Watch Trump Bragging About His Taliban Deal That He Now Calls ‘Embarrassing’

Expecting Donald Trump to be honest about anything is guaranteed to lead to bitter disappointment. He is a pathological liar whose self-serving distortions of reality are his way of avoiding having to face the torrent of failures that define his existence. His malignant narcissism prevents him from seeing anything he does or says as anything but perfection.

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In the wake of the tragic events in Afghanistan, Trump predictably embarked on a frantic crusade to absolve himself of any responsibility. And naturally he blamed it all on Joe Biden. It’s the same deranged defensiveness he had to the COVID pandemic that he so horrendously bitched, and the January 6th insurrection he deliberately incited.

However, Trump’s raging irrationality inevitably fouls up his attempts to exalt himself no matter what disaster he produces. On Monday morning he said that “Afghanistan is the most embarrassing military outcome in the history of the United States,” in a proxy tweet that his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted for him (a violation Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). But Trump can be seen on video bragging profusely about the conditions for which he is now castigating President Biden. Here is Trump just one month ago at one of his cult rallies:

“I started the process. All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. Twenty-one years is enough, don’t we think? Twenty-one years. They couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop the process when other things were… Yeah, thank you.

It’s a shame. Twenty-one years by a government that wouldn’t last. The only way they last is if we’re there. What are we gonna say? We’ll stay for another twenty-one years, then we’ll stay for another fifty? The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Is this what Trump means by “embarrassing”? The “process” to which Trump is referring is the deal he made with the Taliban in March of 2020. At the time it was not exactly heralded as “the Art of the Deal.” To the contrary, it was widely repudiated by foreign policy and military experts as “disgraceful” and a total surrender to the Taliban.

One representative appraisal of Trump’s folly said that it “gives the Taliban a series of concrete, measurable gifts.” It began by promising an immediate drawdown from 100,000 troops to less than 3,000, and that “American and allied forces will leave within 14 months” (by last May). It also promised “the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners,” including their founder and leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar. The deal also committed “to the ‘goal’ of removing sanctions from members of the Taliban that include travel bans, asset freezes, and an arms embargo.” And it came “without any agreement by the Taliban to cease hostilities against our allies.”

Trump’s comments a month ago affirm his belief that exiting Afghanistan was a priority that superseded any other strategic considerations. He virtually confessed that he “started the process” as a means of boxing Biden into an untenable dilemma. He also admitted that the outcome we see today was inevitable because Afghanistan had “a government that wouldn’t last.” without U.S. support.

All of that failure was Trump’s own assessment of the consequences of the deal that he made with the Taliban. It was a deal that he excluded the Afghans from even participating in, which assured that they would have no stake in complying with it. But now Trump is accusing Biden of causing the calamity that he claims to have foreseen when he made the deal more than a year ago. Talk about embarrassing.

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15 thoughts on “Watch Trump Bragging About His Taliban Deal That He Now Calls ‘Embarrassing’

  1. In all objective fairness, his “Bragging” about his biggest “Failures” is a paradigm, not a novel notion,

  2. Now Trump has Biden boxed-in & when our Country makes a deal, a commitment, it really should be followed-thru on by next U.S. Prez, otherwise how can any group or country trust us to keep our word? They can’t & that makes our word worthless, as we saw when Trump immediately back us out of Paris Climate Accord & the nuclear deal with Iran that we’d agreed to in coalition with 5 other nations.
    But, when Trump made the shittiest deal ever made by U.S. President with an enemy, Trump believed that he would be re-elected for 4 more years of his “royal reign”. He didn’t do it to box Biden in (which he has done), he did it cuz’ he’s an asshole & an idiot, having no clue about how our nation works, or what international relations may involve. Negotiation, like truth-telling, is not a skill that Trump possesses. And his extreme narcissism prevents him from learning these things. Ever.
    Biden needed to do what’s been done. Unfortunately, it’s HOW we leave countries, when we leave after military operations, that leaves so much to be desired! True to form, the U. S. left Afghanistan in horrible manner, betraying those who helped us while there, breaking promises made & leaving a big messy disaster behind for that nation to deal with. This time, we took all the electronics on military base with us & left tons of weaponry that can be used against our hosts, cut-off the electricity to base & we split in middle of the night, telling no one.
    Is it any wonder that so many people in so many nations hate us? “We suck at good-byes!” Afghans are lucky, at least we didn’t leave sewage running down the streets & people lacking water & power, like we did in Iraq.

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