How Stupid is Trump’s Designated Twitter? Check Out Her Bogus ‘Proof’ of Election Fraud

Ever since Donald Trump was banished from Twitter nearly eight months ago “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” his spokesperson, Liz Harrington, has been proxy tweeting on his behalf. Doing so is a blatant violation of Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban, and should not be permitted. But Twitter is neglecting its own rules in order to placate a pathetic loser who is intent on inflaming his glassy-eyed disciples like the one who made a bomb threat in Washington, D.C. Thursday morning.

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Harrington’s tweets are mostly just cut and paste regurgitations of the hostile, ignorant, and often incoherent lies issued by Trump. She has posted hundreds of them of them in the past few months. But she will occasionally post something that she thinks is important for Trump’s cult followers to know about. And that’s what she did on Thursday when she retweeted a video that claimed to be “proof” of the mythical election fraud that Trump is so obsessed with. Harrington added her own sarcastic commentary mocking the video as evidence of “The most secure election in history.”

This was clearly a triumphant discovery for Harrington. She had found what was, in her feeble mind, confirmation of Democratic shenanigans to steal another election. There was just one problem. Everything about the video smelled of horse manure. Everything from the caption alleging that two women were “stealing” ballots, to the attribution associating it with the police, were totally fabricated.

First of all, there is no time stamp on the video so it could have been made ten years ago. There is no verifiable location. There is no identification of the people, who may actually be authorized to maintain the mail facility.

What’s more, the envelopes are not recognizably ballots. And even if it were, it cannot be determined how they were voted. If anything, they would be more likely to be votes for Gavin Newsom because Democrats are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans. So maybe Harrington actually stumbled on another example of the GOP tampering with an election.

Finally, the user ID (“police-frequency”) is not affiliated with law enforcement, despite the notation that explicitly asserts that. If you go to the original source for the video you’ll find that it is just the social media account of a right wing, Trump supporting Telegram user who posts lots of links to conservative conspiracy theories and Fox News.

If this were just some random Twitter clown posting the typical nonsense that gets disseminated online it would be bad enough. But Harrington is the official spokesperson for a former president who continues to string along his sheep with hints of a future campaign to regain the White House (despite his deranged insistence that he never lost it).

It is irresponsible and potentially dangerous for Harrington to post messages like these as it adds fuel to Trump’s crusade to undermine faith in American democracy. But in addition to the possible civil unrest it could provoke, it is also pitifully stupid. It shows that she couldn’t bother to spend ten minutes to investigate the video and see what a load of bunk it was. Or perhaps she did and didn’t care. That would be routine behavior for Trump and his team of professional, albeit frightfully inept, liars.

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8 thoughts on “How Stupid is Trump’s Designated Twitter? Check Out Her Bogus ‘Proof’ of Election Fraud

  1. Yeah I clocked that this a.m… wow. A video of two women getting mail out of a box. That really, really nails it for proof the election was fraudulent. So I thought it might clear things up if I carefully and gently deposited the link to this article on Lizzie’s Twitter line.

  2. Of course, no surprise here – Seditionist Traitors see only what they WANT to see, and they always lie if it allows their hated Left to be seen in a bad way.

    When is Twitter going to permanently suspend this creature? We would have been suspended in a second if WE did this…..

    • The most random thing, in a very random and infinite Universe, is Twitter’s application of their own rules.

      • Which is why I am not trying to circumvent my latest suspension. I loathe hypocrites and double standards, and Twitter embodies both.

  3. I am still shocked at all the people I had respected over the years, losing completely, their common-sense, and grip on reality, over a period of a few months, and believing a total fool and his lies, that ended up killing thousands of them and still is today! I have lost (intelligent?), friends and kin over trump and the ex-Republican party of scum-sucking idiots lies and treasonous actions, and am sick of their claims of still being humans! They are all crazy and need to be removed!

    • Stanley, mate: common-sense is no longer common. It’s a shame when friendships go west over such an idiot as TrumpetArse – it even happened here in Australia. Our neighbour told me a friendship of 15 years ended because his mate, in Western Australia, was pro Trump. When neighbour pointed out that Trump was a liar and a disaster zone, the so-called mate defriended him on social media. I think for those still hanging onto desperately to Trump, they have become cultists rather than admit they made a mistake. You didn’t lose intelligent friends, you lost a load of vampiric cultists. Good luck, mate.

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