In Delusional Podcast Rant, Trump Still Thinks He’s Going To Be Returned To His Throne

By now, anyone who has been paying attention knows that Donald Trump is suffering from psychotic delusions about having won the 2020 presidential election that he lost by more than seven million votes. Either that or his pathological lying just keeps descending to new lows. Every recount, audit, and court case, over the past ten months has affirmed that Trump was decisively defeated by now President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump, King

These unimpeachable facts notwithstanding, the twice impeached mental case of Mar-a-Lago continues to peddle his “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him. It’s a persistent pattern of victimhood that Trump uses to fleece his pathetic cult followers.

For the record, the latest example of Trump’s psychosis was evident in a podcast “interview” he conducted with ultra-rightist wannabe pundit David Harris Jr. Trump deployed the usual contrived clichés that litter his third grade level rhetorical vocabulary. “The Election was rigged,” he whined. It was “incorrectly reported by the fake news,” and “Our country is going to hell.” You know the drill. He elaborated saying that…

“They found thousands and thousands, much more than you’d need. Thousands and thousands of votes that were just false, or disgusting, or phantom, or anything you wanna call it. Far more than would be needed to overturn. […] I don’t need many of them [states]. I need two, two or three depending on size.”

Needless to say, actual evidence proves that none of that is true. There were not “thousands and thousands” of “false, or disgusting, or phantom” votes. In fact, the Arizona fraudit conducted by the conspiracy crackpots known as the Cyber Ninjas actually found more votes for Biden and fewer for Trump.

However, what’s most disturbing about Trump’s rant is that he still seems to believe that the election can be “overturned.” All he needs are a couple of states to decertify. Of course there is no legal path to the fantasy world that Trump inhabits. He is rambling incoherently again. And sadly, his dimwitted disciples will eat it up. It would be downright depressing if it weren’t so hysterical. Or would it be downright hysterical if it weren’t so depressing? At this point it’s getting hard to tell.

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7 thoughts on “In Delusional Podcast Rant, Trump Still Thinks He’s Going To Be Returned To His Throne

  1. I will trumpslate fpr those not familiar with trumpanzee-speak: “disgusting vote” = “vote cast for Biden”.

    • …Or any vote cast for anyone who isn’t Trump – the ugliest trumpanzee.
      Hey! He”d get my vote on that! (My sincere apologies to CHImpanzees.)

  2. Liz Harrington, still defying Twitter’s alleged rules against circumventing a suspension (that apply only against US) also passed on Her Lord God and Master’s latest delusion. I have NO idea where he got THIS crapola, but I’m not about to visit Newsmax to find out….

    President Trump: Dems’ CR ‘Snuck’ in ‘Unlimited Money’ for Afghans

    12:30 PM · Sep 30, 2021·Twitter for Android

    Needless to say, I omitted her Newsmax link. You might take offense for my posting spam. 🙂

  3. “…false, or disgusting, or phantom” votes.”
    By including “disgusting” in that, he has covered his ugly ass legally. Even a ‘cheap suit’ attorney could defend him if need arose. ‘False’ & ‘phantom’ votes are “real” things (none found in AZ)… whereas, ‘disgusting’ is a subjective opinion & cannot be proven true or false. I’m starting to notice that he seems to include 1 of these type ‘subjectives’ in his accusatory rants, sandwiched between provable lies/falsehoods.

    “…Or would it be downright hysterical if it weren’t so depressing?”
    ~ Yep. That’s the 1 that I’m going with! Falls in category of, “I may look back on this & laugh 1 day.” Have always been able to make past bad things into a funny story later (so they say), but doubt Trump will ever be funny…

  4. Any American that continues to follow and support this filth deserves absolutely nothing this country still has to offer in spite of the rightwing thugs continued attempts to pervert just about everything American, including the business, political, pseudo-Christian and media communities.

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