Trump Baselessly Accuses Hillary Clinton of a Capital Crime and Wishes He Could Put Her to Death

Among the most wretched of Donald Trump’s loathsome personality flaws is his rancid vengefulness and compulsion with punishing anyone he deems insufficiently loyal. He has lashed out viciously at his perceived enemies, including steadfast conservative Republicans like former VP Mike Pence and Sen. Mitch McConnell, and flagrantly biased right-wing media such as Fox News and Newsmax.

Hillary Clinton

Escalating the hysterics for which Trump is famous, on Saturday he released a statement that included his explicit yearning to see Hillary Clinton executed for alleged crimes that he utterly failed to identify or even peripherally grasp. The statement was tweeted, as usual, by his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill, Liz Harrington. It concerned a recent filing by special counsel John Durham that Trump completely misunderstood”

“The latest pleading from Special Counsel Robert Durham provides indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by operatives paid by the Hillary Clinton Campaign in an effort to develop a completely fabricated connection to Russia.”

Virtually all of the reporting on this filing by John Durham (not “Robert” as Trump mistakenly said) is coming from hardcore right-wing Internet trolls such as Breitbart, Infowars, RedState, and, of course, Harrington, who has tweeted about it eight nine ten twenty times since yesterday.

Trump’s assertion that the filing provides “indisputable evidence” that he was spied on is wholly fictional. Durham doesn’t even make that assertion in the filing. The gist of the document relates to allegations that an attorney who at one time represented the Clinton campaign didn’t properly disclose that relationship. The references to spying were merely the collection of Internet IP addresses and Domain Service Names (DNS) that are publicly available.

[Note: Emptywheel goes into much greater detail about this matter that she describes as Durham “raising a potential conflict as a way to air his conspiracy theories so he can jack up the frothy right.”]

More to the point, what Trump calls his “fabricated connection to Russia” is actually well documented. There is abundant evidence of the Trump campaign’s numerous unsavory connections to Russia. Much of it is catalogued in the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn. And in April of 2019, Time reported that “investigators have found that Trump and at least 17 of his campaign officials and advisors had more than 100 contacts between Trump associates and Russians.”

That’s hardly something one could characterize as coincidental. But ignoring reality, Trump continued his rant saying that…

“This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate and those who were involved in and knew about this spying operation should be subject to criminal prosecution. In a stronger period of time in our country, this crime would have been punishable by death. In addition, reparations should be paid to those in our country who have been damaged by this.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that Trump has no idea what the “scope and magnitude” of Watergate was. And if he did, he would probably have supported it. Nevertheless, he is baselessly accusing Clinton and other Democrats of imaginary capital offenses. Because that’s just how vindictive and bloodthirsty he is.

The timing of Durham’s specious filing, and the feigned outrage of Trump and his media shills, is curious coming so soon after the disclosures that Trump violated the Presidential Records Act by shredding and even flushing potentially incriminating documents, and scurrying off to Mar-a-Lago with fifteen boxes of materials that legally should have been turned over to the National Archives.

However, it is thoroughly consistent with Trump’s lifelong pattern of misbehavior to try to supplant actual news with his own overblown concoctions. And the more desperate he is, the more despicable and delusional he becomes.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Baselessly Accuses Hillary Clinton of a Capital Crime and Wishes He Could Put Her to Death

  1. “the more desperate he is, the more despicable and delusional he becomes” sums it up. It’s just unbelievable how many people bought into Trump’s snake oil salesmen bit, and still do. He’ll destroy this country if he has to because the only thing that matters to him is himself.

    • Yep. If he can’t have what he wants, he will totally destroy it! It will no longer exist — NO reminder of what he could not have, of his failure to get what he wanted. “Destroy it! If it isn’t mine then it will not exist!!”

      The epitome of the Malignant Narcissist, with a strong sadistic streak ~ some would say he’s psychopath when it gets soooo bad!! There are people locked-up in prisons for Criminally Insane, cuz’ they acted upon their threats. Trump hasn’t. Yet.
      That’s really the only difference I see. (Well, that & Trump was born filthy rich; bought his way out of a lot of trouble.)

  2. How much longer will we allow the Lord God Moronikus and his fellow worshipers to spew sedition AND TERRORISM without punishment?! If Hillary had said ANYTHING close to what Moronikus is saying now, every TyrantLicker would demand her DEATH!

