QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Nasty Phone Calls, Blames Nancy Pelosi and the Press

Ever since Donald Trump descended his golden escalator to announce his political coming out, the unfettered expressions of hate and hostility in America grew exponentially. Trump was – and is – a malice machine that generates pure and personal loathing for what were once merely policy differences, even when delivered with passion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The result has been all too frequent outbursts of venomous rancor aimed at the people’s representatives. There is something terribly wrong when public servants have their lives threatened simply for doing their jobs and serving their constituents. The death threats aimed at Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar exemplify this ominous trend. And this pattern of menacing misbehavior reached a pinnacle when Trump’s rabid supporters stormed Congress on January 6th, threatening to kill the Speaker of the House and hang the vice president.

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The unholy wars waged by Republican StormTrumpers has taken another disturbing turn. Recently Rep. Omar played a recording of a death threat she received. In response Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-QAnon) has released her own version of alleged threats against her. In a video that she posted on Twitter, Greene rightfully said that “It is completely wrong for any member of Congress to receive death threats.” But then, as if to make a contest of it, she identified herself as “the most attacked freshman member of Congress probably in United States history.”

Greene’s tirade blamed the threatening calls on the media that she said defamed her. “They have smeared my character,” she complained, “called me names, and labeled me horrible things, none of which I am.” And before playing a few recordings of the phone calls she claimed she received, Greene again pointed her accusatory finger at the media for “teach[ing] people to hate us, members of Congress.” She closed by adding other culprits to those she deemed responsible for the threats against her:

“This is all the fault of the media and the January 6th Commission. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, all playing a part trying to paint Republicans and president Trump as if we caused any violence on Capitol Hill on January 6th. None of us did that. […] this is what happens when the media constantly creates members of Congress as villains and monsters, which we are not. This has to stop. The press has the freedom of press, but it does not have the freedom to lie. And it does not have the right to teach people to hate like this.”

The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that Greene is a notorious liar and these alleged threats could be – let’s say trumped up. But even if they are legit, Greene is casting blame in a manner that is irresponsible and downright bizarre. She doesn’t provide a single example of any remarks by the media that could credibly incite death threats. The same is true of her baseless accusations against Pelosi and the bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The truth is that Greene is just mad that the press reports what she actually does and says. Which is true for Trump and the rest of the GOP as well.

On the other hand, Greene herself has engaged in the sort of gruesome rhetoric that can produce death threats. She recently said that Pelosi’s advocacy of face masks in Congress was “exactly the type of abuse” as Nazis sending Jews to gas chambers during the holocaust. Greene has even invited attacks on her GOP confederates who had the audacity to vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill. She maligned them as “traitors” five times in this Twitter thread.

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It’s not coincidental that Greene just happens to have some recordings to air so soon after Rep. Omar aired hers. But Greene’s added commentary only exacerbates the problem that she purports to be addressing. She is instigating further violence against the media, Pelosi, and Republicans that she deems insufficiently loyal to the Cult of Trump. It is a transparent attempt to deflect from the very real abuses suffered by both Democrats and Republicans who have run afoul of Trump and the QAnon flank of the GOP. And Greene knows this because she is among the top offenders.

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12 thoughts on “QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Nasty Phone Calls, Blames Nancy Pelosi and the Press

  1. At times when visiting a zoo, where monkeys in a cage begin to throw feces at the people, it must be remembered that “Margerine Whaler Bean” is truly one of those monkeys. calling her margarine, a cheaper spread, is fundamental. The only thing that gives her publicity, is her petulant, incessant, spewing of hatred. Class? Never!

  2. And let us not forget MTG’s #1 reason for doing all the shit she does ~ garner attention to raise money off of it! Those who are so stupid to send her their money whenever she comes whining & begging for more, are her bread & butter. She’s worthless as
    Congress Rep. to her home State & has alot of free time on her hands, since no longer on any committees, due to her deplorable behavior & venomous mouth, so she’s a grifter – getting all the money she can, any bullshit way she can. She’s basically, Trump in female format!

  3. Who will rid us of these pernicious creatures? May they eat each other’s livers and choke on their own lies.

  4. Ms Traitor Greed is simply establishing her MAGA bone fides, as she aims to be the vice-presidential candidate alongside whichever Repugnican scumbag gets the nomination, once Trump has left the building.

  5. Oh God! You mean this shit won’t end when Trump does?!? I was really hoping things could return to policy differences & lose all the personal attacks & vitriol, once the most vile, nasty asshole on Earth was gone.
    Hope – precursor to my
    ultimate disappointment.

