BIDEN: Americans Have a Choice Between Two Very Different Sets of Values: Ultra-MAGA or Sanity

For the past few months President Biden’s approval ratings have been mired in the low 40s. It is a situation that has frustrated him and his fellow Democrats as the midterm elections approach. If his polling doesn’t improve it could portend severe losses and the nightmare prospect of Republicans assuming control of both houses of Congress.

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On Tuesday Biden addressed the issue that is paramount on the minds of most voters: the economy. He held a press conference where he spoke about the burdens faced by the American people due to inflation and other economic pressures (video below). His speech clearly laid out the differences between his agenda and that of the Republican Party. And one segment of the speech encapsulated the message that could turn around the prospects of Democrats if it were effectively communicated. Biden said that…

“Americans have a choice right now between two paths, reflecting two very different sets of values.

“My plan attacks inflation and grows the economy by lowering costs for working families, giving workers well-deserved raises, reducing the deficit by historic levels, and making big corporations and the very wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

“The other path is the ultra-MAGA plan put forward by congressional Republicans to raise taxes on working families; lower the incomes of American workers; threaten the sacred programs Americans count on like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; and give break after break to big corporations and billionaires — just like they did the last time they held power when their top priority was a reckless $2 trillion tax cut going — the majority of that going to the very wealthiest Americans, which ballooned the deficit, and not a penny of it was paid for.”

That’s it. Democrats are for “lowering costs for working families,” and “making big corporations and the very wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.” Republicans are for “the ultra-MAGA plan” that would lower incomes, threaten Social Security, and give breaks to the wealthy and big business.

If Democrats can drive home those points to the people, they will win handily in November. And Biden also noted that “Republicans have offered plenty of blame but not a single solution.” In fact, the GOP is not merely lacking solutions, they actively oppose them. They prefer to let the American people suffer so that they can use their hardship as a political weapon against Biden and the Democrats.

As an example of the two paths that Biden spoke of, a reporter asked the President about remarks made by Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. Scott said that…

“The most effective thing Joe Biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is resign. He’s the problem. […] Joe Biden is unwell. He’s unfit for office. He’s incoherent, incapacitated, and confused.”

And those are the sort of infantile insults that are the core of the GOP’s political strategy. Scott is also the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. It’s his job to design the policy agenda for the party. And the plan that he announced recently would raise taxes on working families and sunset Social Security and Medicare.

In other words, Republicans are, as usual, promising to give every advantage to the rich, while giving only unfulfillable promises of trickling down to everyone else. It has never worked in the past, and it won’t work now. Democrats need to get that message out quickly and repeatedly for the next six months if they hope to prevail in November. And it wouldn’t hurt either if Congress and the Department of Justice moved more expeditiously on indicting Donald Trump.

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4 thoughts on “BIDEN: Americans Have a Choice Between Two Very Different Sets of Values: Ultra-MAGA or Sanity

  1. Rick Scott, or should i say, Prick Snott is the one who should resign. What isn’t mentioned is all the money he stole from Medicare years ago. So he wants to take our Social Security??? So he can steal all of it too? He is one sorry, corrupt, thieving, Fascist SOB. That piece of cesspool sludge should be in a prison and only given contaminated water to drink and moldy bread to eat. Even that would be too good for that piece of excrement. Words can’t describe what i would like to see happen to ”THINGS” like him. He isn’t human, that’s for sure. I never thought i would see the good ole USA become another ”Russia, or more like the old Soviet Union or a Fascist, Nazi, Dictatorship like Germany was in the 1930,s into the 1940,s under the thumb of Adolf Hitler. If the GQP wins we are in real trouble. The USA won’t be fit to live in except for the ultra-rich…….., all of us old people, disabled, persons of color, jews, same sex couples, etc. are in for a rough go of it. I sure as hell hope i am wrong, but i am very concerned. it’s astonishing to know there are so many people in this nation that believe these thugs and promote hate and suffering for common people of their own nation. I just want to go to another Nation and live out the rest of my years in peace. I am so tired of all of this hate and anger and i want to get away from most of my relatives that hate me now because i am a Democrat and my relatives are MAGAT Rethuglicans. My daughter, eldest son, and my grown grand kids and ex-wife are the only relatives i have that are Democrats. All of my cousins, nephews, and living in-laws are MAGAT scum bums….

  2. Once again if Americans do not get out and Vote, Trumpf and ilk will Rule over them.

    • That should enough to get people to vote.

      • It sure is more than enough for me to go to vote, even though here in good ole crummy GA they are really trying hard to mess up the mail in voting here. On the website, the site doesn’t even give the option to apply for mail in voting. The site says, ” contact your county Registrar for instructions on how to apply. The site doesn’t even list a phone number to call. This is the first time ever this has happened. MARK NC, could you give me any advice on this? If i can’t get a mail in application i will just have to vote in person, even though i have bad back problems…

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