Lauren Boebert Vies for ‘Dumbest Member of Congress’ Title: ‘We Didn’t Ban Planes’ After 9/11?

The contest for “Dumbest Member of Congress” is always a competitive affair that pits such legends of lunacy as Louis Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and the eminently idiotic Marjorie Taylor Greene, against one another. The caliber of the crackpottery is so impressive that it’s near impossible to choose a winner.

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Lauren Boebert

However, on Thursday one contender made a valiant effort to lead the pack. Lauren Boebert appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to field some softballs from guest host Tammy Bruce. The subject was the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, that Fox News has been callously politicizing, while accusing concerned Democrats of being political. Bruce and Boebert discussed the potential of legislative initiatives to prevent future tragedies. Bruce asked Boebert “what the next step can be taken for some real change here.” Whereupon Boebert unleashed some stellar stupidity that assures she will remain a top contender for dimwit distinction:

“I want our schools secured. I want their children protected, and I want teachers that can protect themselves and their students. […] Sandy Cortez tweeting at me, but she hasn’t taken up my offer to meet an work together. And of course we saw Beto acted like a total jerk, and tried to use the deaths of these children as a prop to advance his political candidacy. When 9/11 happened, we didn’t ban planes. We secured the cockpit.”

Boebert joins the rest of the Republican gun fetishists in blaming everyone and everything for the tragedy , except for guns. She parroted the right-wing narrative that advocates turning schools into prisons and teachers into armed guards. She follows that up with some typically infantile insults aimed at Rep. Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio and Beto O’Rourke, who she whines won’t meet with her. Why would anyone want to meet with Boebert, whose childish behavior betrays her intellectual vacancy?

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Boebert’s repugnant personality notwithstanding, what truly sets her apart from the pinhead pack is her contention that “we didn’t ban planes” after 9/11. Really?

First of all, this is an utterly ludicrous analogy. There is no similarity whatsoever between the singular terrorist attack by Al Qaeda two decades years ago, and the horrifyingly frequent mass shootings that occur, uniquely, in the United States. Secondly, just as no one proposed banning all planes after 9/11, no one is proposing banning all guns now.

Although, even if we patronize Boebert’s bizarre analogy, she is making a great case for regulating guns. The truth is that air travel was broadly regulated after 9/11. Passengers have to provide government issued identification. They have to remove their shoes and belts and any metal objects from their pockets. They can’t carry aboard any common objects like scissors, or containers of liquids more than eight ounces. They and their baggage are screened with x-rays.

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In other words, the 9/11 incident resulted in the implementation of numerous strict regulations to increase public safety. So by Boeert’s alleged logic, guns should be similarly regulated, and for the same reason. But don’t expect her to grasp that. Her cognitive capabilities are too limited to understand what she’s saying. Which is precisely why she ranks so high on the imbecile scale in the first place.

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6 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert Vies for ‘Dumbest Member of Congress’ Title: ‘We Didn’t Ban Planes’ After 9/11?

  1. When I saw the video of Lauren Boebert yelling out ridiculously as if she was catching butterflies with her mouth, while Joe Biden was giving his SOTU speech, “How about those dead Americans in Afghanistan?” This was right after Biden mentioned his son, Beau, who died from brain cancer, which Biden attributed to toxic chemicals of war. This is when I found out she had no manners at all. Then I found out she uses her sex for politics. I saw a photograph of her facing, of all people, Trump Sn.,, flag wrapped around her butt, and looking behind. Being a woman, I suppose, I see nothing attractive about that. At all. In fact, I feel she is disgusting. And her slogan, “Hell, no! Don’t take our guns!” Wouldn’t be that bad if she didn’t outfit her four boys with a rifle, each. Assault weapons? All standing in front of a christmas tree, their christmas card. Boys and mom looking proud. Give me a break!

    • I have a family right next to me that does the assault weapons in front of the Christmas tree thing, They even bought assault weapons for their 2 year old son and had his little hands around one of those rifles. That is sickening and disgusting to me and my family. Those are the same neighbors that slashed our car tires and let the air out of our tires when we had our BIDEN/HARRIS yard sign up. Does no good to call law enforcement here, they won’t do a DAMN thing about it because they are all MAGATs too, these people posted their ” Christmas cards with rifles” all over the social media sites… beyond sickening! This area of the state of Georgia is all MAGAT/TUMP people that i live in. i have nothing to do with any of them. To hell with them.. Lauren Boebert is one vile, disgusting person just like Marjorie Greene Taylor, or whatever that goon’s name is, and i forgot, add that Rick Scott snake to that too.

  2. My IQ goes down every time I read one of her moronic ravings.

  3. Banning planes is the equivalent of banning schools. It’s a location. Based on the Republican agenda to curb what teachers can even speak about, I’m surprised they haven’t suggested banning schools.

  4. GWB did not ban planes or box cutters or even take custody of the Bin Ladin family members that were part of the Saudi delegation visiting the USA on 9/11. Instead, during the national “no-fly” days following the biggest attack on our nation’s soil, GWB chose to spirit the entire Saudi delegation out of the USA on a special flight before law enforcement could do any kind of in-depth questioning of those who were family or acquaintances of Osama Bin Ladin. Instead GWB took the USA into two simultaneous unilateral wars on two nations who were not EVER proved to have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks. And in his 8 years of office, GWB never found Osama Bin Ladin, though it was accomplished after about 1 year of Obama’s presidency, despite the trail having been allowed to grow cold. Just like the mass murders in the USA that constitute domestic terrorism, the GOP has never really been tough on terror, nor done anything to prevent it from re-occurring, but they are happy to use it to claim that the nation can do nothing to fix its domestic problems because we must all unite to fight external threats. The only ones politicizing tragendies are the GOP, because they cynically let them continue, and refuse to change any of the underlying causes, just double down claiming that their dissenters are not patriotic enough of they would be supporting the GOP leaders in a time of crisis.

  5. I still like Gohmert for the gold.

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