DumbFox: GOP Clowns Bash Biden for Vacationing While He’s Working at a Military Facility

This weekend the situation in Afghanistan took a disastrous turn as the Taliban successfully advanced on the capitol in Kabul. There is blame enough to go around for this debacle that begins with the father of the conflict, George W. Bush. President Biden’s role is limited due to the missteps by Donald Trump, whose negotiations virtually handed Afghanistan to the Taliban. Then he left Biden with a deployment of only 2,500 American troops, far too few to take on the Taliban terrorists’ newly empowered by Trump’s prior agreement.

Joe Biden, Tweet

In the wake of the Taliban’s progress, Fox News rushed out one of their standard propaganda pieces that cast a negative spin on Biden. It was titled “Biden hammered for spending time at Camp David while Taliban take over Afghanistan.” The opening sentence read…

“Republican members of Congress criticized President Biden on Sunday for spending time at the Camp David presidential retreat instead of the White House as the Taliban fought to finalize a takeover of Afghanistan.”

This is typical of how Fox News avoids any effort to produce legitimate journalism. First of all, it isn’t exactly news that Republicans criticized President Biden. What else do they ever do? More importantly, the entire premise of the article is nonsense. It seeks to demean Biden for going to Camp David as if it were some kind of vacation. And that theme was present throughout the article and the quotes from ultra-partisan, right-wing Republicans like Jim Jordan, Tom Cotton, Lauren Boebert, Elise Stefanik, and Jim Banks:

Jordan needs a refresher course on apostrophes.

Biden isn’t hiding. He’s working. But Republicans can be forgiven for not understanding that since they never do it.

Most people wouldn’t consider Afghanistan reverting to where it’s been for decades a “crumbling” world

There’s that “vacation” BS again.

This, coming from an apologist for the January 6th domestic terrorists.

What every single one of them fails to recognize is that Camp David isn’t a summer camp. It’s a military facility. In fact, according to the White House website it is “Known formally as the Naval Support Facility Thurmont,” and is run by the U.S. Navy. It is fully equipped for secure communications and has been the site of historic conferences with both domestic and international leaders.

Anyone portraying Biden as anything other than fully engaged in current events is simply injecting their partisan biases into the matter. But what else would you expect from the Republican hacks and Fox News shills who seem to be rooting for American defeats? Just like their Dear Leader Trump who tweeted by proxy (a violation of Twitters rules against circumventing a ban) that…

“It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen in Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and out crippled economy, It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place!”

That deranged, lie-riddled message hardly needs a reply. So let’s just leave it at noting that Trump is the one who allowed this to happen. And it is Trump who, along with Fox News, is responsible for the “tremendous surge” of the COVID pandemic. And the remaining bits of his whining rant are simply flagrant lies.

However, the most loathsome part of Trump’s alt-tweet is where he opines about the legitimacy of the election. It was that “Big Lie” that led to the deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6th, and threatens to fuel even more violence. But then, that’s precisely what Trump, the GOP, and Fox News are aiming for.

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4 thoughts on “DumbFox: GOP Clowns Bash Biden for Vacationing While He’s Working at a Military Facility

  1. And of course no one complained of Their Beloved God’s vacations … which were far more numerous and spent mostly on the golf course…..

  2. It is what they do. Bash, accuse, fabricate, lie, project and insult.

    So the media covers them as “the other half” of the argument.

    That would mean our half is all good stuff? They make no sense but get air time. UGH

  3. The United States trained and equipped and Afghani army of over 600,000 troops and the Afghani collapse is all of the US’s responsibility? The Afghanistan government whose corruption was well known has fled and it’s massive army has just melted into the wind as it never existed. I do have a vast amount of sympathy and empathy for the Afghani people, especially for the women and wish we could rescue and save them all. The orange grumpy lump is willing to finger point at all the problems he created and project blame on President Biden.

  4. “…the destruction of energy independence, and out crippled economy…”

    Ok, ” WTF?!!”
    “Destruction of energy independence”?? He really does just pull this shit out of his ugly, shit-stained ass!
    Is he trying to say that we were energy independent when he was Prez-i-dunce?! As for the “crippled economy” …surely he jests!!?
    But seriously, Trump is basing accusations on what HE’D be doing, at 1 of his own golf resorts & costing us a lot of $$$ – which then went into his fat pockets, of course. The Retrumplicans are all so good at that.
    Even IF Biden was on vacay (which he is not), he’s at Camp David ~ the place least expensive to taxpayers for him to go to ~ & he isn’t filling his own pockets with taxpayers’ money…
    A violation of Law. Almost every weekend.
    Bet Biden ain’t shitting on gold toilet at our expense either!
    Trump is just keeping
    himself in the news. Since we know the stupid media will show him, whatever he says & his dumbass followers will believe what he says w/o even thinking about it.

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