Victim-in-Chief: Trump is the most Cowardly, Whining, Crybaby to Ever Be President

The national embarrassment that Americans are suffering due to the illegitimate occupant of the White House is excruciating. Donald Trump has managed to instill a sense of shame in so many citizens that they now overwhelmingly support his impeachment and removal from office. Of course, it isn’t just embarrassment that drives that desire. It’s also his rampant lawlessness and disrespect for the Constitution and it’s principles.

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The United States is enduring perhaps its most divisive era since the Civil War. Trump has his glassy-eyed base of Deplorables who will stand by him even if, as he said, he shoots someone on 5th Avenue. But the rest of the country is experiencing severe nausea and anxiety. Even Trump’s favorite pollster, Rasmussen, currently has his approval rating near his low for the year (44%).

Throughout this turmoil, Trump himself has remained steadfast and courageous. Um, just kidding. Actually, Trump has displayed his utter lack of character and notorious absence of maturity and morality. The one constant in Trump’s noxious persona is his narcissistic arrogance. And when the chips are down – as they are now – that manifests itself as fear and a desperate embrace of martyrdom.

There has never been a president of the United States – the most powerful office on the planet – who has exhibited greater cowardice and suffering. It is astonishing how a person who holds these reins of power can regard himself as being a victim. Trump has, from birth, lived a life of privilege and luxury. And now he also has immeasurable political clout. But still he whines. Although we should not be surprised since in 2016 he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo (video below) that…

“I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine, because I want to win. I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

That strategy has proven to be a huge failure. Trump has failed to achieve anything of significance in the past three years. No deals with China, North, Korea, Iran, or Mexico. Likewise no domestic deals on healthcare, infrastructure, deficit reduction, immigration, trade, or climate change.

And yet, Trump continues to wail about being a victim. He recently compared his political tribulations to being lynched. That grossly insensitive remark caused an uproar even within his own party. He also has been whining about what he calls a “witch hunt.” While he originally applied that phrase to investigations of his unsavory connections to Russia, he has now adapted it to his more recent unsavory connections to Ukraine. Which witch hunt is which? He considers any and all criticism of him to be a hoax and manufactured by the “fake news””

Trump tries to deflect from his problems by whining about Democrats in Congress. He now refers to them routinely as the “Do Nothing Democrats,” despite the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority have passed more than 300 bills that GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to allow the upper body to vote on. Trump has employed the “do nothing” label 32 times just in the past month.

Along with his infantile sloganeering, Trump has also complained that he is a victim of allegedly anti-American representatives who he says have committed treason and must resign just for conducting investigations that are in compliance with their duties. He has been especially focused on Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who Trump has called “Adam Schitt.”

Previous presidents have not had this problem. President Obama was attacked by nutcases who claimed he wasn’t even a citizen. Bill Clinton was himself impeached for a consensual, albeit improper, sexual relationship. But neither of them spent every day whining about how horribly they were being treated. They did their jobs and dealt with their critics in the background.

But not Trump. He is far too self-centered and fragile. Having a crybaby like Trump in the highest office in the land is a stain that will take a long time to rub off. There is simply no excuse for someone with so much power to be such a pitiable snowflake. It diminishes the office of the presidency. And worse, it depreciates the strength that generations of American leaders have infused into our international reputation. Trump’s puerile whimpering makes us look weak in the eyes of our allies and foes alike. For the sake of the country Trump needs to stiffen his spine and STFU! Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the will, the guts, or the ability to do that.

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8 thoughts on “Victim-in-Chief: Trump is the most Cowardly, Whining, Crybaby to Ever Be President

  1. Dpon`t mince words…tell us how you REALLY! feel…let it all out…

  2. Your headline says it all, doesn’t it?!

    • McCarthey is a “birther” and an attorney of Rudolph Guiliani. Take anything he says with a huge grain of salt.

  3. Speaking of Ken Starr….

    Fox News contributor Ken Starr downplays Bill Taylor’s testimony about quid pro quo: Trump is a “disrupter”

    Actually, Mr. Starr, the proper term is “disaster.” If you were a legitimate investigator, then you would demand the Ayatollah Donnie’s impeachment just as much as you pushed for Bill Clinton’s.

    But you are not, and you never were — since your remit back then was investigating a piece of land, and you wound up investigating a piece of a$$ just so you could find something to justify impeachment. We, however have legitimate reasons that you are working so hard to downplay to protect Your Beloved God.

  4. I have no problem with him calling it a lynching. In fact, we should make it so: let’s take him out to the Rose Garden and string him up!

    • um, brother, for your own sake–

      Always preface any suggestion of physical damage or death to a sitting politician with the phrase, “After he or she is convicted of____________,” and fill in the blank with the appropriate crime.

      While it still doesn’t entirely exonerate you, “After Trump is convicted by the court for Treason, let’s take him out to the Rose Garden and show him what a lynching is mostly like” .

      I said ‘mostly’ because if it’s in response to a conviction that carries the death penalty anyway, even if it’s a mob doing it the judicial system has already given its imprimatur on that punishment, so it’s not a hanging or torture by a mob without legal justification. That is the definition of ‘lynch’, by the way.

      While I agree with you, and would love to see his expression and hear his pathetic bleating wheeze to a halt after the rope took his weight and he lifted off the ground, if the hanging were the result of a legal conviction of a crime punishable by death, I’d have to feel slightly cheated if at least 41 Republican ‘Senators’, equally convicted of crimes punishable by death, weren’t standing in line, staring in horror at the sight of what they were about to experience as well. . .

      Please note that while questionable, my take on the subject, specifying ‘after conviction’, leaves me free of criminally actionable speech, while yours, well, not so much.

      Best of luck

      • While your comment not specifically meant for me, I find that I too, must take heed! Proper wording is everything, after all. I’m sure I have been less careful than I should be on such things, when caught up in emotions of the moment. Trump-a-chump often has that rather nasty effect on me, w/o a doubt.
        So, thank you for that timely reminder, from one who benefits merely by reading it on my favorite news blog!

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