Trump Spokeswoman Posts Racist Attack on Chair of the January 6th Insurrection Committee

It’s been nine months since Donald Trump’s insurrectionists invaded the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to prevent Congress from carrying out its constitutional duty to certifying the presidential election. Their violent and deadly assault failed to achieve their goal of subverting democracy, but it sparked a treasonous revolt that continues to this day.

Donald Trump Insurrection

Trump has still never conceded his loss to President Biden. And his cult followers still harbor delusions that he will be reinstated to his throne, despite having no evidence of any electoral irregularities and no legal pathway to that end. It’s a dangerous fantasy that led directly to the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C. And Trump is continuing to fuel the seditionist fires.

On Tuesday morning, Trump’s spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), posted a tweet with a link to an article (in fact, she posted it three times) whose headline read “Jan. 6 commission chairman once sympathized with black secessionist group that killed cops.” Both the headline and the article itself where dishonest, racist, and intended to malign Rep. Bennie Thompson who is the chairman of both the Homeland Security Committee and the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack. The article by John Solomon began by stating that…

“Fifty years ago as a Mississippi alderman, Bennie Thompson defended the Republic of New Africa and participated in a news conference blaming cops for the group’s violence even as FBI saw group as waging ‘guerrilla warfare.'”

Fifty years ago? That’s how far back Solomon had to dig to find something that he could warp into a pseudo-scandal. Solomon implies that Thompson was somehow affiliated with the Republic of New Africa (RNA), a separatist organization founded in 1968. But Thompson was neither a member, nor a legal representative. He was simply a local elected official who made a rather uncontroversial statement with regard to a police incident. Thompson said that…

“My utmost concern in this matter is to see that people who reside or pass through the town of Bolton,[MS] are treated fairly and given every opportunity afforded them by law. […] My position is that people are entitled to live as they choose, so long as they are law abiding and peaceful.”

Thompson’s explicit reference to being “law abiding and peaceful” didn’t stop Solomon from associating him with every allegation of criminal activity by the RNA. That’s how Solomon works. He is a disgraced propagandist who was even too disreputable for Fox News, who ditched him last year. The network warned their “news” staff that Solomon lacked credibility and engaged in disinformation campaigns. Solomon was also sent packing by The Hill, who said that he had published misleading columns. In some of those columns he was found to have been clandestinely collaborating with a notoriously untrustworthy source, Rudy Giuliani.

Solomon’s article had a single purpose: to personally vilify the Chairman of the Select Committee so that he could later dismiss the Committee’s work. And he chose to pursue that goal by slandering a well respected Black legislative leader with allusions to past crimes that he had nothing to do with.

Then, along comes Trump and his PR flack to hype the fake scandal. Because the last thing that any of these cretins want is for the truth to come out about what happened on January 6th and who was responsible. But with tactics like this they are only revealing how scared they are of the justice that awaits them.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Spokeswoman Posts Racist Attack on Chair of the January 6th Insurrection Committee

  1. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the race-baiter’s allegation against the chairman is correct, and that he did give verbal support to a violent group 50 years ago. WTF bearing does that have on the investigation of an insurrection that occurred 9 months ago? Let’s continue the Devil’s Advocate meme. Suppose that the Democrats were so adept and clever that they pulled off a stolen election in all 50 States, with no trace, no defectors to betray the ruse out of the millions that had to be co-conspirators, , and no effect on down-ballot races, such that 11 months of unceasing trump-GOP 60+ lawsuits and untold millions of dollars in audits have been able to uncover even the tiniest shred of evidence. What more proof do you need that trump and the GOP are so singularly stupid and unqualified to govern that there is no way in H3LL they should be reinstated?

  2. “Suppose that the Democrats were so adept and clever that they pulled off a stolen election in all 50 States, with no trace…”

    Awww… “Dang!” Actual spit-take on that part – ya’ got me!
    Adept & clever…2 words I just don’t associate with U.S. politics/politicians, in their current wiggly worm-like form.

    I do agree with focus of your comment ~ the fact that millions of GOP voters can’t see the fact that there wasn’t a shred of proof to be found (or faked) that there was true election fraud ~ after all the money & attempts to find some, there’s no chance that logic or reason will ever infiltrate their minds!
    GOP officials who keep spewing Trump lies, knowing the danger, should never, ever be able to hold any gov’t position – not even as meter-maid!
    In fact, the ONLY proven attempts at voter/election fraud are the ones done by Donald (the loser-man) Trump. Of those, there IS proof!

    Sadly, just the start of what’s to come…& with a paralyzed Congress, little hope of anything being done to stop it!

  3. Why hasn’t the FBI came up with a report on Jan. 6 riot/insurrection? The FBI has come up short in the quick overnight investigation of Brett Kavanaugh and the primary investigation of physician Larry Nassar. Those are the two very notable investigations. There are most likely many others.

  4. 50 yrs ago & offering defense of a group at a news conference…
    That’s all they’ve got?!?

    Hardly compares to anything Trump & his Rethugs have done ~ during his term in office, or since then! 30,000 lies & a list of offensive acts by Trump & accomplices that’s too long to list ~ could fill hundreds of pages & it’s still ongoing!
    It’s a tsunami of nothin’ but shit ~ we’re drowning in it!
    Obviously, Solomon has none of the wisdom of the man he was named for!

    Wise words NOT from Solomon:
    “My position is that people are entitled to live as they choose, so long as they are law abiding and peaceful.” (I agree.)

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