WTF? Trump Brags that 67% of Americans Say He’s Responsible for the Violent January 6th Insurrection

The malignant narcissism of Donald Trump was observed years ago and documented by psychiatric professionals such as those who contributed to the book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” And as the pressures of the civil and criminal investigations of his aberrant behavior have mounted, his condition has noticeably worsened.

Donald Trump Revolt

In a statement released on Wednesday by his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Trump presented another exhibition of the severity of his psychoses. And in the depths of his egomaniacal obsession with drawing attention to himself it is clear that it doesn’t matter if that attention is driven by positive or negative news.

Consequently, Trump’s statement consisted of him boasting about a Pew Research survey showing that a significant majority of the American people blame him for the violence that took place during the January 6th insurrection as his rioting mob stormed the Capitol. The tweeted message noted that “Fewer Americans now say Trump bears a lot of responsibility for the Jan. 6 riot.” To which Trump appended that it was…

“Very much appreciated—but there would have been no January 6 had Nancy Pelosi, as strongly recommended by me, sent in Soldiers or the National Guard days before the event took place. She is in charge of Capitol Security—not the President. The Unselect Committee would have been able to work on another Hoax, Scam, or Witch Hunt had Nancy done her job. The Capitol would have been secure!”

Apparently Trump was comforted by the direction of the poll, despite the fact that it still found that a year after the acts of domestic terrorism in Washington, D.C., 67% of the respondents – including 41% of Republicans – said that he “bears some or a lot of responsibility for the violence and destruction committed by some of his supporters when they broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.” That really isn’t something to brag about. Particularly when the trend was mostly driven by Republicans softening their judgment of the event many months later. Or maybe what he’s bragging about isn’t getting the blame for the violence, but “credit” for it.

The fact that in the passing of time some Republicans moderated their view of Trump’s criminal culpability is a reflection of how the Party has devolved into a Trump worshiping cult. That transformation was affirmed by prominent members of both the Democratic and Republican parties, including Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and more.

Nevertheless, Trump continues to insist that he is blameless. And despite his rapidly progressing political impotence, he acts as though he has some overarching authority that permits him to order a halt to the investigations. And like every other criticism of him, he tediously dismisses it as either a “Hoax, Scam, or Witch Hunt.”

Trump’s assertion that Pelosi could have prevented the riots if she had taken his advice has been debunked repeatedly. And contrary to his claims, it is the president who is the commander-in-chief of the District of Columbia National Guard, not the Speaker of the House.

What’s more, Trump expects people to believe that he recommended to Pelosi that she call on the National Guard to protect Congress from his own supporters. Really? If he knew that his supporters presented a security risk, maybe he shouldn’t have told them to march to the Capitol, and then waited nearly three hours – while ignoring pleas from Pelosi, Pence, Sen. Chuck Schumer, GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy, and even several Fox News hosts – before making a public statement wherein he told them that he loved them and politely asked them to go home.

Now, after Trump, Fox News, and other rightist propaganda dispensers spent a year propounding a false narrative absolving Trump of any liability, a majority of the American people still regard him as guilty of planning and inciting the insurrection. And in his diseased mental state he considers that something to celebrate. Seriously? That’s a cognitively contorted conclusion that only a confirmed malignant narcissist could muster.

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12 thoughts on “WTF? Trump Brags that 67% of Americans Say He’s Responsible for the Violent January 6th Insurrection

  1. Trump is the epitome of America’s decline in true patriotism and the declining democracy witnessed today in America; bringing down the whole horde of the GOP….

  2. I’m waiting for Herr Trumpler to borrow Marjie Greene’s phrase and criticise Pelosi for not calling in her “Gazpacho Police” to quell the riot. Sieg Heil GOP.

  3. The thing about The Lord God Moronikus is that he remains so desperate for attention that he will say anything, especially if it incriminates him since a) he has no self control, and b) none of his worshipers give a flying f*ck.

