OH NOES! Trump Threatens that If Election Fraud Isn’t Solved ‘Republicans Will Not Be Voting”

Never let it be said that Donald Trump would ever miss an opportunity to say something profoundly stupid that he is certain is bursting with brilliance. He has been doing it for decades, although in the past five years that tendency has been rife with peril for millions of Americans.

Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

On Wednesday afternoon Trump finally said something that many people – especially Democrats – will be thrilled to hear. In defense of his obsession with his totally unfounded claims of election fraud, Trump had Liz Harrington, his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, tweet that…

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

That’s fantastic news. Trump is effectively advising his dimwitted cult disciples to refrain from voting in future elections. The condition that he imposes is one that simply cannot be met. There is, after all, no way to “solve” what he is calling election fraud, when after the passage of nearly a year, multiple GOP-run audits, and more than sixty court cases, have never produced any evidence of such fraud.

Just because he says that it has been “thoroughly and conclusively documented” doesn’t mean that it has. If so, why hasn’t he produced any of this alleged documentation? Is he waiting for Mike Lindell, the MyPillow Guy, to send it to him?

Harrington was later apprised of how her Trump proxy tweet was been interpreted. So she stepped up to offer a clarification that only made things worse, tweeting that…

“President Trump did not say don’t vote. He pointed out the obvious consequence of not fixing fraud and holding those who broke laws accountable will be Republicans sitting out If we don’t fix our elections, many voters will think their vote won’t count.”

In other words, her clarification said exactly the same thing. If the nonexistent election fraud isn’t “fixed” the “obvious consequence” will be Republicans not voting because – why should they? That’s the same advice offered in the first tweet.

To be clear, Trump’s definition of “solving” his contrived election fraud crisis is to overturn the election and inaugurate himself as president-reject. He said so in another tweet wherein he tried to to hijack the “Big Lie” phrasing and amend it to the “Really Big Lie,” but redefine it as the actual election on November 3, 2020. He asserted that “If we had an honest media this Election would have been overturned many months ago.” Yeah, right!

It’s pretty safe to assume that the election will not be overturned. Therefore, the alleged fraud will not be “solved” according to Trump’s condition. And if that means that Republicans will sit out the next couple of elections, I guess the nation will just have to find a way to muddle through without the electoral contributions of ignoramuses who are blindly devoted to a lying, narcissist, with authoritarian aspirations. Somehow, I think we’ll find a way to carry on.

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6 thoughts on “OH NOES! Trump Threatens that If Election Fraud Isn’t Solved ‘Republicans Will Not Be Voting”

  1. Yeah, this is raging on Twitter right now with everyone falling about laughing. Great idea! Keep the buggers at home! A fiver sez they’ll obey dear Leader’s command! ????

  2. “Trump’s definition of “solving” his contrived election fraud crisis is to overturn the election and inaugurate himself as president-reject.”
    ~ (Yeah. Never gonna’ happen like that.) ~

    “…consequence of not fixing fraud and holding those who broke laws accountable…”
    ~ I’m all for that. The only actual evidence of election fraud, are Trump’s multiple attempts at it. Such as, the 2 phone calls to election officials – 1 we’ve heard on media – trying to get them to look again & to “find” 1 more vote than needed to win. 2nd call was similar – Trump telling her she’d “be a hero” if did what he asked (& found votes).
    Recent revelations about Jan 3rd mtg at WH, with Jeffrey Clark (DOJ) & Trump attempting election fraud had 6 attempts – so 6 possible counts of election fraud. And there’s more out there. Jan 6th violence was about subverting results of the election – not sure if that counts, but I sure think it should!
    So, yeah Trump ~ We should definitely hold those who broke laws accountable! How about you not telling your pals to ignore subpoenas!?!

  3. Unless democrats execute a more radical reaction to Trump and his cult of political and historical illiterates, the brain dead religious hacks hooked on Jesus and a media suffering the effects of a corporate yang up it’s butt that has aided and abetted the rightwing fascist wannabes thug’s exploitation of the vulnerably ignorant amongst us , I would not advise any one to invest in hemp yet but do indeed keep your powder dry!

  4. You can’t make this shit up! Trump finally says something I agree with. I hope they all stay home in the next 2 elections cycles.

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