FAST AND FURIOUS! Fox News is Already Lying to Their Cult Viewers that the Omicron Variant is Fake

This didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported, Fox News has begun their disinformation campaign to make sure that their already dimwitted viewers remain ignorant and at risk.

Fox News, Covid

On Saturday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, the “Curvy Couch” potatoes engaged in a discussion about the COVID pandemic and the new variant spreading rapidly in South Africa and elsewhere:

Rachel Campos-Duffy: The answer is more lockdowns, more lockdowns. More fear. And therefore, he doesn’t have to do his job of fixing the supply chain because we’ll just keep this whole thing going.
Will Cain: Always a new variant.
Pete Hegseth: Count on a variant about every October, every two years.
Cain: You’re probably right. However, they could speed up the variants. They could come more quickly.
Hegseth: [mimicking phone call] We’re gonna need a new variant here.

So according to these sick and sociopathic Super-spreaders, the Omicron variant is fake. Never mind that it is an international threat affirmed by science. To Fox it’s just a plot by President Biden and Democrats to control Americans. They apparently think it would be a good move politically to shut down businesses and schools; to throw people out of work after achieving the lowest number of unemployment filings in more than fifty years; and to cripple the economy that has been booming ever since Biden was inaugurated. With success like that these Fox News numbskulls think that Biden is now conspiring to put an end to all of it.

And yet, while the Omicron variant is fake to these Fox News pea-brains, over on the alleged “news” side of Fox, where fear mongering is job one, they found a way to treat it as a real threat: Blame it on immigrants. So now a “caravan” of Omicron-infected refugees are headed for the border. The bigotry emanating from Fox is just too predictable.

There is a multilevel idiocy to these remarks. First of all, Fox News has been at the forefront of COVID disinformation from the very start. Consequently, they are responsible for more people being unvaccinated. Studies show that Fox News viewers are significantly trailing viewers of other media in getting vaccinated. Additionally, most recent COVID deaths have been concentrated in red states and counties where Fox News is most viewed.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there is also the psychotic view among the cult of Fox News viewers – who are also Trump cult members – that the vaccines don’t even work. But by remaining unvaccinated they are actually increasing the chances for new and more dangerous variants to form.

And if even that weren’t bad enough, the very same people who believe the virus and the vaccines are all hoaxes by Democrats for reasons they can’t explain, also believe that Donald Trump deserves credit for the vaccines. Former Trump White House staffer, Stephen Miller was on Fox News Saturday saying that…

“If President Trump was still in office, by the way, we’d already have modified vaccines to deal with the new variants. Which is a great point. President Trump brought us vaccines in record time, which he made voluntary, not mandatory. And he’d have updates too.”

Really? Miller seems to think that Trump would have come up with a modified version of the vaccine before the new variant was even discovered. But he would still not advocate for people to get vaccinated because … FREEDUMB!

For the record, Biden has not made vaccines mandatory. He just highly recommends them and requires that people who choose not to get vaccinated be tested weekly. That’s a less strict policy than the one that Fox News imposes on their employees (including the Fox and Friends gang), where testing for the unvaccinated is required daily.

Fox News is continuing to breed the sort of ignorance that is getting people killed and preventing a return to some sense of normalcy. They are spreading lies intended to make life more difficult because they believe that it will harm Biden and help Trump. And their callousness with regard to all of the people who will suffer and die due to their political self interests is reprehensible. But that has always been the mission of Fox News, and it isn’t going to change. The rest of us will just have work harder to make sure they don’t succeed.

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14 thoughts on “FAST AND FURIOUS! Fox News is Already Lying to Their Cult Viewers that the Omicron Variant is Fake

  1. Surprising no one. Half of Fux Spews’ viewers will be dead by the end of the year, and that’s not even hyperbole.

    Which, of course, will be President Biden’s fault….

  2. Had an interesting conversation with a delivery driver yesterday, re a exchange he witnessed between an adult family member and adult family member’s teenage son. Adult family member: I’m no getting the vaccine, it’s all government control! Teenage son: Mum, if there’s lockdowns, people aren’t spending money because they’re not working. How does that benefit the Government? And if thousands of people get sick and die, who is the Government going to control? Adult family member: Er….
    And now we have idiots out there already saying omicron is an anagram of ‘moronic’ – it may well be, but it’s also a letter in the Greek alphabet. It’s unreal – that Faux News bollocks above would never have gone to air in Australia because it is fake. It is lies. It’s misinformation.

    • Nice to know you still haves rules & standards for news over there. Wish we did!

      • Oooh, yeah! we surely do. I’m continually amazed at what’s permitted to go to air in the US. and what certain congresspeople are allowed to get away with. i.e. QBoeb’s latest anti-Muslim ‘joke’ (idiocy) having a go at Ilhan Omar. For that sort of behaviour she would have been bounced on her arse straight out the door of Parliament House. That’s if she ever got elected here in the first place. A mate in Texas, while having a high IQ. even he is getting confused by what’s going to air. He’s been watching Australian news for months now, reckons he learns more about what’s going on in the US than he does by watching US news.

  3. On the same note,

    The WHO did skip two letters of the Greek alphabet when naming omicron, a new variant of the coronavirus. The agency said it did so to stop people confusing “nu” with “new” and to avoid “causing offense” because Xi is a common last name.

    And whom do you think will be the first to scream that the WHO is hiding President Xi’s culpability for spreading COVID because, you know, the WHO avoided using the word.

    Tyrant Worshipers is stoooopyd.

    • Sooooper stoooopyd!
      Must be all that freedumb, livin’ in “Trump’s kingdumb”!

      (How to get there? By watching FauxSpews, of course!)
      Most unvaccinated people watch Fox, NotNews –> About 95% of those dying from Covid are unvaccinated–>
      So, my query is this:
      Is FauxSpews a serial killer? Or, would that be considered a mass murderer?

      • “Trump would have come up with a modified version of the vaccine before the new variant was even discovered.”

        Ummm…I think, need to know the variant before can accurately modify a vaccine for it.
        But that wouldn’t stop Trump, the grifter X-P, from saying he’d done it anyway, making bucks off of it & watching more people die!
        (Deny a Malignant Narcissist something & they will destroy it ~ so that fits.)

  4. More dead dumbfuckers! This truly is a death cult!

  5. So there are people who still believe CNN, mbsbc, who have been spreading lies on just about anything?

    • How would one know if one’s head is infested with Fox induced toxic lice?

  6. Wow. Really sharp retort there, mate. You must be the brightest little spark in your class. PS: this is called sarcasm… and you’re even more typical than most Trumpeters. When you’ve got absolutely nothing at all even remotely in the realms of logic, fact or reason, you hurl insults. Did you sit up all night thinking that one up?

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