Pro-COVID Pervert Jim Jordan and His GOP Judiciary Jackasses Throw Toxic Twitter Tantrum

There are many reasons to dread the horror of Republicans taking over the majority in Congress in 2022. Not only would they advance their wet dream of an authoritarian dictatorship headed by Donald Trump, they would pursue impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, which they have already proposed.

Jim Jordan

What’s more, a newly empowered GOP majority would stomp their boot heels down on the progress made by Democrats on the economy, and the fight against the COVID pandemic. And their most deranged fringe dwellers would assume positions of power.

Leading the crusade of the crazies would be Rep. Jim Jordan who, despite allegations of condoning the sexual abuse of students when he was a wrestling coach, stands to become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in a Republican Congress. That’s a post that would put him in charge of any investigations into the Biden administration, including impeachment.

The ignorant and irresponsible brand of leadership that Jordan would provide was illustrated on Thursday with a pair tweets mocking the proven efficacy of vaccinations and face masks to mitigate the harm of the coronavirus. In one posted by the official account of the JudiciaryGOP (for which he is the ranking member), the message was a terse “If the booster shots work, why don’t they work?”

That tweet was deleted for some reason (though preserved here). Perhaps because it was blatant disinformation that could result in untold fatalities. The facts are not in dispute. As Jeff Sites (Jordan’s Democratic opponent) pointed out in response to Jordan, there were 6.1 deaths per 100,000 among the unvaccinated, 0.5 deaths among the vaccinated, and only 0.1 deaths among the boosted.

The second tweet was posted by Jordan himself. It struck a similar theme asking “If masks and mandates work, why don’t they work?” Jordan retweeted a chart that showed the recent spike in COVID cases reported due to the Omicron variant. What he neglected to mention was that nearly all of the new cases were people who were not vaccinated. And the vast majority of the unvaccinated are Republicans and Fox News viewers. In fact, studies show that Trump supporters and Fox News viewers are the most likely to believe the sort of dangerously bogus disinformation that Jordan is spewing here.

So Jordan is wrong on both counts. Boosters do work, and they keep people from suffering severe illness should they have a breakthrough infection. Masks and mandates also work, and they prevent the virus from spreading among those who employ them. It’s the dimwits who listen to Fox News and Trump and Jim Jordan who are getting sick and dying. And Jordan’s tweets appear to be intended to make matters even worse for those deluded souls.

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5 thoughts on “Pro-COVID Pervert Jim Jordan and His GOP Judiciary Jackasses Throw Toxic Twitter Tantrum

  1. “…the message was a terse, “If the booster shots work, why don’t they work?”
    Ans: Cuz’ first you have to be smart enuff to get them, MAGAts. Gee Jim, don’t you know that? Or just counting on your “fans” to be dumb enuff not to know it?!?

    “…Jordan himself. It struck a similar theme asking “If masks and mandates work, why don’t they work?”
    Ans: Cuz’ too many idiots listening to you & yours, so don’t do them. They don’t realize that your lies & their stupidity are killing THEM & their loved ones! Meanwhile, they’re incubating & spreading that virus to everyone else. Vaccinated can catch new variations, but it doesn’t kill us, like it kills the UNvaccinated. So, keep killing your own voters with lies & filthy politics – but, if they ever figure it out, you’d better run…fast!

  2. These un-American rightwing thugs deserve something more radical than a passive posting on a political blog…..,.like rope burns about the neck after arrest, indictment, trial and conviction but……..!

  3. I see nothing wrong with wingers listening to and believing people like this critter–and then committing suicide by virus b/c their leaders tell them to.
    True believers are dying off, leading to the Dems winning more elections. Not a thing in the world wrong with that, is there?
    When ignorant, hard-wired people are busy helping our side, sometimes it’s a good thing not to interfere.
    They would cuss us out if we worked hard to save their lives. So let’s not.
    This ol’ gal still sleeps well at night as nature takes its course.

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