Judge Cites Tucker Carlson as Validation of ‘Actual Malice’ in Defamation Suit Against Fox News

Ever since Donald Trump decisively lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, he and his confederacy of lunkheads have been asserting the “Big Lie” that millions of votes were switched, manufactured, deleted, or otherwise tampered with in order to deny Trump the victory that only resides in his diseased brain. He had over a year and more than sixty court cases to produce the proof of the conspiracy he alleged, but failed entirely to do so.

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Trump’s partners in this charade included much of the right-wing mediaverse, most prominently Fox News. And as a result, Fox News was named in a pair of multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuits, one by Dominion Voting Systems, and one by Smartmatic. that they accused of “stealing” the election from Trump.

This week a judge hearing the Smartmatic case declined to grant a motion by Fox News to dismiss it. It was a serious blow to Fox that leaves the propaganda outlet in deep legal jeopardy. But part of the judge’s reasoning for allowing the case to proceed must be profoundly embarrassing to Fox. According to the Washington Post

“The ruling repeatedly says Fox hosts, [Rudy] Giuliani and [Sydney] Powell made claims ‘without any evidence’ and ‘without any basis.’ It also says that claims made by Giuliani, Fox host Maria Bartiromo and now-former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs could meet the legal standard of claims being ‘so inherently improbable that only a reckless person would have put [them] in circulation.‘ […]

“In the course of laying out the legal requirements for Smartmatic to prove its case, the judge noted that the company must prove Fox met the standard of acting with ‘actual malice’ — i.e. not merely promoting false claims, but doing so with malice. And on that count, the judge says the best evidence that it did is Carlson.

That’s right! Tucker Carlson is Smartmatics’s best witness to certify that Fox News behaved with “actual malice” to defame the company. The judge’s ruling elaborated, saying that…

“Ironically, the statements of Tucker Carlson, perhaps the most popular Fox News host, militate most strongly in favor of a possible finding that there is a substantial basis that Fox News acted with actual malice.”

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The judge also wrote that because “Powell never provided the evidence requested by Carlson, and President Trump’s campaign advised Carlson that it knew of no such evidence [that] Fox News knew, or should have known” that the allegations were false.

What the judge was referring to was a commentary that Carlson delivered last November on his program wherein he described an interaction he had with former Trump lawyer Sydney Powell. He outlined her preposterous and utterly baseless allegations of voting machine tampering that, the disclosure of which, she said would be “biblical.” And despite her lack of any evidence, Carlson pointedly declared that he didn’t dismiss any of it. Because why would a shameless sham monger like Carlson care about evidence?

Nevertheless, he did ask her to present whatever evidence she had. She not only refused to do so, she got angry at him and told him to stop contacting her. But his having asked is what serves as the basis for the lawsuit meeting the “actual malice” standard. So Carlson isn’t validating the claim of defamation because he was caught lying, as one might expect. His validation is in the fact that he actually demonstrated that the election lies told on Fox News were deliberate and malicious.

In other words, Carlson is being cited in court as the truthteller on Fox who exposed his colleagues as defamers. How karmically perfect, albeit bizarre, is that?

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5 thoughts on “Judge Cites Tucker Carlson as Validation of ‘Actual Malice’ in Defamation Suit Against Fox News

  1. Karma is a b!tch, and Fox, it is to be hoped, will learn that irony is not the opposite of wrinkly.

  2. *ucker Carlson has been rightfully called many things, but “truthteller”? That’s a 1st!

    What’s next in this bizarro world…Trump telling truth?? Nah. Kidding. Not likely in this lifetime! IF he told truth, Trump’s forked tongue would drop out of his tiny, ugly mouth & lie there squirming on the floor like a freshly dug up earthworm. (My apologies to earthworms – love them guys!)

  3. GOOD description of Trump!! I couldn’t do better….well, at least until he rears his ugly head again, which would be too soon for me.

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