WATCH: Fox News’ Anti-American Hopes Get Crushed By Massive Job Growth in January Under Biden

From its inception, the mission of Fox News has been to advance the ultra-rightist agenda of the Republican Party and to malign Democrats and progressive politics at every opportunity. They have pursued that mission by deliberately distorting facts and promulgating lies. And more recently they amended it to include slobbering support for Donald Trump and Trumpism.

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The dishonesty with which Fox News attacks their ideological foes has always reflected their utter absence of journalistic ethics and personal morality. And it wouldn’t be overstated to characterize their rancid partisanship as unpatriotic.

To that end, Fox News demonstrated their seething animosity toward America Friday morning in their “reporting” on the January jobs numbers from the Department of Labor. Media Matters helpfully compiled some of the commentaries that appeared on Fox prior to the report’s release. For instance…

Brian Kilmeade: In the next hour the January jobs report will be released, and it could be the worst in years.
Peter Doocy: The White House has been bracing for a bad number.
Steve Doocy: It could be a loss of 300,000 jobs. How is the White House gonna put a happy face on that?

The glee in their delivery is palpable. They are virtually rooting for America to fail. They obviously couldn’t care less about the welfare of working people and families. The prime directive for Fox News is to disparage all things Democratic in general, and President Biden in particular. If that means cheering what they anticipate will be bad news for the nation, so be it. They have their priorities. However, for the record

“Job growth rose far more than expected in January despite surging omicron cases that seemingly sent millions of workers to the sidelines, the Labor Department reported Friday. Nonfarm payrolls surged by 467,000 for the month.” […]

“Along with the big upside surprise for January, massive revisions sent previous months considerably higher. December, which initially was reported as a gain of 199,000, went up to 510,000. November surged to 647,000 from the previously reported 249,000.” […]

“The labor force participation rate rose to 62.2%, a 0.3 percentage point gain. That took the rate, which is closely watched by Fed officials, to its highest level since March 2020 and within 1.2 percentage points of where it was pre-pandemic.”

This report brings the number of jobs created during Biden’s first year in office to more than 6.6 million. It is the highest annual rate of job creation in history. Nevertheless, Fox News went further when Harris Faulkner reported the numbers, but twisted them to turn it into something negative and flagrantly false. Biden, she said, was “taking a victory lap on the jobs created in the month of January because we’ve spent months going in the wrong direction.” That must be more of those “alternative facts” (aka lies). In reality, job creation under Biden has been hitting historic highs for months.

This is what Fox News does. Rather than appreciate the good news for the American people, and congratulate them on their successes, Fox needs to rain on their parade and try to convince them that the country is going to hell, regardless of the truth. It’s part and parcel of their strategy to drive down Biden’s polling. So expect them to continue to lie about the economy, about the COVID pandemic and vaccines, about Trump’s illegal attempts to overturn the election, and so much more. They’ve been lying for 25 years, and they aren’t going to stop now.

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: Fox News’ Anti-American Hopes Get Crushed By Massive Job Growth in January Under Biden

  1. They were wondering how Biden would spin the bad numbers positively. The numbers were blew expectations out of the water and so they try to spin it negatively. F××k Fox! They are the enemy of the people! I’m surprised they haven’t come down on the side of the terrorist al-Baghdi after Biden blew him away as some poor innocent person who just wanted to help people.

  2. IF FauxNotNews was a legitimate news network, they’d be THE WORST in our nation’s history & would have to constantly air corrections of their own reporting — it could fill an entire news segment most days!
    But, luckily for them, they aren’t really thought of as a “news channel” by people who can actually think about such things as… oh, I don’t know… FACTS!?! That’s something that their viewers don’t worry their little heads about tho. Fox is an Anti-American Propaganda Network, nothing more. They know it. We know it. And their viewers should know it, but don’t. That’s cuz’ viewers have long been told by Fox that they’re the “only real” news & the only one you should watch.
    Remember O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone”? Totally spun news! Closer to truth than anything on there today, but then, that’s a mighty low bar to belly crawl over. Unfortunately, viewers of FauxNotNews do not view any other news & God Knows, they sure don’t read any! So the chances they will ever hear any true, factual news that might cause them to question… Well, chances are ‘Slim & None’, with the smart money on None.

    Fox is the leading network contributor to the profound ignorance of millions of Americans. Worse than that, is that they are the biggest primetime promoter of lies — big lies! Continuous, never-ending lies! Harmful lies that have already destroyed the fabric of American society.
    As for having any journalistic standards at FauxSpews, I have 1 word for ya’… Doocy! Any LEGIT news organization would be mortified to have Peter Doocy asking those incredibly bad, vapid, stupid questions for them at the press briefings! I don’t know how he can do it with a serious tone & look on his face, as if he’s on a fact-finding mission for a real news network. God Bless Jen Psaki, who’s kind & patient with him, while answering his lame queries with truthful answers & more respect than 1 would expect he’d get in room of real jounalists.

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