described “these people” as being “completely out of control, They are dangerous,” he said. And he characterized them as “gloating” over the decline of the white race. But in reality it’s just Carlson inciting the Klan types who watch his show religiously to embrace their racist fears. He is overtly exploiting rank bigotry for ratings and the blind adoration America’s most hateful. And he’s doing it with the full support of his bosses at Fox News, where spreading contempt, division, and racial phobia is all part of its corporate and political mission.

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  1. You said it all. *ucker Carlson is a professional bigot.

  2. I’m way past the point of hating this pos! I can’t stand the sight or sound of this racist pig!

  3. Of course, FuKKKer Ret@rdson and his ilk are cheering the extinction of humanity by their unwillingness to recognize (or care about) the COVID-19 threat. They have no problem with their fellow terrorists dying just to show the libs and f*ck everything we stand for. Damn them all….

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