Disgraced Trump Toady Rudy Giuliani has Been Banned from … Fox News?

The humiliation of anyone who has ever been foolish enough to associate with Donald Trump is continuing to manifest in ever more wondrous way. His most loyal lapdog in the Senate, Lindsey Graham, has been cast adrift for being caught telling the truth about Trump. The generals that he appointed to high profile posts he now calls “incompetent.” And his Cracker Quack legal team has been excoriated and sanctioned for repeated legal misconduct.

Rudy Giuliani

At the top of Trump’s law infirmity is former New York Mayor and Borat co-star, Rudy Giuliani. The hardships he has suffered for his devotion to Trump already include having had his license to practice law suspended in New York and Washington, D.C. But on Friday he may have received the unkindest cut of all. According to Politico

“RUDY GIULIANI has been banned from Fox News for almost three months. […] The ban extends not just to GIULIANI, but also to his son ANDREW, who has not been on Fox News since he launched his campaign for governor of New York in May despite many requests to go on the network. […] Bookers have told both Giulianis the ban comes from the top.”

That’s gotta sting. Back in the days that Giuliani had more influence than he does as fluffer for a failed former president, he played a central role in getting Time Warner Cable to carry the fledgling Fox News Channel. And this is how they repay him?

Fox News isn’t saying why Giuliani is now persona non grata. But it isn’t hard to surmise that they are worried about the frequency of his flagrant falsehoods. That’s especially true regarding the lies he has been telling about Dominion Voting Systems. Earlier this year Dominion filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit in which both Giuliani and Fox News are named defendants. They are both also being sued by the voting software company, Smartmatic.

It’s fair to assume that Fox News doesn’t want Giuliani on their network digging them into an even deeper legal hole. For the same reason, Fox also refused to carry some advertisements for the MyPillow voter fraud conspiracy crackpot, Mike Lindell. In retaliation, Lindell pulled all of his ads from Fox. And since MyPillow was Tucker Carlson’s biggest advertiser, his show now has only 5th tier ads from reverse mortgage lenders, dubious vitamin supplements, and personal injury lawyers.

With the banishment from Fox News, look for Giuliani to make even more appearances on the puny Fox wannabes, Newsmax and One America News. And he could always resort to scheduling more press conferences at the Four Seasons. Not the swanky hotel. The Philadelphia landscape store between the sex shop and the crematorium. So matter what they are telling you, is future is as bleak as ever.

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3 thoughts on “Disgraced Trump Toady Rudy Giuliani has Been Banned from … Fox News?

  1. Figured there was only one reason for this: Senile Rudy accidentally told the truth on Fux Spews, and as we all know, that’s not permitted. Especially if the Lord God Moronikus overheard it….

  2. This ban will hurt Ghouliani in the already-depleted wallet: Trumpler sycophants like him use appearances on TV to generate income for their fundraising efforts by enticing donations from the morons watching. They don’t ask directly, they expect their charm and media savvy to endear them enough to get cheques sent.

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