MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Exposes Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for the Slimy Little Coward that He Is

The commitment that Fox News has shown for advancing the spread of the coronavirus has been evident from the outset of the pandemic. When they weren’t outright dismissing the threat as a flu or a hoax (in conjunction with Donald Trump), they were disparaging efforts to mitigate the harm, such as wearing face masks and getting vaccinated. The result is that the nation is now suffering from what can accurately be called the Fox News Pandemic.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Bullshit Factory

The most offensive objector to the science-based solutions to COVID has been Fox’s Tucker Carlson. He has relentlessly promoted the use of quack cures, espoused paranoid conspiracy theories that the vaccines don’t work, supported the unlawful use of fake vaccination cards, and even exhorted his viewers to make false police reports of child abuse against parents whose children wear face masks.

On Tuesday Carlson was called out on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. Clearly Hayes was fed up with the blatant hypocrisy Carlson exuded every time he broached the subject of the pandemic. That was especially true when Carlson sought to malign President Biden’s efforts to actually save lives and return the country to some semblance of normalcy.

Most recently, Biden announced an initiative to get more Americans vaccinated. It included having federal agencies and large companies encouraging their employees to either get the shot or be tested weekly. and it was received with overwhelming support, even in a survey by Fox News.

Undeterred, Carlson persisted with his tunnel-vision, knee-jerk, pro-COVID positions. And he did so despite the fact that his employer had already implemented its own policy that is even stricter than Biden’s, requiring daily testing for the unvaccinated. Which led to Hayes unloading on Carlson and his hypocrisy:

“Tucker Carlson has even launched a personal campaign against the horrible, tyrannical employers out there who require their employees to get vaccinated. He has been giving sympathetic interviews to people who have taken the – in my mind – rather extreme step of quitting their job rather than getting vaccinated.”

“Tucker, buddy, I’ve got news for you: The call is coming from inside the house. Your own bosses are doing this. And I’ve got to ask, Why don’t you have the courage of your convictions? The very lowest level of that courage, which of course he’s failed to show, would be to simply use your platform to actually criticize your own bosses who are making this requirement. You could go on air and say ‘Hey, my bosses are doing this and I don’t agree with it.’

“But that would require the tiniest little sliver of moral integrity. You’d have to take some little, slight risk to your bottom line, and your paycheck, and your stature. You’re probably not going to do that. You certainly wouldn’t do the thing that you’ve celebrated in in others, which is to just quit and walk away rather than be subject to this tyranny.”

There are a couple of points in those remarks that Hayes might need to rethink. First of all, to ask Carlson why he doesn’t have the “courage of his convictions” you would have to assume that he has any convictions. And the same thing goes for any questions regarding Carlson’s alleged “moral integrity.”

Not only would Carlson never give up his Fox News gourmet meal ticket over something as principled as integrity, he will never even admit to his audience that Fox News has adopted the very policies that he is so petulantly whining about. Because to Carlson, none of this is about honor or honesty. It is simply about profit, power, and propaganda.

That goes for all of his confederates at Fox News as well. They are happy in the safety of their vaccinated corporate cocoon, while they simultaneously and deliberately frighten their dimwitted, vulnerable viewers away from the proven things that will protect them, their families, and their nation from illness and death. And somehow they still manage to sleep at night.

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3 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Exposes Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for the Slimy Little Coward that He Is

    • Yes, he certainly is! I believe that’s 1 of the traits that FauxNooz values most for their “on-air” talking heads. Whenever they have someone with any ethics, decency, or a moral compass, they end up getting rid of them ~ makes everyone else look like what they are… bunch of amoral hypocrites! Exactly what their viewers like. (Surprised Chris Wallace is still there.)

  1. Just look at that face for a few seconds. It’s a moron. That’s Tucker’s onscreen personna, the character he chooses to offer his viewers. Now try to imagine how moronic those viewers must be, to listen to and believe anything the face tells them. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it.

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