Trump and the Wall Street Journal Flagrantly Lie About COVID Fatalities to Malign Biden

The determination of right-wing media outlets to vilify President Biden on a constant basis is the driving force of their malicious editorial mission. Fox News, Newsmax, and others, keep up a perpetual parade of disparaging propaganda even when there are no facts to support their attacks.

Donald Trump, Coronavirus

Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is among those media manglers hellbent on spreading disinformation intended to deceive their readers and damage Biden’s reputation. On Friday they published an article with an ominous headline declaring the advent of “Biden’s Covid Death Milestone.” Trump promptly tweeted a link to the article (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) The gist of the hit piece was summarized in the opening paragraph stating falsely that…

“It would seem that Mr. Biden has done no better than Donald Trump in defeating Covid despite the benefit of vaccines, better therapies, and more clinical experience.”

The Journal’s argument was based on the fact that there have been about the same number of deaths due to COVID in 2021, during Biden’s presidency, as there were in 2020, during Trump’s. However, that disembodied “factoid” lacks both context and mathematical soundness.

The Journal conveniently left out the relatively massive expansion of the coronavirus and how it blanketed the nation from its inception. It went from nonexistence to pandemic in just a few weeks. That’s where the Journal’s math fell short. Here’s why…

Starting from zero there are fewer people infected and, consequently, fewer people to transmit it to others. The growth of incidents of transmission increases exponentially as the population of those infected increases. For instance, if there are ten people infected, growth of 100% would result in 20 total infected people. However, if there are 10,000 people infected, growth of 100% would result in 20,000 total infected people. So there are far more infected people, but the exact same percentage growth rate.

In real terms, during Trump’s last year in office the number of fatalities went from 10 (when Trump said it would soon decline back to zero) to 400,000, an increase of four million (4,000,000!) percent. During Biden’s first year in office the number of fatalities went from about 400,000 to 800,000, an increase of only 100 percent. That’s a fatality rate percentage decline of 99.9975 percent. So it is brazenly dishonest to say that Biden did no better than Trump. The truth is that during Biden’s term the United States went from 4000 people dying every day by the end of Trump’s term, to about 1,000 deaths a day under Biden, A decline of 75 percent.

What’s more, it must not be forgotten that more than 90% of the new hospitalizations and fatalities are among unvaccinated people. And those vaccine resisters are almost entirely Fox News viewers. It would not be inaccurate to call this the Pandemic of Fox News. Not surprisingly, the unvaccinated are predominantly Trump supporters and Republicans.

From the start of the pandemic Trump has sought to downplay its severity. In the book RAGE, by Bob Woodward it was documented that Trump had deliberately lied about the severity of the coronavirus, saying that he “wanted to always play it down.” Which he is still doing today. Trump insiders recently disclosed that he has refused to promote vaccines because it might upset his cult followers or, gawd forbid, help Biden.

The bottom line for these cretins is, as usual, prioritizing whatever is in their own political self-interest. They couldn’t care less about the suffering and loss of life that they are purposefully contributing to. And to that end they put out lies like this one in the Wall Street Journal that seek to suppress the successes of the Biden administration. Hopefully the truth will find a way to reach the American people through means other than Murdoch’s bullshit factory.

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5 thoughts on “Trump and the Wall Street Journal Flagrantly Lie About COVID Fatalities to Malign Biden

  1. When did our newsmedia become such “fact free zones”?! It seems that, unlike ever before, anyone can say anything & present it as ‘news’ without any facts supporting whatever it is that they say! People just except everything said as factual. But too often nowadays, it’s not fact-based at all.
    News used to pride itself on bring truthful & if 1 was caught reporting something that wasn’t correct, it was cause for embarrassment & a big deal made of it. No more. There’s no correction, no shame; in fact, nothing is said about it by them or competing news! It just “stands” as said & thanks to social media’s lack of standards, misstated things & flat-out lies travel quickly to many, many more than ever before! Most people will never even hear that the ‘untruth’ was not true.
    Most people over age of say, 30, grew up when the news had standards; they had rules & were able to support what they reported with facts in evidence. News was truth! Facts. You could believe what was reported & if someone got it wrong, you knew about it! We expected news to be telling us facts, truth. There were standards for news. And we can see the problems & danger in allowing lies to be reported as if true! It seems that every day lies are reported as ‘news’ & it goes unchecked.
    It’s 1 of 2 major parties IN OUR GOV’T that are spewing lies reported as ‘news’ & it’s dangerous! The lies are louder than truth & non-stop. Still, people believe that, “it must be true if said on the news.”
    Congress won’t do anything about it, since 1/2 of Congress belongs to Party doing the lying & the other 1/2 can’t do it alone. Who is there to rein-in media & force them back to fact-based news?
    Right now, the newsmedia, in general, has about as much credibility as a crazy old man on the corner, yelling crazy shit at people goin’ by.

  2. Sunny, there was always an element of dishonesty in the media, as evidenced in the old adage that “You can’t believe everything you read in the paper.” Editorial leanings were always apparent, even as most editors tended to lean to the Left, while the publishers/owners leaned to the Right. At the best papers, the publishers allowed the editors to run things, never mind the politics. But then along came Rupert Murdoch, whose politics were just to the Right of Hitler and whose sole interest in publishing was to amass as much money and power as possible. It’s been downhill in the UK, Australia and the USA ever since, as he brought “muck-raking journalism” to lower levels than had ever been imagined. Fox “News” is just the television version of his despicable newsprint tabloids.

  3. Really well-done analysis, LizaBBBB, retired microbiologist

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