‘Because He’s Stupid’: Trump’s Lame Attempt to Bash Biden Backfires Bigly

The desperation of Donald Trump is being revealed with every new attempt on his part to redirect media attention to himself. His banishment from social media – including the failure of his own venture – combined with the dismal distribution of Trumpian TV like One America News (OAN) and Newsmax, have forced him back onto fox News, the network he has been slamming mercilessly as “lost” and “unwatchable”.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

On Monday the former reality TV game show host, and twice impeached loser, visited with Trump-fluffer Stuart Varney on his Fox Business Channel program. During a discussion about the Biden administration’s efforts to renegotiate a deal with Iran to prohibit them from developing nuclear weapons, Trump and Varney engaged in the following exchange:

Trump: It is the worst deal and also you’re going to see nukes all over the Middle East. Everyone else is going to get them too. It will be the end.
Varney: So why is Biden doing it?
Trump: Because he’s stupid. OK? Because he’s stupid. And because they’re stupid. And they shouldn’t be in power anyway. But they’re destroying our country and they may ultimately be responsible for destroying the world.

Somehow Trump thinks that an agreement to refrain from nuclear weapons production will result in “nukes all over.” It’s a painfully irrational position that he obviously pulled out of his asinine library of idiotic opinions. Like almost everything else Trump says, he has absolutely no foundation on which to support this view.

Next Varney asks him a straightforward question about why Biden would consider such a policy. A knowledgeable person would have responded with some reasons that Biden regarded a new agreement as advantageous, and then offered an opinion as to why he thought Biden was wrong. But that’s not Trump’s style. Plus, it would require him to be knowledgeable, which is always way too much to ask of Trump.

True to his petulant personality, Trump just said that Biden is pursuing an agreement “Because he’s stupid.” The irony here is, of course, that it’s Trump who is displaying extraordinary stupidity in his own response. And he embellishes it with the outlandish hyperbole that Biden “may ultimately be responsible for destroying the world.” Because Trump just naturally tends to drift toward ludicrous apocalyptic catastrophes rather than merely saying that he disagrees.

In the same interview, trump was also asked by Varney about his prospects for reelection in 2024:

Varney: If we go into 2022, the election, and 2024, and you’re still looking back to the election of 2020, and saying that you really won, I don’t know if that’s very good for you or the Republican Party. You want to comment on that?
Trump: I actually think it is good for me. And I think if we don’t put out all of the crooked things we knew what they are, that you won’t win in ’22 and you won’t win in ’24. If we don’t get to it. So I think it’s the opposite, actually.
Varney: You think 2022 and 2024 are all about the 2020 election. Really?
Trump: No no no. I think for us to win the election we have to know how they cheated, because otherwise they’ll cheat again.

Notice that when Varney asked about whether Trump’s obsession with having lost in 2020 might hurt him and the Republican Party in 2024, Trump responded only that he thought “it is good for me.” Never mind the Party that he purports to lead. To him, everything is always about Trump, and only Trump. And he is still devoutly committed to the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged,” despite having zero evidence of it after more than a year of deranged yammering and trials.

If this is how Trump comes across on a network that is overtly friendly to him, just think how he might be perceived were he to be interviewed by a real news network. Not to worry. He wouldn’t ever consider doing that. In addition to being stupid, he’s also a notorious coward.

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4 thoughts on “‘Because He’s Stupid’: Trump’s Lame Attempt to Bash Biden Backfires Bigly

  1. Well, we already know how the Dems “cheated” in 2020 — they convinced 6 million+ more voters to cast their ballots for Biden than for trump. Sadly, trump’s party of putin/anti-science/conspiracy is trying desperately to disenfranchise as many voters as possible in advance of the midterms and the subsequent 2024 election. And, it is fervently to be hoped, the Dems will thwart this anti-American move.

  2. OK, pedantically ludicrous Trump, so Biden is “stupid”. Going to cause Armageddon. After he destroys America? How about turning that projection inward? To the time you were becoming so unhinged that General Milley had to call General Li of China to assure him we would not nuke China.

  3. And, as ever, if this had been ANYONE else, Fux Spews would be calling for the straitjackets.

    But, this is Their Beloved God, so they’ll just sigh and masturbate…..

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