Trump’s Irrelevance is Increasing, as are His Pitifully Delusional Attempts to Pretend it’s Not

Donald Trump has resumed his scheduling of the MAGA cult rallies that bring together America’s Most Gullible. He’s already held four of them this year. But the attendance and enthusiasm that he once enjoyed has visibly declined as his repetitive shtick gets tedious and unbearable, even for his glassy-eyed disciples.

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There are reports that the crowds at Trump’s ego-fluffing affairs are shrinking, with many of his fickle flock leaving while he’s still on stage raving about his alleged genius or ranting about being a poor, wretched victim. He posted four tweets (via his Twitter ban defying spokes-shill) whining that the “Fake News” was misreporting the “massive crowd” at his latest rally in Georgia. For example…

We had a massive crowd last night in Georgia, but as usual, the Fake News Media absolutely refuses to show it. People are estimating 25,000 to 35,000 people.”


Massive crowd last night in Georgia even despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm was unbelievable. David Perdue, running against horrendous Governor Brian Kemp, who let the Election be Rigged and Stolen, is seeing a very big surge.”

However, Newsweek collected reports from correspondents on the ground who told a very different story:

“[T]here’s probably no more than 5,000 people here [and that] People keep leaving during Trump’s speech. It’s cold and windy and there’s not much enthusiasm.”

In addition to that delusional misrepresentation of reality, Trump’s assertions about Republican gubernatorial candidate David Perdue, who Trump endorsed in fit of vengeance after the incumbent governor, Brian Kemp, refused to go along with Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged,” are wildly off kilter. Trump tweeted that…

“David Perdue, who is a wonderful man, and incredible family, and really got screwed by Kemp, is the only candidate in this race who can beat Stacey ‘the hoax’ Abrams this November. And you know the reason for that is because Trump voters — MAGA — Trump voters will not go out and vote for Kemp. They’re not going to vote. And let’s say it’s gonna be a close election. I happen to think that Georgia is a very red state. I think it’s red as hell”

Trump is effectively encouraging a voter boycott by Trumpian Republicans if his anointed candidate loses in the GOP primary. “Okay, fine,” say Georgia’s Democrats. Trump has already exposed himself to legal liabilities for trying to intimidate Georgia’s elected officials into “finding” (i.e. fabricating) enough votes for him to overturn the election in the state. And that’s only one of the civil and criminal cases that are pending against him.

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Unfortunately for Trump, Perdue, who lost his Senate seat last year to Democrat Jon Ossoff, isn’t turning out to be the savior that Trump was hoping for. In the latest poll of the race between Perdue and Kemp, Perdue is trailing by double digits.

So Trump’s influence in electoral endorsements is decidedly weakening. And his appeal to the cult members who populate his rallies is declining. That leaves only his social media presence that has been curtailed by his having been banned from most of the major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). And the effort to launch his own Twitter clone is such a failure that even he doesn’t use it. And yet he is still trying desperately to present an image of success amidst his impotent flops. It’s almost too pathetic to watch. Almost.

UPDATE: An April 9 rally in North Carolina also failed to draw much attendance. Even Trump’s cult followers are bored with his repetitive shtick.

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8 thoughts on “Trump’s Irrelevance is Increasing, as are His Pitifully Delusional Attempts to Pretend it’s Not

  1. I continue to be amazed by the inability of the MAGAts to get bored. Every Trumpler rally’s the same, the same lies, the same bullshit, the same whining, over and over and over. I guess his (shrinking) audience has been so lobotomized by rightwing TV that they’ll stare, drooling, at anything that doesn’t challenge their brains at all. No big words, no complete sentences, no actual ideas; just the same droning soundtrack, on and on and on. ZZZZZZZ.

  2. I’ve often wondered what is the appeal of Donald Trump? Charisma? A bloated, obese man with an orange face? His unending repetitive hyperbole which mostly develops into outright lies? His very limited use of the language? I so hope his crowds are thinning out. So there are less people believing his stupidity. Yet these crowds (rallys) are why he bounds state to state trying to feed his starved ego.

  3. Judy, the big thrill for his depleted crowd at his most recent rally in Georgia was Trumpler uttering the word “fucking” as an adjective. That got the goofballs in the peanut gallery behind him onstage gasping with shocked delight and then grinning at each other as if to say “God ain’t he wonderful, he talks just like us, so he must be just like us!” Ever awake to crowd pleasers, count on Trumpler to increase the obscenity content of his monologues from now on.

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