BOO! Trump’s Spooky Stab at Burying White House Documents is So Stupid it’s Scary

This Halloween promises to be as frightening as any in modern times. That’s primarily due to the persistent presence of an orange, pumpkin-headed monster, Donald Trump. Nearly a year after his political demise, he remains a haunting figure from beyond the electoral grave who inexorably insists on terrorizing the nation with loathsome lies and abhorrent, authoritarian aspirations. He’s even frightening his own supporters into not voting.

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Although fear defines the season – and is the favored tactic of Trump and his cadre of demons – on this All Hallows Eve The Trump was dealt a blow by the National Archives. Responding to his lawsuit demanding that hundreds of documents from his occupation of the White House be suppressed, the administrator of the Archives concluded that it does not meet any legal standard for executive privilege and the materials can be dispensed to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection (which Fox News goblin, Tucker Carlson, thinks is a “false flag” affair). As reported by CNN

“Specifics about former President Donald Trump’s efforts to keep secret the support from his White House for overturning his loss of the 2020 election were revealed in late-night court filings that detail more than 700 pages of handwritten notes, draft documents and daily logs his top advisers kept related to January 6.” […]

“The records Trump wants to keep secret include handwritten memos from his chief of staff about January 6, call logs of the then-President and former Vice President Mike Pence and White House visitor records, additional court records revealed early Saturday morning.”

While most constitutional experts agree that a former president has no claim to executive privilege, it is notable that the documents referenced herein wouldn’t be protected by executive privilege anyway. That privilege is applicable only to the official business of the president. But these are political documents that are related to a campaign and Trump’s anti-democratic efforts to cling to power. They are also potentially evidence of crimes and criminal conspiracies, which cannot be shielded by executive privilege.

The chilling disclosure by the Archives reveal that the documents that Trump seeks to smother include White House visitor logs and calls between Trump and Pence, all centered around January 6th. It further affirms that Trump’s intent is to conceal evidence against him and his role in the Capitol Hill riots by his glassy-eyed cult disciples. Separately, there is documentary proof that pro-Trump attorney John Eastman (who authored the infamous “coup memo”) sought to cast blame on Pence for the violent insurrection.

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A court will hear Trump’s complaint next week. But whatever the outcome we can’t relax our guard. The monstrous Trump rampage against America and democracy is going to be plaguing us for the foreseeable future. For the time being we are all trapped in this House of Horrors. But fear not. Trump’s threats are mostly impotent expressions of weakness and the dread he harbors of being held accountable for his crimes. He will, in the end, be vanquished by his own frailties. Then the only thing we’ll have to worry is the sequel.

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10 thoughts on “BOO! Trump’s Spooky Stab at Burying White House Documents is So Stupid it’s Scary

  1. Man! Your picture in this post is truly frightening looking! Perfect.

  2. The sequel?!! Aw, hell no!
    New rules:
    *Never, ever (again), elect a full-blown narcissist!
    *Never elect an ignoramus! If they cannot pass high school Gov’t Class final (with at least a “C” grade) they cannot run for Pres./VP!
    {Is it too much to ask that they know how our gov’t is s’posed to function – what the job entails – B4 they apply for the job?!?}

    Personally, I’m inclined to require a [verifiable] 3-digit IQ + that they pass a Psych Evaluation + thorough Background Check also, before they can be elected to be President/VP of our USA nation! I think we have seen what can slither in w/o such safeguards & the severe damage it can do! This is not a position to be left in unqualified hands of liars, grifters, imbeciles, psychos & amateurs. (Again.)
    But, perhaps I’m being too picky…

  3. I agree, Mark, that Trumpler will eventually be destroyed by his own character, as his presidency was, in true Greek-tragedy fashion. But it could take a very long time and do enormous damage in the meantime.
    And can you explain why Trump didn’t have all those incriminating documents shredded at the time or right thereafter? Given his ignorance, maybe he simply didn’t realise they were being archived.

    • Trump probably thought he would never lose so he didn’t need to worry about it.

