Apocalypse Wow: Trump Lawyer Threatens Election Fraud Case ‘Will Be Biblical’

There has been an alarming escalation in Donald Trump’s war on democracy. Three weeks after election day, Trump is still trying to overturn the votes of a decisive majority of the American people. It’s the desperate act of a power hungry authoritarian seeking to evade the indictments that will surely follow him into civilian life, and to continue fleecing his cult followers and taxpayers.

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Flaming Trump

Ironically, in 2016 Trump complained that any challenge of election results was a direct threat to our democracy.” But like so much of what he says, that is subject to contradiction whenever it serves his purposes. Consequently, Trump is pulling out all the stops to manufacture bizarre conspiracy theories to support his flagrantly dishonest assault the American election processes. He’s attacking both Democrats and Republicans and even his own Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. Which, to the delight of honest journalists, is working pretty well.

What is most definitely not working is Trump’s legal battle to undo the reality of President-elect Joe Biden. In fact, Trump currently has a win/loss score of 1 in 25 (at least). But never fret, according to Rudy Giuliani, losing is all part of his master plan.

Now Sidney Powell, an attorney on Trump’s election fraud team, is channeling even more lunacy into Trump’s legal circus. She was interviewed by the wingnut Newsmax network on Saturday where she alleged all manner of criminality on the part of election officials that she accused of being in cahoots with the Biden campaign. Powell even claimed that the Justice Department, headed by Trumpian super-sycophant Bill Barr, is part of the anti-Trump cabal. As usual, she didn’t offer a sliver of evidence (which got her into some hot water with Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Powell is among those who allege that a voting machine company (Dominion) planted malicious software in their devices in order to switch hundreds of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. This theory also stipulates provably false nonsense about the company’s software being developed in Venezuela with the help of the late Hugo Chavez, and votes being tabulated in Germany and Spain. Next we can expect her to claim that the vote counters are captive children working in the basement of a pizza parlor.

However, in this interview, Powell never provided any proof of anything she alleged. She just kept pounding out ever more preposterous poppycock. But she couldn’t explain how millions of votes could be diverted in a nationwide conspiracy that she claimed would require thousands of people to implement. Nor could she explain how it could all be pulled off without detection. But that failure didn’t stop her from turning the crazy up to eleven:

“Georgia is probably going to be the first state I’m going to blow up. Mr. Kemp [Georgia’s GOP governor] and the [GOP] Secretary of State need to go with it cause they’re in on the Dominion scam with their last minute purchase or reward of contract with Dominion worth a hundred million dollars. The State Bureau of Investigations for Georgia ought to be looking into financial benefits received by Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State’s family about that time.

“And another benefit Dominion was created to reward is what I’d call ‘election insurance.’ That’s why Hugo Chavez had it created in the first place. I also wonder where he got the technology. Where it actually came from. Because I think it’s hammer and scorecard from the CIA.”

Then Newsmax asked Powell to clarify that she was asserting that Kemp, a longtime ally of Trump, was directly involved in the conspiracy. Powell reiterated that she “has been told there is evidence of that.” And at that point she said that she could not give any more information about that. But when Newsmax asked if she could provide any new information about the filing of her case in Georgia, Powell said that…

“I can’t say that yet. But hopefully this week we will get it ready to file. And it will be biblical.”


For the record, the phrase “It will be biblical,” is generally used to indicate a divine catastrophe on the scale of Armageddon, the battle prophesied to usher in the “End Times.” It has come to be used as a generic reference to any “end of the world” scenario. Which makes it a curious choice of words for the President’s lawyer. Even more troubling, the phrase has also been adopted by the QAnon conspiracy crackpots who believe there is a broad-based Washington confederation of cannibal child molesters. So you have to wonder about Powell’s sympathies.

What this tells us is that Trump’s case for election fraud is grounded in the same fantastical mythology of Revelations. While many Christians believe it literally, there is no material proof. And you can’t go into a court of law and ask the judge to accept your arguments on faith. But that’s where Trump and his band of theocratic lawyers have taken us. So don’t be surprised when they call on the wrath of GAWD to rain down on America if they don’t get their way.

UPDATE: Hmmm. What brought this on (she was previously identified as a member of the legal team)? The whole screwball gang is joke.

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8 thoughts on “Apocalypse Wow: Trump Lawyer Threatens Election Fraud Case ‘Will Be Biblical’

  1. I’m curious: is there no oversight on the behaviour of lawyers from a governing body, eg the American Bar association or suchlike? Are lawyers allowed to lie in public about cases they’re handling, even though they can’t do so in court? Do other lawyers worry that the crazy ones might be demeaning their profession? And isn’t there some sort of prohibition against frivolous lawsuits which waste the courts’ time?

  2. To Missy Powell on her lying rant…
    Some like it hot, some like it cold,
    Still not bought and still not sold.

  3. Oh, my word, this is the best joke yet!!!! ????? Wonder if she’s worked out that TrumpyBum is loyal to NO-ONE!? What’s the betting Rudy’s gone by the end of the week? ?????

    • Rudy to Sidney: “Oh goody, here comes a bus …”

  4. It’s going to be biblical in the sense that the Bible is full of shit just like her!

  5. Further to my earlier inquiry about oversight on lawyers, note that Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) has filed letters with the bar associations of 5 states, “seeking the disbarment of Rudolph Giuliani & 22 other lawyers representing Donald Trump in his attempts to overturn the election and demolish democracy.” YES !!! Finally a politician willing to stand up & actually do something against this slow-rolling coup being orchestrated by the corrupt, cowardly GOP.
    Pascrell has previously said that federal investigations into the Trump admin’s “innumerable crimes against the USA”
    must follow Biden’s inauguration. This man’s a hero

  6. Biblical? That’s rich. That piece of s*it lawyer, and dump, have NO clue about the bible. NONE at all.

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