Fox News Online Quashes Coverage of Newsom’s Landslide Victory Over Recall and Trump-ism

The election to recall the governor of California went down in flames on Tuesday. Gavin Newsom defeated the blatantly partisan Republican sham with a whopping 28 point margin of victory. The results exceeded the predictions of recent polls and the race was called within an hour of the closing of the polls.

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The outcome was a crushing blow to the GOP’s already Lilliputian stature in the Golden State. But it was also a striking repudiation of Donald Trump and his surly surrogate, Larry Elder. The parallels between Trump and Elder should have been a signal to California’s Republicans that Elder could not prevail. He even parroted Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to electoral drubbings by baselessly charging that the the election was rigged before any of the results were even tabulated.

Elder may have been fooled by the adoring coverage he got from Fox News He appeared on the network dozens of times prior to the election for interviews that were little more than campaign ads. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that after the election Fox News has imposed “radio silence” with regard to reporting Newsom’s triumph.

More than twelve hours after the race was called for Newsom, Fox News has not posted a single tweet announcing that Newsom had won. Although they did find time to tweet about the “volatile” Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne relationship, Nicki Minaj’s views on vaccines, and Rand Paul calling for another Biden staffer to be removed.

What’s more, Fox’s website also suppressed information about the recall results. There were no stories near the top of the page, but if you scrolled far enough down you would only find tangential and negatively framed articles such as…

  • Celebrities react to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s victory in his recall election
    Because that’s the most important post-election analysis Fox News could muster.
  • Newest CNN hire faces backlash after comments on Newsom recall
    Because reporting on other reporters takes priority over reporting actual news.
  • LA Times celebrates Gavin Newsom’s recall win over ‘extremist, intolerant’ Larry Elder: ‘A sigh of relief’
    Because Fox News can’t resist accusing other media of political bias.
  • Joe Concha: Newsom victory won’t erase California’s homelessness, crime, high taxes
    Because Fox apparently thinks that all political problems should be resolved a few hours after an election

Fox News spent many hours in the months before the recall election interviewing Elder and other Republican politicians and pundits. The election was cast a watershed event that would reveal the future course of California and the nation. But that was when Fox thought there was a chance that Newsom would lose. Now that he has achieved a resounding victory, Fox News is trying to pretend that the election never happened.

Don’t be surprised if Fox News never mentions the recall again. In fact, look for them to return to lying about Afghanistan, and defending the January 6th insurrectionists, and blaming low vaccination rates on Biden and Black Americans, and whatever other manufactured nonsense they’re cooking up. It’s what they do. And they won’t tolerate any real news getting in their way.

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  1. Just what would have Larry Elder done for the homeless, out of work person or underpaid worker? Nothing, absolutely nothing. He would attempted to make the rich richer. He might have even tried to save money on fire fighting or fighting the COVID virus. Yes, the fake news group knows they had better not touch this with an umpty foot pole.

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