      • I think that’s it also. Which begs a bigger question ~ Why would he feel so certain of that?!?
        Brushing aside his gi-normous, yet fragile, over-blown ego & tendency to only have total ass-kissers around him… I recall finding him overly self-assured at the time. Considering how many can’t stand his shitty ass & Mueller Report, impeachment, etc., I thought they were all just too cocksure that he was not leaving!
        Put that together with RWNJs constantly projecting what they are/would be doing, onto the opposition side & how even prior to election, them saying “election fraud” (as are doing now too) & it looks to me like a pre-emptive strike. The nuke kind!
        Bearing in mind they’re doing that now too…I realy, really believe that we need to check-out (thoroughly!) the voting machines B4 they are used in next election!
        And if any BS reasons given why our Country cannot have them checked independently, then they should NOT be used at all! Unless & until credentialed hackers, non-partisan, are allowed to do their thing w/o interference, the nachines should sit & collect dust in storage.
        We know damn well that these asshole Trumpublicans cannot be trusted! They’re so pissed & keep re-auditing, cuz’ they think the other side ‘out-cheated’ them somehow. This should NOT be taken lightly!

        • The Dominion machines are tamper-proof & can be used anytime, but I suspect that the GOP campaign to discredit them will lead to their replacement with ES&S machines, which are reputed to be severely compromised re their security. That means they’re ideal for dishonest misuse by corrupt election organisations, such as are being installed in GOP-dominated counties nation-wide. Paranoid? Nope: I just know my Repugnicans.

  4. P. S. — feel free to repost this anyplace, if you wish. Decided I’m just too shy to post things out there after being suspended from DK for I don’t know what reason. I asked – got no answer. Am too gun-shy to do that anymore! Mustered up what little courage I had…& lost it.
    With apologies to you, I only feel safe to speak here.

  5. ES&S machines are the veey ones we DON’T want used w/o very thorough checking over!
    And no, you’re not paranoid. Today’s Rethuglicans are not worthy of being in U.S. gov’t at all & any doubt of who they are, how far they’ll go to take what they can’t win fairly, should be dispelled by now. They have zero limits to what they’ll do & zero love or respect for the USofA. Strictly about having the ultimate power & $$$. They won’t hesitate to destroy us all in process! Filthy, slimy, scumsuckers is what they’ve become – not redeemable in any way, at this point!

    • Re: The ES&S machines.
      ES&S has different models of their machines. It’s the ones they bought from Diebold that are the problem. (Diebold, not Dominion machines.) Devil’s in the details, as they say & someone ran with the wrong “D” word. After 2nd George W. & Cheney election, the man hired to do “coding” on Diebold machines came out on a news show (on CNN, I think) & said that he’d been told by Diebold to put in a “code” to allow “Remote Vote Changing Capability” & he did. Said he felt guilty about it after, so came forth to admit it publicly.

      I was watching that late-nite news show. He seemed very credible, answered all the questions host asked & had nothing to gain by admitting to it. It was right after the election; he had guilty conscience after the fact.(?!) I thought we’d be hearing an uproar over this, but never heard another word about it! Nowhere. I’ve often wondered if that guy had a fatal, single-car crash after, or maybe a sudden brain aneurysm?!?

      There were people questioning election results for other reasons, but (R)s claimed (D)s were just sore losers & “Game over.”
      The newsmedia’s prevailing attitude at the time was, “election over; let’s move on.” So that’s what happened.

      It was at that time that I learned the Constitution has no way to deal with that ~ if anyone cheats to win & we find out, there’s NO plan of action for that! I thought that short-sighted, but then, no electronic voting machines to be messed with back then & paper ballots leave paper trail + hard to screw with them.
      Short time later, Diebold sold those machines to ES&S. That’s last I’ve been able to keep track of them. I’d expect that the coding is still in them. Not sure if ES&S is aware of it, but the “proprietary” bullshit the companies use for why we can’t have voting machines checked over is bullshit! Too important NOT TO! Uf they don’t want them examined closely, then they should not be used at all! Period!
      We have great hackers in US – let them do what they do best. Check out our voting machines. Now, that’s patriotic work!

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