Fox News Spews Anti-Vax Lies, Falsely Implying a Comedian Collapsed on Stage Due to COVID Vaccine

For the past two years Fox News has been at the forefront of the pro-COVID movement in America. They have supported Donald Trump’s deadly negligence and deliberate downplaying of the health crisis. They have opposed public policies advocating masks and vaccines that would mitigate the harm. And as a result, they have turned the coronavirus into the Fox News Pandemic.

Fox News, Vaccine

That crusade of morbidity has not diminished as the death toll has mounted. Fox News continues to deceive their viewers with purposeful misrepresentations intended to spread the virus of disinformation. And to that end, they posted a story on Monday that was framed in a fashion that was both flagrantly dishonest and typical for the professional liars at Fox News:

The story involves a medical emergency that took place during an appearance by comedian Heather MacDonald. Note that the lede that Fox attached to this story – “NO LAUGHING MATTER: Comedian collapses on stage, fractures skull after declaring she’s triple vaxxed” – explicitly connects MacDonald’s collapse on stage with her vaccination status. However, nowhere in the actual story is her vaccination status even mentioned. There is a single line noting that she told a joke about vaccines. But it didn’t imply any relationship to her having fainted. In fact, the only reference to a cause for her condition said that “The star’s reps told Phoenix’s NBC outlet that she ‘may have lost consciousness because of dehydration.'”

What’s more, Fox cited TMZ as the source for the story. TMZ did provide a little more information about MacDonald’s show. They said that her vaccine joke included the line “I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most.” So even with that context there is no correlation between her having been vaccinated and her passing out.

This was a blatant attempt by Fox News to frighten their already fearful audience with falsehoods about the vaccine. Fox wants them to believe that the vaccines are dangerous. Never mind that Fox News has imposed a vaccine mandate requiring all of its employees be vaxxed or submit to daily testing.

Lying by Fox News is, of course, not news. They recently aired a segment with a senator who falsely claimed that the Pfizer vaccine wasn’t approved by the FDA. In another more political segment they displayed a list of what they said were the “Top Ten Unhealthiest Cities” in America, all run by Democrats. Except the the list, according to their own source, were actually the ten healthiest cities. And all of the bottom ten were in Republican states. And as the Omicron variant began to spread, Fox News mocked it as fake.

So after two years, Fox News is as obsessed with lying about COVID as ever. They simply don’t care how many people get sick or die. Even though by all accounts it is mostly their own viewers. That is about as definitive of a death cult as it gets. And although it has only been a couple of years, the Fox News/Trump cult is already responsible for more deaths than any other cult in modern times.

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