Fox Nation vs. MoveOn: Indoctrinating Children

Fox Nation - MoveOn

The Fox Nation is very upset about an insidiously cute video from that features kids advocating a Contract for the American Dream. Check out this horrifying example of child abuse for yourself:

Shocking, isn’t it? The gang at Fox & Friends thinks so too. The posting on Fox Nation displays the Fox & Friends segment, not the whole MoveOn video. And the response from the Fox Nationalists is typically restrained – to Nazi references, allegations of Marxist propaganda, and accusations against Obama who had nothing to do with it. For example:

Fox Nation - MoveOn

Of course, no one on the right would ever consider exploiting children for political purposes.

Fox Nation - Move On

Slandering the MoveOn kids as Nazis is standard operating procedure for the right. You only need to go back a couple of weeks to hear Glenn Beck saying that scores of slaughtered kids in Norway are “like the Hitler youth.” By the way, if you haven’t yet protested Beck’s repulsive comments, here is a list of his radio affiliates. Be sure to let them know that you refuse to listen to their station or patronize their advertisers while Beck is on the air.


12 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. MoveOn: Indoctrinating Children

  1. The hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife…

  2. Well if these childrens ideas are communist, socialist, marxist or whatever then I guess I will be happy to join these children. After all they are for the working people in this country.

    • The part that makes it good or bad is how you get those things. If it’s through a healthy economic enviorment that allows the INDIVIDUAL to get them on his or her own, then great. If it’s through some government mandate that requires we all are dragged down the communist path, then you can keep it – which is where Move-On is going. If communism was so good, why is the Soviet Union gone? Why didn’t they fight to protect their misery?

      • Steve, would you please grow up and quit with this childish commie rhetoric. You are really making an ass of yourself.

        No one here is advocating communism, certainly not those kids or MoveOn. Try to make comments using reason and facts. Otherwise you’re just boring everyone with bogeyman BS.

        • Steve would have to first know the definition of “communism”, which he apparently doesn’t.

        • Give me a break Mark, you have no other way to get to this utopian world of yours. You’ve never preached anything remotely close to indivdual achievement – only tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich and re-distribute.

          • Keep sucking that corporate schlong, big boy. You’ll eventually find nickels.

          • Your liberty is a cheap substitute for a freedom you will never know, and the truth is you have created a world vastly worse than that of what true communism would have. The soviet union collapsed because of deep political corruption, something this magnificent country is rapidly following, wake up you brainless boot licker. Stop bowing to capital, and being grateful for the meager bones they toss you from their mountains of unfairly gained wealth.
            Economic freedom is another name for slavery and earth raping.

      • If communism was so good, why is the Soviet Union gone? Why didn’t they fight to protect their misery?

        Communism didn’t work remotely as well back then as our form of capitalism is working right now. With all the rich getting richer, and the poor living down in the dumps, there is nothing that capitalism is doing to help this country.

        At this point, we’d be lucky to get anything close to communism to balance things out and get out of this mess of corporatism and corruption.

        You need to grow a few more brain cells before getting involved in this kind of discussion, Stevie. Until then, just go on your merry way and preach some of that propaganda to your right wing blog buddies.

  3. Cant wait for Young Mc to sue the pants off whoever ripped of his song for this video.

  4. I was just listening to Glenn Beck on the way to work, he was talking about the children’s show he’s putting on gbtv or whatever his internet venture is called. saying it goes from hilariously funny to really really scary. becuase you know there’s nothing wrong with scaring the crap out of kids, assuming you are republican.

  5. I’ll agree there is a lot of misery here in this country and it has a lot to do with greed, but so long as I’m free to make my choices in my life, I’ll be ok and I would argue so will you and anyone who makes the right choices in their lives. It’s not about getting rich, but how you define success and how I define it may be very different. Stop being so jealous of others and focus on your own life and I’m sure you will be fine. The only people I know who are having problems are those with no education and no marketable skills. I’ve had no problem finding employment opportunities, but you need a real education and a decent work ethic. It’s not luck and it’s not having money. I’m not going to waste my time arguing with people whose primary issue is that their jealous of others and are mad they don’t have what other people have (ie rich people).

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