Kamala Harris Callously Mocked By Fox News for Caring About Children’s Access to Remote Learning

The American right is notorious for its insensitivity to the real problems that ordinary people deal with every day. Republicans repeatedly ignore – and even ridicule – any effort by Democrats to provide assistance to those who are struggling to get by under difficult circumstances. However, that same grit and determination is never demanded of the wealthy and privileged.

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Fox News, Kamala Harris

Republicans believe that everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, even they have no boots. And to illustrate that heartlessness right-wingers in the GOP and Fox News went on a petty rage-a-thon over something that Vice-President Kamala Harris said that, of course, they deliberately misrepresented.

Harris spoke at an event in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, to promote the Biden administration’s investment in high-speed internet for rural communities. But rather than address the critical need for access to such services for school and commerce (full video below), the GOP and Fox News chose to malign Harris with childish and wholly unwarranted criticism:

Apparently the only thing that the Republican National Committee found noteworthy in Harris’ remarks was that she highlighted a segment of them for emphasis. There was nothing particularly unusual about that, despite their craven attempts to falsely characterize her as inarticulate. For the record, here is what Harris said in context:

“The governor and I were doing a tour of the library here and talking about the the significance of the passage of time, right? The significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what we need to do to lay these wires, what we need to do to create these jobs.

“And there is such great significance to the passage of time when we think about a day in the life of our children, and what that means to the future of our nation depending on whether or not they have the resources they need to achieve their God-given talent.”

Naturally, the attack on Harris was regurgitated throughout the wingnut media. Fox News featured it several times with insulting commentaries by Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Newt Gingrich, and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, where Steve Doocy thought it would be funny to turn into a drinking game. That’s how the Fox “News” crew discusses the difficulties of children in rural communities who don’t have enough bandwidth to engage in remote learning.

In addition to the racist and misogynistic undertones of this assault, Harris’ critics remain blissfully ignorant of the oratorical catastrophes of their Dear Leader, Donald Trump. He has the vocabulary of five year old, at best. He is ill-informed, profane, and relentlessly self-exalting. For example, here he is during his 2016 campaign repeating five times that he “knows” better than anybody how to fix the system that admits he was a part of for decades:

I know it better than anybody that probably ever lived. And I will tell you this, I know the system far better than anybody else and I know the system is broken. And I’m the one, because I know it so well because I was on both sides of it, I was on the other side all my life and I’ve always made large contributions. And frankly, I know the system better than anybody else and I’m the only one up here that’s going to be able to fix that system because that system is wrong.”

Well, he had four years to fix it. How did that go? Here’s another example that deals with children and schooling during a pandemic wherein he repeats himself incessantly while making no sense whatsoever:

“My view is schools should reopen. This thing is going away. It will go away like things go away. And my view is that schools should be open. If you look at children, children are almost – and I would almost say definitely – but almost immune from this disease.”

I would almost say definitely that he is almost cognitively dysfunctional. Well, minus the “almost.” And it is Fox News and the GOP, the party of Trump, Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Louis Gohmert, etc., who now have the audacity to claim that Harris is stupid? I can almost keep myself from laughing out loud.

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3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Callously Mocked By Fox News for Caring About Children’s Access to Remote Learning

  1. Mark, after reading your example of a paragraph by Trump, I can see and definitely agree. He is “ill-informed, profane, and relentlessly self-exalting”. AND, he has “the vocabulary of a 5 yr. old, at best.” I can do you one better. My 2 year, 2 month old grand-daughter can talk a blue- streak. She makes a lot of sense, does not repeat, and is so pleasant. She says no bad words because she doesn’t hear them. She is very advanced. Not stupid. Like Trump. Trump might benefit from a 1st grade reader. Tom said run. Tom and Jack ran. Jack said, “See the tree.”

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