Dumb@ss Trump Tweets Articles He Thinks Exonerate Him, But That Actually Affirm His Guilt

Proving the point that it is impossible to underestimate the intelligence of Donald Trump, the former reality TV game show host, and twice-impeached occupier of the White House, had his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill post a couple of tweets that illustrate how painfully stupid he is.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

While the rest of the world is focused on the human tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by Trump’s BFF Vladimir Putin – a murderous war criminal with whom Trump is still hopelessly infatuated – Trump is, as usual, fixated on himself and his own personal legal problems. He has hardly said a word about Ukraine, probably because he has no friggin’ idea what to do about it. So instead, he persists in ranting repeatedly about the nonexistent voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and the civil and criminal investigations into his countless crimes.

On Sunday morning Trump released statements with links to articles that he apparently thinks absolve him of liability for the financial corruption of his failing real estate enterprise. But he totally misunderstood what he read, or more likely, had read to him. Both articles dealt with the recent resignation of two prosecutors from the office of the New York County District Attorney. And both contain extensive affirmation of Trump’s guilt. To be sure, the resignations were a disappointment to people who want to see Trump held to account for his wrongdoing. But Trump’s take on the matter is pitifully mistaken.

In the first tweet Trump linked to a Daily Mail article about the DA’s reluctance to file an indictment. But what Trump ignored in the article is that the prosecutors who resigned did so to “disassociate” from the decision because “it was on the wrong side of history.” Furthermore, the article notes that, despite the resignations, “The investigation is ongoing.” So it is hardly a vindication.

In the second tweet Trump gloms on to a question in the New York Times article asking “Which laws had Mr. Trump broken?” He answers it himself saying “The crime of … making his lenders ‘more’ money.” Then he calls the probe “Sick!” However, his crime has nothing to do with whether the banks he defrauded made any profit. It has to do with the fact that he committed fraud in order to secure the loans. The prosecutor described it as “a righteous case that ought to be brought.” Trump’s tweet quoted from the article…

“For months, the prosecutors had envisioned charging Mr. Trump — and possibly Mr. Weisselberg and the Trump Organization — with the crime of ‘scheming to defraud’ for falsely inflating his assets on the statements of financial condition that had been used to obtain bank loans.

“But by the end of the year, the prosecutors had switched gears, in part because Mr. Trump’s lenders had not lost money on the loans but had in fact profited from them. The new strategy was to charge Mr. Trump with conspiracy and falsifying business records — specifically his financial statements — a simpler case that essentially amounted to painting Mr. Trump as a liar rather than a thief.”

Apparently Trump thinks that being charged with lying rather than stealing is some kind of exoneration. But he’s even got that wrong. Let’s look at what the article is saying. The DA’s charge changed from “‘scheming to defraud’ for falsely inflating his assets,” to “conspiracy and falsifying business records.” That’s a distinction without a difference. Or very little difference. And both are serious felonies for both lying and stealing.

So Trump is celebrating these articles that unambiguously affirm that he’s guilty of fraud and/or conspiracy to commit fraud. This is further evidence of his staggering stupidity. Yet he is so shamelessly boasting about this imaginary absolution that he’s forgotten that he is still under investigation by this DA in Manhattan, as well as the New York Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney in D.C., and the District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia. That’s a pretty sorry statement about both his legal and mental condition.

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5 thoughts on “Dumb@ss Trump Tweets Articles He Thinks Exonerate Him, But That Actually Affirm His Guilt

  1. My eyes are still crossed at the news that Strumpf thinks it’s a good idea to paint ‘China flags’ on F-22’s and bomb the sh*t out of Russia…so has he had a falling out with his bestie Putin, or just trying to damage control all those remarks about Putin’s smarts?

  2. Putin may be smart, but in a psycho kind of way — deranged, conniving & vindictive perhaps?! If Putin & Trump are ‘smart’… It’s in “lie, cheat & steal” way ~ nothing to be proud of, far as I’m concerned! Smart as any other criminal, I guess. Just not behind bars, where they should be & that has more to do with their money, power & white skin, than any intelligence.

  3. I have always marveled at how dumb Trump really is. Of course, he wants everyone to think he’s “a stable genius”. Bragged that his SAT’s showed honors. They didn’t. Graduated with a BS in economics. What happened with agriculture? I believe it was his father’s teaching. And Trump’s ability to use con artistry really well.

  4. That reminds me of when Theodore Roosevelt was called before the Congress to defend his active support of rebellion against Columbia to create Panama (which proved more amenable to his demands for a canal at his price). When Roosevelt asked if he has defended himself properly, Senator Henry Cabot Lodge supposedly smiled and remarked, “Indeed, Mr. President. You proved you were accused of seduction when you were actually guilty of rape.”

    Lord God Moronikus admits that he was accused of blackmail when he was actually guilty of treason. But, of course, technically, Moronikus is guilty of both — and his worshipers don’t care.

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