Tucker Carlson of Fox News Says Biden Chose Ketanji Brown Jackson to ‘Destroy’ the Supreme Court

Cementing his role as Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson has delivered a nauseatingly bigoted monologue about President Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson. This comes just a few weeks after his frantic rant against the very notion of nominating a Black woman. While most of the nation’s credible legal analysts have acknowledged Judge Jackson’s credentials and experience, Carlson chose to malign and insult both her and the President.

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On Friday’s episode of Carlson’s white-wing program, he engaged in an extended harangue against Biden’s campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the high court. In Carlson’s Euro-centric world, it is unthinkable to want to correct more than two hundred years of discrimination. So he lashed out at Biden for trying to “undermine” America’s institutions:

“Let’s say you really didn’t care about the country you lead. Let’s say you wanted to humiliate and degrade it and undermine its ancient institutions. What would you do? Well, you might take the single most important appointed position in the entire government and announce in public that you are filling that position on the basis of appearance. Not on the basis of skill or wisdom or fealty to the founding documents of the United States, but on the basis of the way the person looks.”

So in Carlson’s perverse view, Jackson is a nominee that would humiliate and degrade the Court. And, make no mistake, he’s basing that strictly on the way she looks. For the record, Biden did not nominate Jackson solely on the basis of appearance. He selected her because she is eminently qualified and deserving. And his choice was no more inappropriate than Ronald Reagan’s, when he promised to nominate the first woman.

Carlson doesn’t think it’s possible to find such a woman within the Black community. He thinks that doing so “would send a very clear message that you don’t like the country you run.” That’s rich coming from someone who has demonstrated his own hatred for America and love for Vladimir Putin and other American enemies. But he wasn’t finished with his hateful histrionics:

Now maybe she’s great, that’s not the point. The point is she was picked because of how she looks, so what does that tell you, not about the nominee, but about Joe Biden? It tells you that he is absolutely happy to defile a system built by other people over hundreds of years, that is the best system in the history of the world, and he is happy to destroy it. Doesn’t care at all.

So according to Carlson, Jackson would “defile” and even “destroy” the Supreme Court. But “maybe she’s great”? He went on to say that Jackson “isn’t much of a jurist. She’s not simply ignorant of the law, she is a political activist.” He complained that she could rule on a case upholding affirmative action at Harvard, asking “Do you want to live in that country? Most people don’t.”

Actually, most people do. Carlson cited part of a Fox News poll that found that 57% of voters said it’s “inappropriate” for the President to consider “only” African American women for the Court. What he left out from the same poll is that 63% supported Biden choosing a Black woman. Fox News reported on their poll saying that…

“Majorities are favorable across the board, with Democrats (91%), Black voters (81%), Hispanic voters (71%), voters under age 30 (70%) and women (65%) the most receptive.”

Notice that Fox News left out of their own reporting on their own poll that only 39% of Republicans supported the nomination of a Black woman. Gee, I wonder why Fox left out the part that illustrated how racist Republicans are? Also, on the broader question of affirmative action, a Gallup poll found that 62% of Americans support it, and noted that it was “the highest level of support recorded for such policies over the past 20 years.”

Carlson’s rancid racism was evident throughout this segment. He described his opposition to choosing a Black nominee saying that it was “because that’s Rwanda.” Really? And he had the audacity to say that “I’m not even attacking this woman personally,” moments after he said that she would defile the court and that she “isn’t much of a jurist,” and calling her “ignorant of the law.”

Carlson also complained that Judge Jackson was praised by progressives, because it inferred that she would be biased on the Court. But he never seemed to be bothered that all of the candidates that Donald Trump considered were taken from lists provided by the ultra-rightist Heritage Foundation and/or the Federalist Society. So Carlson is just as much a hypocrite as he is a racist. But then who didn’t know that already?

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8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson of Fox News Says Biden Chose Ketanji Brown Jackson to ‘Destroy’ the Supreme Court

  1. You’re confused again, FuKKKer. That was Rapey Brett. He did a lot to desecrate and discredit the Court just by being there. Judge Jackson will help restore its standing.

    Especially if she develops a rapport with Sotomayor like Rapey Clarence did with Alito. That would give FuKKKer an aneurysm.

  2. *ucker & his “white-wing” show. Love that!
    And it’s far more accurate, since there is nothing right about the right-wing. But, everything is white about it, so “white-wing” it is! Just telling it like it is…

  3. As Fox’s own lawyers asserted, no reasonable person would take anything Carlson says seriously….

    • The problem, no reasonable people watch his show.

      • Unfortunately the fascist noise machine erroneously known as Fox News uncovered and has tapped a very large market of political and historical illiterates found on the ugly side of being white and usually doped up a perverted interpretation of JC’s teachings just as it was in the Baptist environment where I grew up in Dallas, Texas…….but left the day after I discovered I could think.
        These peoples’ only claim to anything American should be the geographic coincidence of their births.

        • “Woo-hoo!” I like you. And yes, their version of JC’s teaching are distorted & twisted. It would be sad no matter what, but angers me that they claim to be the righteous ones speaking for all Christians & they are not, do not.
          Congrats on leaving, breaking free & honoring your God-given ability to think!

  4. This argument confuses me. That history he’s talking about excluded people specifically because of how they looked and what sex they were. Isn’t choosing a person based on how they look upholding that great tradition.

    I know, it runs afoul of the “reverse discrimination, based on their qualifications schtick,” but again looking at the last 3 nominees qualifications, you know that wasn’t a major concern. What mattered was the ideology, so picking an actually qualified person might gotten in the way.

    So, shorter Tucker, “She’s black.”

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