    Oh, right. GQP Hypocrisy is eternal.

  3. Actually the call for the (apparently extra-judicial) execution of Hillary Clinton is an undisguised tip of the hat to the fascism that Trump admired so much in Adolf Hitler. One would think, no matter how much Republicans wanted power, they would balk at that red line but several leading Republicans have happily crossed it.

    • We’re still learning just how many Rethug politicians & such were NOT shocked at events of Jan 6th, since many of them were in on, or knew of the events leading up to that awful day. Navarro says they had 100 Rethugs in House who were on board to not officially certify Biden, instead to object & have it sent back to States. That’s a coup, folks! They were already betraying our Country, their voters, their Oaths, democracy & all of the American People!
      No wonder they couldn’t bear to Impeachment his ass — he’d name them too! Guilty! The Party itself is guilty! If have any doubts, just look at what they’ve been doing since Jan 6th!
      There are only 2 who didn’t jump on board the Insurrection Train to Fascistville & Tyrannytown!

  4. Who will rid us of these termites in the woodwork of our nation?
    And how to do it so we get rid of the most at one blow is the issue to work on for now. Like termites, rats, and other vermin, they need to be flushed out and dealt with. I have spent a lifetime not hating. All that time wasted now that my country is infested with these Rethuglican operatives. I try not to give in the Rethuglican tactics, but time is running out for those who come after me. This is like living in a bad novel full of evil people, who all persuade themselves, no doubt, that they are the pure patriots. This has to be a bad dream.

    • I too, have spent a lifetime not hating. Could agree to disagree. Maybe hated things, but not people . That’s just getting harder to do eceryday it seems now. And I hate feeling that way! I resent the mean, lying assholes that seem to be everywhere these days. Arrogant schmucks. Selfish little piggies, too self-absorbed to give a dam* about anything but what THEY want – no, thry demand. Stupid people eho choose to believe lies & it affects more lives than just their own – not that they care. The sheer rudeness one sees & hears about on daily basis.
      Abd then there’s just plain old evil running around, soulless black eyes in sockets, doing evil things & no remorse at all.
      It’s a world gone mad!! Or, maybe it’s just this Country? Maybe I just spend too much time trying to know & understand the news events of the day. There’s too much to know, to keep track of, new crap every day & contradictions ~ call it what it is… it’s lies being used to excuse their bad behavior & to confuse the masses.

      I don’t wanna’ hate! Am tired of all the negative & so beyond fed up with BS lies & lack of shame or consequences for those lies! We know what happens when people get away with such things…it only gets worse.! And so it has. But, there used to be a point where enuff people slammed their fist down & stopped the continuous flow of muck. Now, seems too much crap & too many are overwhelmed, drowning in it! News is no longer factual. People don’t ask for/demand proof B4 they believe stuff. No one offers proof of what they say — on social media & rt-wing media outlets, just say anything they want & it takes off…
      Money & politics seem to be the central hub of the growing crap heap that controls our lives. Everything is political now & it should not be in everything. Politics always includes lies & money nowadays, so really shouldn’t be in control of all that it is. Should be small piece of news, of bigger picture, not the thing driving the bus. Off a cliff. Bus after bus keeps going off that cliff.
      I’m pulling the cord – I want off the bus! Glad I am old & won’t be here for years to come, when the end results of things going on now become painfully apparent to gen-pop. Maybe truth, kindness & tolerance will make a comeback!?!

  5. This talk of “not hating” is symptomatic. The Dems weakness has always been the reluctance to go for the throat, to USE power once they have it, to HATE is powerful, it is motivating, and the lying seditious traitors among the republicans DESERVE to be hated.
    To quote Henry Tarnowski….. “Hatred, it’s the only thing that truly lasts”.

  6. You’re right. The lying seditious haters of this Country & people in it…those who want freedoms curtailed & everyone to do as THEY SAY to do…those who are bought &:paid for by big buck$$$ & useless to rest of us… Those haters who demand & will cheat to take, the power they somehow think they deserve! Divided this nation’s people, creating serious strife & hate amongst Americans, where there’s no polite political discourse ev3n possible anymore….& all based on a big lie & a Party full of liars.

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