    • Sunny, Trump’s brought out all that’s worst in the Repugnicans, and it will linger long after the orange defiler’s gone, I fear. That said, without him as the focus of their ass-kissing, the rhetoric and the nastiness will, methinks, taper off to something less caustic. And if the MAGA base continues to resist all health measures and continues to sicken and die, then some measure of civility may yet creep back into the GOP … but don’t hold your breath.

  6. QUIT being an ungrateful, lying, disloyal, dangerous a*swipe, greene, and you might NOT get nasty calls. There’s a thought. Try that, you s*itstain.

  7. I think the GOP is not redeemable. They can never be trusted again! If they were to be allowed to simply act as if they did nothing wrong & go forward as before, which I can imagine leaders of this Dem Party letting them do – as not willing to take a hard stand as they are – it would be a grave mistake. There are some choices people make in life from which there’s no redemption. The Rethugs made such a choice, with only a few exceptions. The Party needs to be buried in the adh-heap of history as the traitors to our Country that they shown they are. Their “true colors” seeped out & are ugly! They need to go the way of the Whigs. A shit stain on our history, just like their psycho, deranged leader! There will need to be a new Party of conservatives formed, maybe with the so-called “centrist” Dems & Progressives branch off into their own Party. Personally, I think there needs to be more than 2 Parties, as in other democracies – to break stalemate of yes/no on Party line votes. In no case should the Rethugs who chose to go “all-in” with the lying asshole, over our nation & democracy, be able to hold any position in gov’t ever again, for lifetime! And the price for their bad decisions should include no pensions, or other benefits they might have had. Totally cut out & cut off is appropriate. Lucky they aren’t in any other nation, where those who back coup attempts are executed so don’t try again & as deterrent to anyone else!
    What GOP has done since Trump got elected is repugnant, vile & inexcusable! It cannot be ignored, or will be repeated even worse next time. Such is the way of prideful assholes.
    But hey, I am no one & have no say in the matter. Doubt it would be handled the way I think is proper! Rethugs are still at it & positioned to take over as single Party rulers over all, since can’t pass Voting Rights, or anything in Congress with them in it. “Executive Order” is all that’s left to do anything real & Biden not inclined to use it, for some reason. So we’ll have to see how things play out. Instead of Rethugs gone, maybe they win & all else is gone. Stay tuned.

    • We (ie the reasonable folks) agree that the GOP is racist, white-supremacist, mysoginist and secretly anti-semitic, as well as being morally bankrupt and dedicatedly corrupt. It’s also capable of rigging future elections to seize and hold power, despite the popular vote. Unless the current Democrats take off their blinkers and their gloves, and get serious about saving democracy, the country will end up being governed by the likes of Cruz, Jordan and Desantis. It’s already being controlled by the likes of McConnell, Grassley and Blunt, who prefer destroying the US economy to seeing any Democratic initiative passed. Add in the all-pervasive rightwing media like Fox Propaganda channel, and you have all the ingredients needed for a Fascist regime to gain power.

      • Exactly my fear! Scary, but entirely possible, fascist future in USA! A not too distant future either, since GOP’s fast-tracking it… while Dem leadership out slow-walking in park somewhere ~ might be wandering lost?!
        Pres. Biden needs big push to act, since slow to accept these NOT the same folks, same GOP, that were pals B4 in Senate. Nothing can be done now thru Congress – margin too slim + 2 fat ass turds in the way in Senate.
        There’s no sense of urgency at the top of Dem Party, or clueless what to do, so do nothing at all? They’ll forever be the Party that stood by & watched GOP kill democracy in USA. No time to be meek, timid, passive Party!

        Unprecedented acts by 1 Party require bold, unprecedented response by the other! If they “can’t see the forest for the trees”, they need to get out of the way & let fresh, bold leaders take the lead. Doubt it tho – too much ego!
        Keep thinking, “What would Rethugs do if roles reversed.” -&- “It’s now or never — don’t be such mamby-pamby wimps, when ya’ must be brave & bold!”
        (Sigh…like spitting into the wind.)

        • Absolutely right — there are Dems who are capable of strong action (eg Eric Swalwell) but the leadership (that’s Joe, folks) seems to be clinging to past fantasies of bipartisanship in government. Them days is gone. Forever, with the current GOP. The slow pace of anything resembling investigation into Repugnican wrong-doing means that time will run out with little being done, before the 2022 midterms occur. Exactly what the criminals have in mind. The Washington Post slogan says that democracy dies in darkness; we’re watching it die in broad daylight.

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