Bill Barr’s Utterly Ridiculous, Anti-American Reason for Why He Would Still Vote for Trump

Donald Trump’s Former Attorney Genuflect, Bill Barr, is currently making the media rounds to peddle his new book about his disservice to America as the chief Trump-fluffer of the Justice Department. So far it’s been a vain spectacle aimed at rehabilitating his hopelessly stained reputation as a partisan hack.

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Donald Trump, Bill Barr

Barr’s efforts to further muddy the historical record include some rather preposterous assertions such as claiming that “The media chose to weave a narrative that I was a toady to the president.” That wasn’t so much weaving a narrative as it was factual reporting.

However, Barr also had some more accurate comments about his former boss. For instance, he described Trump as having “obnoxious personal characteristics.” And he told a story about how administration insiders joked that all you had to do to distract Trump when he was wigging out “was mention Russiagate” and Trump would “take it and run for quite a while. … He’d rant and he wouldn’t remember what he was angry about.”

When the subject of the January 6th insurrection came up, Barr waffled saying that he believes Trump is morally responsible, but isn’t legally culpable. Nevertheless, despite conceding that Trump was lying about the 2020 election, and that his actions at least contributed to the deadly riots on Capitol Hill, Barr remains loyal to Trump and supportive of his future political aspirations:

Barr: Because I believe the greatest threat to the country is the progressive agenda being pushed by Democratic Party, it’s inconceivable to me I wouldn’t vote for the Republican nominee.
Guthrie: Even if he lied about the election and threatened democracy as you write in your book, it’s better than a Democrat?
Barr: It’s hard to project what the facts are gonna turn out to be three years hence. But as of now, it’s hard for me to conceive that I wouldn’t vote for the Republican nominee.

So Barr thinks that Democrats are are “the greatest threat to the country”? Greater than violent mobs attacking the United States Congress? Greater than undermining democracy itself? Greater than Russia interfering in elections? Greater than Republicans suppressing the votes of Americans? Greater than a president who subjugates himself to foreign dictators? And for that matter, greater than an economic collapse, a deadly pandemic, or environmental destruction?

Does Barr really think that the Democratic agenda of fair taxation, more jobs and higher wagers, greater access to healthcare, expanding education, and preserving the environment, are the greatest threats to America? Well, yes, he does!

In response to Barr’s PR parade, Trump posted a rambling, incoherent, three page harangue on Twitter. And when he wasn’t flagrantly lying about nonexistent election fraud (or as Barr called it, “bullshit”), he was castigating Barr as “lazy and cowardly, he just never quite understood what was going on.” Trump also claimed that “I realized early on that he never had what it takes.” But he left him in place anyway? It’s interesting how so many of Trump’s appointees turned out to be, in Trump’s opinion, incompetent idiots from the very start.

That post was just one of eleven desperation tweets about Barr posted by Trump’s Twitter ban defying spokes-shill on Sunday. The sheer quantity reveals that this is something that is consuming Trump’s pitifully constrained cognitive capacity. But it’s not the first time that Trump has gone off on Barr. If there is one thing that Trump is consistent about, it’s lashing out petulantly at any of his former lackeys who failed to remain unflinchingly worshipful. In Trump’s cult it is simply verboten to express anything less than total adoration, now and forever.

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3 thoughts on “Bill Barr’s Utterly Ridiculous, Anti-American Reason for Why He Would Still Vote for Trump

  1. My son said, “America was meant to be an experiment in freedom and Democracy. Anyone ever hear “checks and balances”? So what have we come to? A GOP which is so partisan they want to run the whole show. If that isn’t enough, Trump has gone off on “his former lackeys who failed to remain unflinchingly worshipful”. Barr, among many others, are examples.

    • Your son is correct. USA has promoted democracy all over rhe world. The ones who’ve adopted it have, for the most part, seen our mistakes & improved upon it. 1 big example would be having more than just 2 Parties, thereby avoiding “gridlock” & the yes/no power play known as ‘voting on party lines’. Sadly, the USA seems unwilling to admit that there are improvements to be made that would assist in actually getting the work done that needs to be done. (Such arrogance!)
      Indeed, secret large donors giving insane amounts of money to politicians in power have corrupted our politics & of course, those getting all that $$$ don’t want to give it up!
      We now have 1 of 2 Parties working hard to lie their butts off, raise obscene amts. of $$$ off the lies, & restrict freedom to vote & be counted (the other Party’s voters most of all). In fact, if they have yheir way, it will be the States who decide elections & NOT voters (that’s just for show)! Their goal being to never “lose” again. If you can’t win fair & square…

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