Fox News Mocks Life Saving CDC Coronavirus Guidelines as ‘Goofy’

For virtually all of the the past Year of COVID, Donald Trump and his Ministry of disinformation (aka Fox News) have downplayed the severity of the pandemic, guaranteeing that more people would be harmed and more families would grieve avoidable losses. And since he was evicted from the White House, the nothing has changed.

Laura Ingraham, Fox News, Goofy

There are studies that prove that watching Fox News actually increased coronavirus fatalities. And in a moment of weakness, Trump inadvertently admitted that he was the cause. That sort of arrogance and ignorance continues on a daily basis. For instance, on Friday Fox News host Laura Ingraham did a segment that will almost certainly produce more pain and suffering.

The segment began with a petty but offensive criticism of President Biden’s laudable efforts to preside over a Cabinet that “looks like America.” Most Americans consider that a worthy goal that allows every citizen to feel they are a part of this democracy. However, on Fox News it’s an aspiration that incites the mockery of the privileged white supremacist class. Here is how Ingraham and her guest, Raymond Arroyo (of the Eternal World Television Network), responded to Biden posting this tweet:

Ingraham: Biden tweeted out this picture, by golly. “A cabinet that looks like America. Masked and silent and separated.”
Arroyo: Government service should not be about externals, but about substance. Diversity is great, but what’s needed is true diversity of thought, experience. Producing a taxpayer funded Benetton ad is not necessarily reflective of diversity or America.
Ingraham: I’m just gonna come out and say it because I know everyone’s thinking it… This sitting six feet apart, is just goofy.

Everyone’s thinking it? Maybe everyone at Mar-a-Lago. But most of the nation – and more importantly, most of the world’s health experts – are surely thinking nothing of the kind. Ingraham’s reckless disparagement of the common sense CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines to mitigate viral transmission are typical of the Trumpian science deniers who are personally responsible for more than half a million preventable deaths. But what else should we expect from a propagandist who also just tweeted her ludicrous allegation that “President Biden is a serial liar.”

If anything is ripe for mockery, it’s that asinine tweet. Ingraham is aghast that Biden may have uttered a few words that weren’t completely accurate. But Ingraham is going bonkers about three alleged “lies” (which are questionable according to the Washington Post). However, Ingraham has never shown any concern about the 30,000 documented lies by her messiah Donald Trump. This whole affair is almost too preposterous to waste any time on. Except that it is purposefully misleading people in way that can result in untold anguish and death. Not that Ingraham or Fox News cares.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Mocks Life Saving CDC Coronavirus Guidelines as ‘Goofy’

  1. Maybe Fox News has a death wish. Not just for its audience but for the network itself. That audience is already seriously aged, so it’s prime target material for Covid-19, yet the on-screen morons keep advising avoidance of all sensible defences against the virus. No masks, no distancing, no vaccinations. No brains, obviously, but someone’s behind this policy and they must have some conscious agenda.

  2. I can’t really see the puppet strings, but it sure feels like they are there and being rather skillfully applied.

    • It’s hard to tell if the GOP is pulling Fox’s strings, or vice versa. It probably goes back and forth.

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