  4. I think that someday, history books (written elsewhere) will have much to say about this time in America’s History:
    ~ “The Great Unraveling”
    ~ “When U.S. Democracy Experiment Blew-up The Lab”
    ~ “We Cried When Democracy Died… While Laughing At The Orange-Face Clown”
    ~ “Death of American Democracy ~ Murder By GOP, As DEMS Watch Silently ”
    ~ “The Great American Suicide”
    ~ “Unprecedented: Red, White & Coup”

    • Sunny, I have to take issue with your assertion that “DEMS watch silently.” That’s just plain inaccurate, given how much info is coming out of the J6 Committee and how many Democrats are appearing on the REAL networks to explain what’s going on. What the “DEMS” are doing is being overpowered by the fake networks and being blocked in Congress by intractable Republicans trying to hide the truth.

      • I agree with your basic premise, overpowered by news lackeys & thwarted by minority party in Congress…who just happens to be the very ones doing all the dirty, lying to cover it up, & supporting fraudulent lies of election fraud (all the attempts appear to be their party & pol).
        I am proud of J6 committee’s pursuit of truth despite being fought on their attempts – which is indicative of the systemic probs of having Rethugs still in Congress after coup attempt, amongst orher things. But that 1 is huge & not really.debatable. The 2 Repubs on panel may be the only 2 who should be allowed to remain in Office! They need to go temporarily Ind. while we remove all signs of GOP from Congress/gov’t (clean sweep!) & all even slightly tainted members are barred from holding ANY gov’t position ever again, no matter what party. Since K8nzinger announced he’s retiring, that only leaves Liz Cheney as lone (R) left. Why want to stay with GOP name when it’s been permanently stained by their behavior & support of coup against us…amongst other things?!

        It’s 1 of those “other things” that my comment was in reference to & I should’ve made that clear. Where I hear silence & should hear roaring, is in regard to the Rethugs passing laws oat State level in many States & placing their vetted ppl in positions to make sure that, no matter what, they have a way in place to deny will of voters & have States create suspicion & choose GOP electors — essentially, changing our Constitutional Right to Vote & have it count! Once this is done to take back Congress in ’22, democracy is but an empty word. GOP has no intention of ever giving up power again & has said as much. They’ve got the ‘before’ rigged (gerrymandering), the ‘during’ (many things making it much harder for voters to be able vote in Dem majority areas), & the ‘after’, with ppl in place + ways States can sub-in Rethugs no matter what vote counts say. GOP gets away with this shit & democracy is over. That would make 2020 the last free & fair U.S. election! (Irony, or what?!)

        While obstructing everything Biden/Dems try to do for the real people who need it, GOP has been busy making sure that they will never lose an election again! They may not ever win, but will never lose!
        J6 has hands full, but where are the rest of Dems & Pres Biden, who should be crying foul, loudly & daily — working on Executive Order, or something else, to STOP GOP ELECTIONS THEFT!?? The GOP takeover!!
        Thanks to these same thugs +2 turncoats, no way to remedy this thru Congress, in normal way. That’s the prob with 2-Party system, when 1 of them tries to take power they cannot win & Senate is evenly divided, (or has filibuster.)!! If we want any chance at fair elections ever again, this slimy GOP takeover MUST BE STOPPED! There should be nonstop Dem voices on media, making the case to public of what GOP’S doing & how it must be stopped if want our votes to count ever again.

        • Yup, agreed whole-heartedly — the Repugs are enacting a slow-motion coup in broad daylight, before our unbelieving eyeballs and it does seem that there’s no resistance going on. Biden should be doing his own version of FDR’s fireside chats with the nation, at least once a week, and the real networks should run it live and then repeat it at key hours. And his subject should be exactly what you’re talking about: corruption of the American democracy by one of its two political parties. He needs to use words like “traitors” and “fascists”. He needs to run video clips and show documents onscreen backing up his words. We all know there’s no shortage of evidence. Show Gymbag Jordan lying on Fox, show McConnell’s sleazy antics re the supreme court, remind everyone of just how awful are Ted Cruz, Mo Brooks, Lindsey Lickspittle etc. Bring Kamala on to share the outrage and AOC to supply some refreshing intelligence. And name the criminals, define their crimes, put their faces onscreen so their families will see them being called out. Confront the liars and grifters at Fox and Newsmax, run footage of them being treasonous. Bring on Eric Swalwell and Liz Cheney, invite daddy Dick to speak out, get W to come out of hiding to try to save his GOP. America’s running out of time and it needs some heros to step up. Now.

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