Trump Whines that the January 6th Committee Won’t Investigate Pelosi and Imaginary Voter Fraud

Donald Trump is on a “sleazebag” jag, calling everyone what he knows that he is. On Wednesday it was CNN president, Jeff Zucker. Today it’s all of the members of the House Select Committee (that he refers to childishly as the “Unselect” Committee) investigating the January 6th insurrection.

Donald Trump Pacifier Fox

In the past Trump has thrown the “sleazebag” label at Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, Rep. Jerry Nadler, FBI Director James Comey, and Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security (and author of the notorious “Anonymous” exposé), Miles Taylor. He uses this all-purpose epithet so frequently because he has the vocabulary of seven year old.

On this occasion Trump was venting his outrage at the bipartisan January 6th Committee because he is writhing in fear of the progress they are making accumulating documents and testimony that could lead to indictments for his many crimes. Trump began his tweeted rant saying that…

“Why isn’t the corrupt Unselect Committee of political hacks and highly partisan sleazebags in Washington investigating the massive voter fraud and irregularities that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election, rather than spending all of its time investigating those who were protesting its result? It was the Crime of the Century! Large-scale proof of fraud and serious irregularities exist all over the place.”

If there were “massive voter fraud and irregularities” in the 2020 Election, and “Large-scale proof of fraud,” why hasn’t Trump or his legal team produced any of the evidence after more than a year and sixty court cases? Maybe because there isn’t any such evidence. To the contrary. there is abundant evidence of his guilt, some which he is providing himself. Trump also asked…

“Why is Crazy Nancy Pelosi and her files, which reportedly have been largely destroyed and deleted, not under investigation for not properly securing the Capitol with Soldiers or the National Guard that were strongly recommended to her by me and others?”

Trump’s assertion that Pelosi “refused” his recommendation to call out the National Guard has been debunked repeatedly for more than a year. Not only is Trump’s claim false, he actually ignored the violence at the Capitol for 187 minutes while Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Vice-President Mike Pence, and even several Fox News hosts desperately pleaded for Trump to call off his marauding mob. Three hours later he finally released a video asking them ever so gently to go home and telling them that they were special and he loved them.

Of course, Trump concluded by insisting that he wasn’t “responsible for anything,” as he always does. For the guy who sat behind the Oval Office desk where the “buck” is famously said to stop, Trump rejects any responsibility for the harm he’s done to the nation as result of his negligence, incompetence, and deliberate malfeasance. But the American people know who is to blame.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Whines that the January 6th Committee Won’t Investigate Pelosi and Imaginary Voter Fraud

  1. Harry Truman had a sign that read “The Buck Stops HERE!”

    Donald Trump also had a sign. His read “The Buck Stops WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OVER THERE!”

    • Thought it was, “The big bucks stop here.”

  2. I was reading today how those close to Trump believe he is in the middle stages of alzheimer’s. Now he thinks Nancy carried out suitcases of votes for Trump from a polling place and replaced them with votes for Biden? As Trump sinks lower into thoughts of grandiosity, maybe more will see his mental decline.

    • I think his family is setting-up the excuse for why he “cannot be held responsible” for anything he says/said & does/did & why he will never have a criminal trial, or be locked-up for anything he has done!!

      And that, folks… Is the REAL “Crime of the Century”!!!

      • I don’t think any mental disorder whether it be organic (advanced age, hereditary (his father had alzheimer’s), other types of hereditary causes, or just plain degeneration into psychosis. (He cannot bear the strain of losing.) Various prosecutors have a total of six criminal charges against Trump. Charges against his crimes that occurred when he wasn’t quite the blabbering idiot he is today.

  3. (re: Pelosi) “…her files, which reportedly have been largely destroyed and deleted…”
    “NO , TRUMP!” {Huge eye roll…} You asshole with lips… THAT WAS YOU!” And the rest, plus other things you THINK belong to you, were carried & rolled out the back door on carts one afternoon, by parade of your staff members!
    They (of course) had nothing to say to the camera guy who happened upon the scene. So many boxes of stuff!
    I saw bust of someone sticking out of 1 box & another with similar item, little too big for their boxes. So many heavy boxes leaving out back door that day!
    Did no one tell Trump that everything in WH belongs to US, the American People & he’s NOT allowed to take whatever he wants, with him when he leaves Our House?!!? Always the grifter, conman & thief, eh! I was surprised when it didn’t make the news that night! ~ must be that “liberal news” we hear so much about. Maybe camera guy & I only ones to see that “back door parade of many boxes”?!
    I’ve wondered if they left the [real] gold toilet, fixtures, etc., that they insisted be installed when they moved into WH? (A sign of what was to come.) Taxpayers paid for them, but I bet they took ’em anyway.
    The White House & everything in it belongs to the American People; all papers, recordings & documents belong to us also! It is “The People’s House”. And yes, that matters.
    Knowing the narcissist mind & Trump being 1 of the worst, I said at the time that his staff would be destroying &/or removing records, paperwork, etc., that Biden would need as next POTUS. He’d have to “start from zero”. Trump & his people refused to do usual transition work to prepare new Prez – a hallmark of our democratic changes in leadership. That continuity is essential! Trump & his people acted like the worst spoiled brats, who didn’t get what they wanted! They didn’t care that Biden needed to know where things stood, as he tookover the presidency. They didn’t care about our National Security. With everything going on in Jan. 2021, cooperation with new Admin. even more important! Guess they were too busy trying to prevent Biden from taking Office at all, to care about this Country!?!
    So, WHY has Biden been covering for Trump & his people?! How much/little info was left for him to do his job? It has everything to do with how Country’s running. We cannot have ex-prez sabotaging our Country as part of tantrum over losing! All those who helped him destroy, remove the needed files & said nothing, are guilty as Trump is! Biden’s job is NOT covering up for Trump! We have right to know, before people vote for Rethugs again.
    Is that why Afghanistan withdrawal went so poorly? He had no info, documents, etc?
    **What condition was the WH, Oval Office, the USA, left in when Trump Admin left?!?
    How bad? How did that affect things in this 1st year?
    With all the criticism Biden’s gotten from the right & the media, to still not tell us what the situation was/is…is wrong, stupid & to them, a sign of weakness!
    Come clean with us Biden!

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