Fox News Poll Affirms that America Overwhelmingly Supports Biden’s COVID Policies

In what has become a recurring circus of hypocrisies, Fox News has released a poll that contrasts sharply with their editorial positions on the coronavirus. The staunchly pro-COVID network routinely features commentaries from their hosts and guests that malign efforts to mitigate the harm caused by the virus, such as getting vaccinated and wearing face masks.

Joe Biden, GOP, Titanic

Fox News spent months downplaying the severity of the virus, in synchrony with Donald Trump’s deliberate pattern of deception. Trump and Fox News have even refused to promote common sense mitigation practices for fear of upsetting the Trump cult and/or benefitting President Biden.

However, the latest poll from Fox News reveals where the American people stand on Biden’s plan to defeat COVID. And it does not remotely match the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, malarkey peddled by the likes of Tucker Carlson (who says that vaccines don’t work), Sean Hannity (who steers viewers away from getting vaccinated), and Laura Ingraham (who mocks CDC guidelines). In fact, the results show that Biden’s plan – that was viciously disparaged on Fox News – is favored by significant majorities of the American people. for instance…

  • 69% believe face masks are effective
  • 65% believe vaccines are effective
  • 67% believe schools should require masks for teachers and students
  • 66% believe businesses should require masks for employees and customers
  • 61% support vaccine mandates for teachers
  • 58% support vaccine mandates for federal government employees
  • 55% support vaccine mandates for business employees
  • 56% favor requiring businesses with 100+ employees to require vaccination or weekly testing
  • 54% favor requiring proof of vaccination to participate in indoor activities
  • 55% approve of Biden’s overall handling of the pandemic

These numbers show that most Americans are not fooled by the Fox News lies and disinformation. They have the common sense to do the right thing. And Democrats should be encouraged by the support for Biden’s initiatives. In fact, they should run hard on these results and challenge Republicans to defend their pro-COVID positions. After all, almost all of the new cases, hospitalizations and fatalities are among the unvaccinated. And that means they are mostly among Fox News viewers and Trump Republicans.

Separately, Fox News also released a poll on the human infrastructure legislation proposed by Biden and Democrats in Congress. It found that the $3.5 trillion bill is favored 56% to 39%. Also, Biden’s overall job rating is 50% approval, despite a rash of bad news about the Delta variant surge, and the Afghanistan withdrawal.

These polls are further evidence of the strength of the Democratic agenda going into the 2022 midterm elections. And Democrats need to recognize that strength and use it to push a blue wave of voters in November of next year.

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6 thoughts on “Fox News Poll Affirms that America Overwhelmingly Supports Biden’s COVID Policies

  1. And by 9am Eastern tomorrow, the FuxPods will all be claiming it’s Biden propaganda and no one should pay attention.

    Which the FuxPods won’t beyond 9:10am Eastern….

  2. Tat’s the problem with you lefties. You respond better when someone chooses for you. Shoving policies down people’s throats, threatening their employment, is ridiculous, trotting out Dr. Chicken Little every five minutes to scare people is also ridiculous. Using government agencies to enforce policies they were never designed to enforce, creating peer pressure, etc, is a serious violation of our right to choose. The irony of it is the party of “my body, my choice: has become the party of “your body, our choice,”

    • No – actually, we don’t like others making choices for us. We prefer to be given all the facts in evidence, pros & cons, & we will make our own decisions. Not based on propaganda, or opinions of talking heads on TV ~ based on provable facts, as best we know them. Haven’t trusted my gov’t w/o proof that they’re speaking truth, in decades. “Prove it.” They lie too much to believe w/o proof behind it.
      A major problem that some of us have with those of you who, despite evidence (like deaths), refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to wear masks (keep your germs to yourself please) & insist on going out in public, crowded places, acting as if you’re vaccinated when you are not, is that YOU are then CHOOSING FOR everyone you have contact with! All of us that have to share your airspace, your dang germs! And we don’t know if you’re infected – you may not know it either. But, even if you have symptoms, y’all refuse to stay home & often make some useless excuse, like “allergies” anyway.
      You have the choice to be stupid & refuse to get the shot, or wear a mask if no vaccine. But this isn’t a game! Your choices should not endanger anyone else. You DON’T have that right! We have rights too & our choice will not make you & yours ill. Your choice DOES make others ill – therefore, your choice NOT TO prevent the spread of Delta virus & to play host to it & incubate new variants, affects far more than just yourself. You do NOT have the right to choose this illness for unsuspecting ppl around you! The people you listen to that have said not to get the shot & not have to wear a mask – they & their families ARE vaccinated! Are protected from deadly part of it. They don’t care if y’all die ~ all just political BS to them! You allow them to make your choice for you, based on lies. You hide the truth & go out in public where can infect ppl — at least wear mask so you don’t spew your virus on us! Or… Just stay the hell at home! That’s your actual choice & your right.
      Don’t have to do the smart thing & get vaccinated, but that’s the price for opening businesses, economy & back to almost normal life — price for that privilege is take a free vaccine. So EZ. If you wanna risk your life & health of your family, fine, but STAY HOME! My rights & choices matter every bit as much as yours!
      My choices won’t harm you. (How nice for you.)
      Your choices WILL harm me & others. (How selfish of you.)
      I’m just glad that your stupidity isn’t contagious — except to other Retrumplicans, that is.

  3. Not to worry. The ppl who believe Faux lies are dying off already.
    Nothing like killing your own supporters to make your career /network bloom.

    It’s interesting that when I see stories about Fauxbots who don’t take Covid death seriously, none of them credit Faux with their potential death.

    Sometimes, when consequences happen, ppl just can’t admit they were used and abused. Guess I don’t blame them, as a deathbed confession of ignorance/stupidity/wishful thinking would simply twist the knife in the gut.

    As for Faux: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive. ”

    Way back in early 18-something, Sir Walter Scott knew ppl just like those on Faux. There truly is nothing new under the sun.

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