Deranged Trump Declares that ‘I Developed the Vaccine’ in Lie-Riddled Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump is, if nothing else, consistent. Although that isn’t a compliment considering that his consistency is related to his being a pathological liar. He distinguished himself as having told more than 30,000 lies during his single term in the White House.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Since Trump lost reelection a year ago – a reality that he still isn’t able to grasp – he has continued disgorging flagrant falsehoods with unrivaled frequency and fury. Take for example this tweet in which Trump stuffed a surprising number of self-serving fallacies:

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists. That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, “Get the Vaccine.” But no one trusts this administration. I developed the vaccine when everyone said it wasn’t possible. Now without “Trump,” that’s their only solution. This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership. Besides my vaccine, this is the administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan. A lot of effort and money went into RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election, only to destroy the Country. Was it worth it?”

If that isn’t a demonstration of someone tweaking on meth, then nothing is. Trump can’t seem to concentrate on a single subject for more than a nanosecond. There must be a medical diagnosis for this psychotic compulsion to enumerate every screwball thing that pops into his head. Never mind that he manages to get everything he’s ranting about wrong.

Trump begins with a criticism of President Biden’s record on job creation. But he immediately segues to the bizarre claim that “I developed the vaccine,” for the coronavirus. Does he also think he beat Neil Armstrong to the moon and wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays?

As for his commentary on jobs, he left out that “the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.2% from 4.6%, even though the labor force participation rate increased for the month to 61.8%, its highest level since March 2020.” And that “Worker wages climbed for the month, rising 0.26% in November and 4.8% from a year ago.” In fact, as Biden noted on Friday, “in the first 10 full months of my administration, the economy has created 6 million jobs, a record for a new President.”

So Biden can hardly be called a “one trick pony.” And if there were only one trick, successfully reducing the harm caused by a deadly pandemic is a pretty good one. For the record, Trump left office with the worst jobs record in modern history.

The rest of Trump’s tweet was equally dishonest. Gas prices have only risen because the economy has rebounded so well. Crime is not higher relative to prior years. While there were product shortages due to global (not just American) supply chain issues, store shelves are once again full. The borders are not open. The “horrendous surrender” in Afghanistan was negotiated by Trump according to his own National Security Advisor. And Trump’s “Big Lie” about the election being “rigged” continues to be a dangerous fiction that undermines democracy.

The fact that Trump bothers to post tweets like this is further evidence of his emotional instability and his obsessive aspiration to return to a position of authoritarian power. He must not be allowed to succeed. American democracy and freedom depends on defeating Trump and Trumpism.

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16 thoughts on “Deranged Trump Declares that ‘I Developed the Vaccine’ in Lie-Riddled Twitter Tantrum

  1. You should enjoy the Lord God Moronikus’ latest Sermon on the Golf Mound. F*cking hell, he is SUCH a goddamned moron!

    Liz Harrington

    President Donald J. Trump:

    “Anybody that doesn’t think there wasn’t massive Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election is either very stupid, or very corrupt!”

    Never mind, of course, that the Lord God Moronikus is very stupid AND very corrupt. Crimeny Dutch turkey on a stick!!!

  2. Is it any wonder Im depressed? My country is going to Hell faster than ice cream melts on a summer day. Thanks to the propagandists the Rethugs unleashed on the nation via tv/radio.
    Damn the wingers and propagandists to fiery Hell. Just wish I believed in Hell. But when the nation burns, we’ll know who struck the match:: the dummy being used by the wealthiest and the most opportunistic–the evil-minded and fake former incompetent president.

  3. Now this site says my reply was posted, but I don;t see it here. Wnats up with that?

  4. While some things are slowly coming back to the norm we would like to see, your claim that supply issues have been solved (shelves are full again) is maybe regional to you if i can be polite in my comment. Elsewhere, such as in Colorado, we still see shortages and empty shelves. Products we would expect to see are sometimes there and sometimes not. Even NPR’s Shortwave just ran a story on why the supply chain failed, is still failed, and that it will be a long time coming to work the way it did. I am confident in the information on the material we are discussing here. So double check before you make contradictory claims. Otherwise I do want to stay subscribed to your banter. I do agree we have a long way to a universal society.

    • There was NO truth in that shirt!
      Anyone who DOES believe it… Now, that IS true!

  5. There was attempts at election fraud. Prove-able, with evidence!
    Alas, they were done by Trump & chumps. No one else!

  6. It appears that Jussie Smollett has taken “un-truth” lessons from Drumpf and all the lying republican liars!

  7. Im confused did donald make the vaccine to kill people who voted for him and then tell them that he made the vaccine to kill them but that its Bidens fault for not being the leader in 2019 and 2020 to stop Trump from making the vaccine that kills people because Biden wants them to get the vaccine that Trump made? Is that….is that right? Asking for a friend….

  8. LMAO… & It all makes perfect sense in his demented mind ~ & the minds of those that he has some unGodly control over!

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