Fox News Putin Puppet Tucker Carlson’s False Flag Fiction Gets Ripped By CNN’s Jim Acosta

Tucker Carlson of Fox News must be so proud. He has achieved his life long dream. He has become the most watched American television commentator – on Russian television. Carlson achieved that milestone by his continuous and effusive praise for Vladimir Putin. And Russian TV has returned the favor.

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On Sunday, Jim Acosta of CNN took note of Carlson’s pro-Putin propaganda. While responsible journalists worldwide were documenting the war crimes being committed by Russian troops on Putin’s orders, Carlson was attempting to whitewash the matter and absolve Putin of any guilt by advancing the utterly baseless assertion that Ukraine was staging some of the scenes of horror. Carlson didn’t present a single shred of evidence of his grotesque accusation. But he was, nevertheless, “dead certain” of it, as he told his gullible viewers.

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Acosta delivered a seething commentary that exposed Carlson’s treasonous betrayal of American interests and, more importantly, the welfare of the Ukrainian people who are being slaughtered by Putin’s genocidal militia. Acosta said that…

Acosta: With reports about Russian atrocities mounting, the truth about Putin’s invasion is beyond dispute. Much of the world has agreed that Putin’s army has committed war crimes by blatantly attacking civilians in Ukraine. Unless you happen to get your news in Russian. Then there’s Tucker Carlson, who has accused news outlets of lying about what’s really happening in Ukraine.

Carlson: If news organizations are eagerly promoting lies about a war in progress, what can the rest of us believe? What can we know is true? And honestly, it’s hard to know what is true. We can be sure Russian soldiers have committed atrocities. There are countless pictures of that. Some must be real. But we can also be dead certain the war is not, despite what they tell us, a childish tale of good versus evil. This is Eastern Europe, after all. Everything is a lot more complicated than it looks on America TV.

Acosta went on to note that Carlson’s caustic lecturing was “A reminder that this is the same commentator who said in 2019 that he was rooting for Russia over Ukraine.” And then getting to the core of Carlson’s repulsiveness, Acosta said that…

“Last week Tucker Carlson tried to imply that some of what you are seeing has been fabricated and amplified by news organizations. That sounds a lot like what we heard from Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who said that bodies of Ukrainian civilians lining the streets of Bucha were, quote, a forgery aimed at denigrating the Russian army.”

This isn’t the first time that Carlson has spread flagrant lies about imaginary “false flag” operations. Last year he produced an entire crocumentary about the January 6th insurrection that he claimed was a false flag affair staged by the FBI. It was also not the first time that Acosta has hammered Carlson for being what he colorfully christened a Human Manure Spreader.” Then, on Sunday, Acosta closed by saying that…

“News organizations are not repeating lies, as Tucker Carlson put it. Innocent people, children, are being targeted in Ukraine. There is nothing childish about that. And journalists are putting their lives on the line to tell the truth. Something you’d think that Tucker would know, considering some of the journalists injured or killed bravely reporting the truth worked for Fox.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Fox News is complicit in this junkyard journalism. It is what they specialize in. And it is why President Biden was so right when he said that Fox News is “one of the most destructive forces in the U.S.”

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Putin Puppet Tucker Carlson’s False Flag Fiction Gets Ripped By CNN’s Jim Acosta

  1. So Tucker Carlson is trying to promote the propaganda put forth by his Russian friends and tv patrons that all the bodies we see on the ground are forgeries by the Ukranians with the sole purpose of implicating Russia. Do the Ukranians kill each other? Do they break into rubble department stores for mannequins? What about the videos of brave photo-journalists? The innumerable testimonies of witnesses? Russians torture, rape, and murder. Tucker gives them a pass.

  2. Tucker’s brain (I won’t flatter it by calling it a mind) is a mystery to all, and I suspect to himself. It allows him to lie, through his pearly whites, and deceive, live and in colour, every day of his life, apparently without the least hint of unease or embarrassment. It allows him to head to work knowing he will lie to and deceive his audience, just as he did the previous day and will again the next day. It allows him, then, to be a total and complete asshole on TV, for all the world to see and hear. I suspect it allows him to believe that he’s thereby achieved his goal in life. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

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